251 - Stourbridge - Stourbridge

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Stourbridge Interchange (Stand E) 09:2510:2011:15then hourly until16:15
Stourbridge Lickey Road (adjacent) 09:2610:2111:1616:16
Stourbridge, opp Quantock Rd 09:2610:2111:1616:16
Stourbridge, adj Snowdon Rd 09:2810:2311:1816:18
Amblecote, before Jardine Close 09:2910:2411:1916:19
Amblecote, outside Corbett Hospital 09:3010:2511:2016:20
Amblecote, adj Queens Crescent 09:3010:2511:2016:20
Amblecote, adj Trinity Rd 09:3010:2511:2016:20
Amblecote, opp Blithfield Drive 09:3110:2611:2116:21
Stambermill, opp Farndale Close 09:3210:2711:2216:22
Stambermill, adj Brompton Drive 09:3210:2711:2216:22
Stambermill Sandringham Way (adjacent) 09:3310:2811:2316:23
Withymoor Village, after Vicarage Close 09:3410:2911:2416:24
Withymoor Village, adj Hudswell Drive 09:3510:3011:2516:25
Merry Hill, opp Acres Rd 09:3610:3111:2616:26
Merry Hill, opp Thorns Avenue 09:3610:3111:2616:26
Merry Hill, adj Delph Rd 09:3710:3211:2716:27
Merry Hill, opp Corbett Rd 09:3710:3211:2716:27
Merry Hill, opp Mill St 09:3810:3311:2816:28
Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand B) 09:4010:3511:3016:30
Merry Hill, adj Mill St 09:4210:3711:3216:32
Brierley Hill, before Five Ways 09:4410:3911:3416:34
Brockmoor, adj William Street 09:4610:4111:3616:36
Brockmoor, adj Pheasant St 09:4810:4311:3816:38
Brockmoor, after Norwood Rd 09:4810:4411:3916:39
Buckpool, opp Charlton St 09:5010:4511:4016:40
Silver End, opp Bushway Close 09:5010:4611:4116:41
Buckpool, adj Bull St 09:5010:4611:4116:41
Buckpool, after Swan Lane 09:5110:4711:4216:42
Buckpool, after Whitethorn Road 09:5110:4811:4316:43
Audnam, before Lyndhurst Drive 09:5210:4911:4416:44
Audnam, adj Brambleside 09:5210:5011:4516:45
Audnam, opp Oakfield Close 09:5310:5211:4716:47
Audnam, adj Park St 09:5410:5311:4816:48
Amblecote, after High St 09:5410:5511:5016:50
Wollaston, after High St 09:5510:5911:5416:54
Wollaston Farm, before Wentworth Rd 09:5510:5911:5416:54
Wollaston Farm, after Dorset Road 09:5510:5911:5416:54
Wollaston Farm, adj Cheshire Close 09:5611:0011:5516:55
Wollaston Farm Norfolk Rd (adjacent) 09:5711:0111:5616:56
Wollaston Farm, opp York Crescent 09:5711:0111:5616:56
Wollaston Farm, opp Kingsway 09:5811:0211:5716:57
Wollaston, opp Gilbanks Rd 09:5811:0211:5716:57
Wollaston Junction (after) 10:0111:0512:0017:00
High Park, adj Park Rd 10:0111:0512:0017:00
High Park, opp Harmon Rd 10:0111:0512:0017:00
High Park, adj South Rd 10:0211:0612:0117:01
High Park, opp Stourbridge Cemetery 10:0211:0612:0117:01
High Park, adj Studley Gate 10:0211:0612:0117:01
Norton Clark St (adjacent) 10:0311:0712:0217:02
Norton South Ave (adjacent) 10:0411:0812:0317:03
Oldswinford, opp The Plough & Harrow 10:0611:1012:0517:05
Stourbridge, adj Hill St 10:0911:1312:0817:08
Stourbridge Ring Rd (opp) 10:1111:1312:0817:08
Stourbridge Interchange (Stand E) 10:2011:1512:1017:10

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