27 - Royston - Bishop's Stortford

A bus service operated by Richmonds Coaches


Mondays and Wednesdays

Bishop's Stortford to Royston

Bishop’s Stortford Interchange (Stop E) 09:35
Bishop’s Stortford Potter Street (Stop H) 09:36
Bishop’s Stortford Bridge Street (Stop J) 09:37
Bishop’s Stortford, o/s Ymca 09:37
Bishop’s Stortford, nr North Street 09:38
Bishop’s Stortford, opp Thornfield Road 09:38
Bishop’s Stortford, adj Wentworth Drive 09:40
St Michael’s Mead, adj The Carpenters 09:44
St Michael’s Mead, adj Village Hall 09:44
St Michael’s Mead, opp Skinners Street 09:44
St Michael’s Mead The Shearers (W-bound) 09:44
Bishop’s Park, o/s Tesco 09:47
Cradle End, opp Hadham Park 09:49
Little Hadham, opp Albury Road 09:52
Albury, o/s St Mary the Virgin Church 09:58
Clapgate, adj Parsonage Lane 10:01
Gravesend Farm (opp) 10:02
Furneux Pelham, o/s Brewery Tap PH 10:07
Furneux Pelham The Street (E-bound) 10:11
Furneux Pelham, nr Brewery Tap PH 10:11
Furneux Pelham, adj Bonhams 10:13
Stocking Pelham, opp The Cock PH 10:16
Washall Green House (opp) 10:19
Brent Pelham, o/s St Mary's Church 10:21
Meesden, o/s Rose Cottages 10:26
Meesden, opp Elm Cottages 10:26
Anstey, nr The Hale 10:29
Anstey, o/s Blind Fiddler PH 10:31
Anstey, adj New Barns Turn 10:33
Anstey, opp Lincoln Hill 10:34
Barkway Nuthampstead Road (N-bound) 10:40
Barkway, opp Townsend Close 10:41
Barkway, opp Burrs Lane 10:41
Barkway, o/s Reading Room 10:41
Barkway, adj Windmill Close 10:42
Newsells Manor (opp) 10:43
Newsells Turn (opp) 10:44
Royston Road (NW-bound) 10:47
Royston, adj Shaftesbury Way 10:49
Royston, adj Bus Station 10:51

Royston to Bishop's Stortford

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