275 - Woodford Bridge - Walthamstow

A bus service operated by Stagecoach London


Monday to Friday, not school holidays

Barkingside Tesco (Stop V) 07:58
Barkingside Fremantle Road (Stop J) 07:59
Fulwell Cross Fullwell Cross (Stop A) 08:01
Fulwell Cross Fencepiece Road (Stop M) 08:03
Fulwell Cross Benrek Close (Stop B) 08:05
Fulwell Cross Wannock Gardens (->N) 08:07
Grange Hill, opp Stradbroke Park 08:09
Grange Hill, adj Audleigh Place 08:11
Woodford Bridge Cross Road (IG8) (Stop) 08:14
Woodford Bridge Roding Lane North (->S) 08:17
Woodford Bridge Ashton Playing Fields (Stop M) 08:19
Woodford Bridge Ray Lodge Primary School (Stop N) 08:22
Woodford Greenstead Avenue (Stop P) 08:23
Woodford (Stop R) 08:26
Woodford St Anthony's Avenue (Stop C) 08:28
Woodford St. Barnabas Road (Stop G) 08:31
Woodford Vernon Avenue (Stop L) 08:34
Woodford Green Grosvenor Gardens (IG8) (Stop M) 08:37
Woodford Green High Road (Stop N) 08:39
Woodford Green Mill Lane (Stop W) 08:40
Chingford Hatch Chingford Lane (E4) (Stop HP) 08:42
Highams Park Sunnydene Avenue (->S) 08:44
Highams Park Richmond Avenue (Stop EA) 08:45
Highams Park Station (Stop EB) 08:46
Hale End Beverley Road (E4) (Stop EC) 08:47
Hale End Hollywood Way (Stop ED) 08:48
Wadham Road Hale End (Stop EE) 08:51
Hale End Southend Road (Stop EF) 08:51
Hale End Thorpe Hall Road (Stop D) 08:53
Upper Walthamstow Forest Road (Stop E) 08:55
Upper Walthamstow Wood Street Library (Stop F) 08:57
Upper Walthamstow Thorpe Coombe Hospital (Stop BS) 08:59
Walthamstow Waltham Forest Town Hall (Stop BT) 09:01
Walthamstow Hoe Street The Bell (Stop BZ) 09:03
Walthamstow Jewel Road (Stop BN) 09:06
Walthamstow Market (Stop J) 09:10
Walthamstow Bus Station (Stop C) 09:15

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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