271A - Fraserburgh - Banff

A bus service operated by Watermill Coaches


Fraserburgh Bus Station (Stance 1) 16:05
Fraserburgh, at Charlotte Street 16:05
Fraserburgh, at Moray Road 16:06
Fraserburgh, at Hamilton Road 16:06
Fraserburgh, opp Walker Crescent 16:07
Sandhaven, at The Terrace 16:12
Sandhaven, at Mitchell Court 16:13
Sandhaven, at School 16:14
Pittullie, at St Magnus Road 16:14
Rosehearty Castle Street (at 5) 16:18
Rosehearty The Square (SW-bound) 16:19
Rosehearty, opp Hill Street 16:19
Rosehearty, at Malcolm Forbes Court 16:19
Rosehearty, at Craigiefold 16:22
New Aberdour, at Gardeners Cottage 16:25
New Aberdour, at St Drostans Lane 16:28
New Aberdour, at Gordon Lane 16:29
New Aberdour, at Dower Hotel 16:29
New Aberdour, before Low Street 16:29
Tyrie, opp Woodlands 16:33
New Pitsligo, opp Craigmaud 16:37
New Pitsligo, opp Langleys 16:40
New Pitsligo, opp The Old Manse 16:41
New Pitsligo Alexander Bell Place (SE-bound) 16:42
New Pitsligo Church Street (SE-bound) 16:42
New Pitsligo Market Place (SE-bound) 16:42
New Pitsligo Market Place (NW-bound) 16:43
New Pitsligo Church Street (NW-bound) 16:43
New Pitsligo Alexander Bell Place (NW-bound) 16:43
New Byth Woodside (SW-bound) 16:53
Crudie, at Hillside of Cook 16:54
Easter Crudie (opp) 16:55
Crudie, opp Primary School 16:55
Netherbrae, opp Bridge of Bo 16:58
Pitgair, at Bridge of Headitown 16:58
Sauchenbush, opp Shop 16:59
Sauchenbush, at Road End 17:00
Longmanhill, opp Fairburn Cottages 17:02
Macduff, opp Cotton Hill Quarry 17:03
Macduff, opp Moray Street 17:05
Macduff, opp Mill Street 17:05
Macduff, at Gellymill Street 17:06
Macduff, at Town Hall 17:08
Macduff, at Horns Brae 17:08
Macduff Union Road (SW-bound) 17:08
Banff Bridge Road (NW-bound) 17:11
Banff, opp Water Lane 17:12
Banff Low Street (S-bound) 17:13

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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