238 - Holtye Common - Edenbridge - Chartwell - Sevenoaks

A bus service operated by Go-Coach Hire

Holtye Common - Edenbridge - Chartwell - Sevenoaks

Holtye, opp The White House 10:10
Cowden, opp Church 10:13
Cowden Cross (NE-bound) 10:15
Stick Hill, o/s Queens Arms 10:17
Stick Hill, o/s St Andrews Centre 10:18
Marsh Green Den Cross (N-bound) 10:22
Edenbridge, adj Hospital 10:23
Edenbridge, opp Hever Road 10:24
Edenbridge, o/s Post Office 10:25
Edenbridge Town Railway Station (opp) 10:25
Edenbridge, opp Pine Grove 10:27
Edenbridge Crouch House Road (NW-bound) 10:29
Edenbridge, opp Greshams Way 10:31
Troy Town, opp St Brelade's Court 10:33
Troy Town, opp Hilders Lane 10:34
Troy Town, adj Troy Lane 10:34
Troy Town, adj Hilders 10:35
Marlpit Hill Orpins Corner (NE-bound) 10:37
Marlpit Hill Ridgeway Estate (E-bound) 10:38
Marlpit Hill, opp Swan Ridge 10:38
Edenbridge, opp Crown Road 10:39
Four Elms, opp Brookfield 10:44
Westerham, o/s Chartwell 10:50
Four Elms Crossroads (NE-bound) 10:56
Four Elms, adj Boons Park 10:57
Toys Hill, adj Tally Ho Cottages 11:00
Toys Hill The Chart (NW-bound) 11:01
Brasted Chart, adj Star Cottage 11:04
Brasted, opp Chart Lane 11:06
Brasted, opp The White Hart 11:07
Sundridge, opp New Road 11:08
Sundridge, adj Recreation Ground 11:08
Sundridge, opp The White Horse 11:09
Sundridge Twenties Corner (E-bound) 11:09
Sundridge, opp Dryhill Lane 11:10
Bessels Green Chipstead Corner (SE-bound) 11:10
Bessels Green, opp The Kings Head 11:11
Bessels Green, opp Cold Arbor Road 11:11
Riverhead Worships Hill (NE-bound) 11:11
Riverhead, adj Village Hall 11:12
Sevenoaks, opp Braeside Avenue 11:13
Sevenoaks Railway Station (opp) 11:15
Sevenoaks, adj Medical Centre 11:16
Sevenoaks St Botolph's Road (E-bound) 11:18
Sevenoaks, opp The Drive 11:19
Sevenoaks Bus Station (Stop C) 11:21

Sevenoaks - Chartwell - Edenbridge - Holtye Common

Sevenoaks Bus Station (Stop C) 13:05
Sevenoaks Lower High Street (N-bound) 13:05
Sevenoaks St Botolph's Road (W-bound) 13:06
Sevenoaks, opp Medical Centre 13:08
Sevenoaks Railway Station (adj) 13:09
Sevenoaks, adj Braeside Avenue 13:10
Riverhead, opp Village Hall 13:12
Bessels Green, adj Cold Arbor Road 13:13
Bessels Green, adj The Kings Head 13:14
Bessels Green Chipstead Corner (W-bound) 13:14
Sundridge, adj Dryhill Lane 13:14
Sundridge Twenties Corner (W-bound) 13:15
Sundridge, adj The White Horse 13:16
Sundridge, opp Recreation Ground 13:16
Sundridge, adj New Road 13:16
Brasted, adj The White Hart 13:18
Brasted, adj Chart Lane 13:18
Brasted Chart, opp Star Cottage 13:22
Toys Hill The Chart (SE-bound) 13:24
Toys Hill, opp Tally Ho Cottages 13:26
Four Elms, opp Boons Park 13:28
Four Elms Crossroads (SW-bound) 13:30
Westerham, o/s Chartwell 13:36
Four Elms, adj Brookfield 13:42
Edenbridge, adj Crown Road 13:47
Marlpit Hill, adj Swan Ridge 13:47
Marlpit Hill Ridgeway Estate (W-bound) 13:48
Marlpit Hill Orpins Corner (N-bound) 13:48
Marlpit Hill, opp Hilders Close 13:49
Troy Town, opp Hilders 13:50
Troy Town, opp Troy Lane 13:50
Troy Town, adj Hilders Lane 13:50
Troy Town, adj St Brelade's Court 13:52
Edenbridge, adj Greshams Way 13:53
Edenbridge Crouch House Road (SE-bound) 13:54
Edenbridge, adj Pine Grove 13:56
Edenbridge Town Railway Station (adj) 13:58
Edenbridge, opp Post Office 14:00
Edenbridge, adj Hever Road 14:01
Edenbridge, opp Hospital 14:02
Marsh Green Den Cross (S-bound) 14:02
Stick Hill, opp St Andrews Centre 14:07
Stick Hill, opp Queens Arms 14:07
Cowden Cross (SW-bound) 14:09
Cowden, adj Church 14:10
Holtye, o/s The White House 14:15

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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