23B - Williton - Kilve - Nether Stowey - Taunton

A bus service operated by Hatch Green Coaches


Williton - Kilve - Nether Stowey - Taunton

Williton The Egremont (N-bound) 07:05
Williton North Street (N-bound) 07:05
Williton Hospital (adj) 07:05
Williton Danesfield School (NW-bound) 07:05
Five Bells (N-bound) 07:07
St Decuman’s Brendon Road Church (N-bound) 07:08
Watchet Paper Mill (NE-bound) 07:09
Watchet Railway Station (SW-bound) 07:10
Watchet, adj Kingsland 07:10
Doniford Farm (SE-bound) 07:12
Williton, adj Haven Caravan Park 07:12
West Quantoxhead, opp The Windmill 07:15
St Audrie’s Bay St Aurie's Holiday Camp (E-bound) 07:16
Higher Street The Crossroads (E-bound) 07:18
Kilton Youth Centre (E-bound) 07:19
Kilton Hood Arms (E-bound) 07:20
Holford Kilton Road (S-bound) 07:22
Stogursey, opp The School 07:29
Stogursey High Street (NW-bound) 07:30
Stogursey Durborough Farm (S-bound) 07:33
Nether Stowey, adj The Clocktower 07:37
Bincombe Farm (SW-bound) 07:38
Over Stowey Church (SE-bound) 07:40
Marsh Mills Marshmills Cross Roads (S-bound) 07:41
Aisholt Hawkridge Reservoir (SW-bound) 07:47
Lower Merridge, opp Village Hall 07:49
Courtway The Pines (S-bound) 07:53
Kingston St Mary Garfields (W-bound) 07:59
Kingston St Mary Quantock Way (W-bound) 07:59
Yarford Lane (opp) 08:01
Yarford Crossroads (W-bound) 08:03
Yarford Lane (adj) 08:05
Fulford Telephone Box (SW-bound) 08:07
Kingston St Mary Quantock Way (E-bound) 08:07
Kingston St Mary Garfields (E-bound) 08:08
Kingston St Mary Swan Inn (E-bound) 08:09
Kingston St Mary The Green (SE-bound) 08:09
Nailsbourne Mill Cross (SW-bound) 08:10
Nailsbourne, opp Nailsborne Turn 08:11
Nailsbourne Lower Marsh Farm (SE-bound) 08:12
Taunton Kingston Road (SW-bound) 08:14
Taunton Corkscrew Lane (near) 08:15
Taunton Whitmore Road (S-bound) 08:15
Taunton Turner Road (S-bound) 08:15
Taunton Clifford Avenue (E-bound) 08:16
Taunton Peile Drive (SE-bound) 08:17
Taunton, adj George Street 08:18
Taunton St Andrews Road (E-bound) 08:19
Taunton Station (SW-bound) 08:20
Taunton Royal Ashton (S-bound) 08:21
Taunton Flook House (SW-bound) 08:22
Taunton The Bridge (SE-bound) 08:23
Taunton The Parade (SE-bound) 08:25
Taunton Primark (E-bound) 08:27
Taunton, adj Tauntfield Close 08:30
Taunton, adj Holway Avenue 08:32
Taunton Richard Huish College (S-bound) 08:35

Taunton - Nether Stowey - Kilve - Williton

Taunton Richard Huish College (N-bound) 16:45
Taunton Holway Avenue (near) 16:46
Taunton, opp Tauntfield Close 16:46
Taunton Alms Houses (W-bound) 16:48
Taunton Market House (NW-bound) 16:49s
Taunton The Parade (N-bound) 16:50
Taunton The Bridge (NW-bound) 16:51
Taunton Flook House (NE-bound) 16:53
Taunton Station Bridge (N-bound) 16:55
Taunton, opp St Andrews 16:55
Taunton, opp George Street 16:56
Taunton Peile Drive (NW-bound) 16:57
Taunton Clifford Avenue (W-bound) 16:58
Taunton Turner Road (N-bound) 16:58
Taunton Whitmore Road (N-bound) 16:59
Taunton, opp Corkscrew Lane 17:00
Taunton Kingston Road (NE-bound) 17:00
Nailsbourne Lower Marsh Farm (NW-bound) 17:02
Nailsbourne, adj Nailsborne Turn 17:03
Nailsbourne Mill Cross (NE-bound) 17:04
Kingston St Mary The Grange (N-bound) 17:05
Kingston St Mary Swan Inn (W-bound) 17:06
Kingston St Mary Garfields (W-bound) 17:12
Kingston St Mary Quantock Way (W-bound) 17:17
Fulford Telephone Box (SW-bound) 17:25s
Yarford Lane (opp) 17:28s
Yarford Crossroads (W-bound) 17:30s
Courtway The Pines (N-bound) 17:44s
Lower Merridge, adj Village Hall 17:46
Aisholt Hawkridge Reservoir (NE-bound) 17:49s
Marsh Mills Marshmills Cross Roads (N-bound) 17:54
Over Stowey Church (NW-bound) 17:55
Bincombe Farm (N-bound) 17:57
Nether Stowey, adj Audley Close 17:57
Nether Stowey Pooles Close (SE-bound) 17:58
Nether Stowey, adj Mount Road 17:58
Nether Stowey, opp The Library 17:59s
Nether Stowey, opp The Clocktower 17:59
Nether Stowey St Mary Street Fire Station (E-bound) 17:59
Stogursey Durborough Farm (N-bound) 18:03
Stogursey, opp The School 18:06
Stogursey High Street (E-bound) 18:07s
Stogursey, o/s The School 18:07
Holford Kilton Road (S-bound) 18:14
Kilton Hood Arms (W-bound) 18:17s
Kilton, opp Youth Centre 18:17
Higher Street The Crossroads (W-bound) 18:18
Higher Street The Crossroads (E-bound) 18:18
St Audrie’s Bay St Audries Holiday Camp (W-bound) 18:19
West Quantoxhead, adj The Windmill 18:20
Williton, opp Haven Caravan Park 18:22
Doniford Farm (SE-bound) 18:22
Watchet, opp Kingsland 18:23
Watchet Railway Station (SW-bound) 18:24s
Watchet Paper Mill (SW-bound) 18:24
St Decuman’s Brendon Road Church (S-bound) 18:25
Five Bells (S-bound) 18:26
Williton Danesfield School (S-bound) 18:28
Williton Hospital (SE-bound) 18:28
Williton North Street (S-bound) 18:28
Williton County Stores (S-bound) 18:29

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Hatch Green Coaches/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 September 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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