Bus Times

235 - Coverack - Helston - Carnon Downs - Truro College

A bus service operated by First Kernow

Coverack - Helston - Carnon Downs - Truro College

Coverack Car Park (N-bound) 07:28
St Keverne Treskewes (NE-bound) 07:34
St Keverne Health Centre (NE-bound) 07:34
St Keverne Doctors Hill (NE-bound) 07:34
St Keverne The Square (N-bound) 07:35
St Keverne, opp Doctors Hill 07:35
St Keverne Health Centre (SW-bound) 07:35
St Keverne, opp Treskewes 07:35
Zoar Garage (W-bound) 07:38
Traboe Cross (NW-bound) 07:41
Goonhilly Main Entrance (NW-bound) 07:42
Goonhilly Double Lodges (NW-bound) 07:44
Garras Methodist Church (NW-bound) 07:46
Mawgan, opp War Memorial 07:47
Culdrose, opp Gilly Gabben Ind Est 07:49
Culdrose RNAS Main Entrance (NW-bound) 07:53
Helston Cottage Hospital (NE-bound) 07:57
Helston Tesco (S-bound) 08:02
Helston Tesco (S-bound) 08:05
Helston Gweal Dues Entrance (NE-bound) 08:05
Trewennack Bus Shelter (E-bound) 08:06
Trewennack Tremenhere House (NE-bound) 08:07
Trevenen Bal Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 08:08
Lower Manhay Farm (NE-bound) 08:09
Laity Turn (NE-bound) 08:10
Rame Retanna Caravan Park (E-bound) 08:12
Rame Edgcumbe (NE-bound) 08:13
Rame Post Office and Stores (NE-bound) 08:15
Rame, opp Little Herniss 08:15
Long Downs Herniss (E-bound) 08:16
Long Downs Post Office (E-bound) 08:17
Mabe Burnthouse Post Office (E-bound) 08:20
Mabe Burnthouse, opp Bus Shelter 08:21
Mabe Burnthouse Carnsew Close (NE-bound) 08:21
Treluswell Roundabout (NE-bound) 08:23
Perranarworthal Cosawes Turning (NE-bound) 08:26
Perranarworthal, opp Perran Foundry 08:27
Perranarworthal Norway Inn (NE-bound) 08:28
Devoran Slip Road (NE-bound) 08:32
Carnon Downs Halwyn Close (N-bound) 08:35
Carnon Downs Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 08:37
Carnon Downs The Forge (NE-bound) 08:37
Playing Place Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 08:41
Truro Football Ground (NW-bound) 08:51
Highertown County Arms (W-bound) 08:53
Highertown Penwethers Lane (NW-bound) 08:54
Highertown All Saints Church (W-bound) 08:55
Treliske Lay By (W-bound) 08:57
Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 09:01

Truro College - Carnon Downs - Helston - Coverack

Gloweth Truro College (SW-bound) 16:25
Gloweth, opp Truro College 16:25
Treliske Homebase (E-bound) 16:26
Treliske Lay By (E-bound) 16:27
Treliske Newbridge Turn (E-bound) 16:28
Highertown, opp All Saints Church 16:28
Highertown, opp Penwethers Lane 16:29
Highertown, opp County Arms 16:30
Truro Sainsbury's Treyew Road (E-bound) 16:30
Playing Place Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 16:39
Carnon Downs Caravan Park (S-bound) 16:41
Carnon Downs Gig Lane (S-bound) 16:42
Carnon Downs Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 16:43
Carnon Downs Old Carnon Hill (SW-bound) 16:43
Carnon Downs Wellington Place (SW-bound) 16:44
Devoran Slip Road (SW-bound) 16:48
Perranarworthal, opp Norway Inn 16:52
Perranarworthal Perran Foundry (SW-bound) 16:52
Perranarworthal, opp Cosawes Turning 16:53
Treluswell Roundabout (SW-bound) 16:55
Mabe Burnthouse Pen an Vre (S-bound) 16:58
Mabe Burnthouse, opp Carnsew Close 16:58
Mabe Burnthouse Bus Shelter (S-bound) 16:59
Mabe Burnthouse Post Office (W-bound) 16:59
Long Downs Post Office (W-bound) 17:03
Long Downs Herniss (W-bound) 17:03
Rame Little Herniss (W-bound) 17:04
Rame Cross (opp) 17:05
Rame, opp Edgcumbe 17:06
Rame, opp Retanna Caravan Park 17:07
Laity Turn (SW-bound) 17:09
Lower Manhay Farm (opp) 17:10
Trevenen Bal Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 17:11
Trewennack, opp Tremenhere House 17:12
Trewennack Bus Shelter (W-bound) 17:12
Helston Gweal Dues Entrance (SW-bound) 17:14
Helston Tesco (S-bound) 17:15
Helston Tesco (S-bound) 17:20
Helston Cottage Hospital (SW-bound) 17:25
Culdrose RNAS Main Entrance (SE-bound) 17:31
Culdrose Gilly Gabben Ind Est (NE-bound) 17:34
Mawgan War Memorial (S-bound) 17:36
Garras Methodist Church (SE-bound) 17:37
Goonhilly Double Lodges (SE-bound) 17:40
Goonhilly Main Entrance (SE-bound) 17:41
Traboe Cross (SE-bound) 17:42
Zoar Garage (opp) 17:45
St Keverne Treskewes (NE-bound) 17:48
St Keverne Health Centre (NE-bound) 17:48
St Keverne Doctors Hill (NE-bound) 17:48
St Keverne The Square (N-bound) 17:49
St Keverne, opp Doctors Hill 17:49
St Keverne Health Centre (SW-bound) 17:49
St Keverne, opp Treskewes 17:49
Coverack Car Park (N-bound) 17:56

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