23A - City Centre - Barton Estate & Spring Lane

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Canterbury Bus Station (Bay A2) 09:3010:3011:10then hourly until14:1014:5017:15
Canterbury, adj Waitrose 09:3110:3111:1114:1114:5117:16
Canterbury, adj St Augustine's Road 09:3210:3211:1214:1214:5217:17
Canterbury, opp St Lawrence Road 09:3310:3311:1314:1314:5317:18
Barton Estate, opp Post Office 09:0009:3510:3511:1514:1514:5517:20
Barton Estate, opp Cobham Close 09:0009:3510:3511:1514:1514:5517:20
Barton Estate Pilgrims Way (just before) 09:0109:3610:3611:1614:1614:5617:21
Barton Estate, o/s Pilgrims' Way School 09:0209:3710:3711:1714:1714:5717:22
Spring Lane Estate, adj Russet Road 09:0309:3810:3811:1814:1814:5817:23
Spring Lane Estate Sussex Avenue (o/s 11) 09:0409:3910:3911:1914:1914:5917:24
Spring Lane Estate, opp Essex Road 09:0509:4010:4011:2014:2015:0017:25
Spring Lane Estate, adj Avon Close 09:0609:4110:4111:2114:2115:0117:26
Canterbury, adj Windmill Road 09:0709:4210:4211:2214:2215:0217:27
Canterbury, adj Barton Court School 09:1009:4510:4511:2514:2515:0517:30
Canterbury, opp Ivy Lane 09:1009:4510:4511:2514:2515:0517:30
Canterbury, opp Waitrose 09:1109:4610:4611:2614:2615:0617:31
Canterbury Bus Station (arrivals) 09:1409:4910:4911:2914:2915:0917:34

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 22 October 2020

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