280 - Dewsbury to Thornhill

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Timetable changes from Saturday 31 October 2020

Thornhill - Dewsbury

Thornhill Overthorpe Ave Edge Avenue 05:3006:0006:20then every 15 minutes until07:0507:20then every 15 minutes until18:2018:50then every 30 minutes until22:50
Thornhill Edge Avenue Denby View 05:3006:0006:2007:0507:2018:2018:5022:50
Thornhill Edge Avenue Edge Ln 05:3106:0106:2107:0607:2118:2118:5122:51
Thornhill, after Valley Dr Edge Lane 05:3106:0106:2107:0607:2118:2118:5122:51
Thornhill, opp Valley Drive Smithy Parade 05:3206:0206:2207:0707:2218:2218:5222:52
Thornhill Partridge Crescent Smithy Walk 05:3306:0306:2307:0807:2318:2318:5222:52
Thornhill, adj Partridge Crescent Valley Road 05:3306:0306:2307:0807:2418:2418:5322:53
Thornhill Frank Lane Church Ln 05:3406:0406:2407:0907:2518:2518:5422:54
Thornhill, adj Frank Lne St Michaels Mount 05:3506:0506:2507:1007:2518:2518:5422:54
Thornhill The Town Chapel Lane 05:3606:0606:2607:1107:2618:2618:5522:55
Thornhill Overthorpe Road The Cross 05:3706:0706:2707:1207:2718:2718:5622:56
Thornhill Overthorpe Rd Mountain Road (N-bound) 05:3706:0706:2707:1207:2818:2818:5622:56
Thornhill Overthorpe Road The Common (N-bound) 05:3806:0806:2807:1307:2918:2918:5722:57
Thornhill Lees Slathwaite Road Sefton Rise 05:3906:0906:2907:1407:2918:2918:5822:58
Thornhill Lees Ingham Road Pioneer St 05:3906:0906:2907:1407:3018:3018:5922:59
Thornhill Lees Lees Hall Rd Ingham Road 05:4006:1006:3007:1507:3118:3118:5922:59
Thornhill Lees Post Office (W-bound) 05:4106:1106:3107:1607:3218:3219:0023:00
Brewery Lane Thornhill Lees Centre (before) 05:4106:1106:3107:1607:3218:3219:0023:00
Thornhill Lees, before Brewery Lane Dale St 05:4206:1206:3207:1707:3318:3319:0123:01
Thornhill Lees, opp Brewery Lane Victoria Rd 05:4306:1306:3307:1807:3418:3419:0223:02
Thornhill Lees Station Road Thornhill Rail Bridge 05:4306:1306:3307:1807:3418:3419:0223:02
Thornhill Lees Savile Rd Vicarage Road 05:4406:1406:3407:1907:3518:3519:0323:03
Savile Town, opp Savile Rd Caledonian Road 05:4606:1606:3607:2107:3618:3619:0523:05
Savile Town Savile Rd South Street 05:4706:1706:3707:2207:3718:3719:0623:06
Savile Town Savile Rd Mill Street West 05:4806:1806:3807:2307:3818:3819:0723:07
Dewsbury Wilton St Link Road 05:4906:1906:3907:2407:3918:3919:0823:08
Dewsbury Bus Station (Stand 4) 05:5106:2106:4107:2607:4118:4119:1023:10

Dewsbury - Thornhill

Dewsbury Bus Station (Stand 4) 06:12then every 15 minutes until18:2718:4318:58then every 30 minutes until22:58
Dewsbury Wilton St Link Road (S-bound) 06:1218:2718:4318:5822:58
Savile Town Savile Rd Mill Street East 06:1318:2818:4418:5922:59
Savile Town, at Savile Rd South Street 06:1418:2918:4518:5922:59
Savile Town Savile Rd Caledonian Road 06:1518:3018:4619:0023:00
Thornhill Lees Savile Rd Vicarage Road (S-bound) 06:1618:3118:4719:0123:01
Thornhill Lees, adj Brewery Lane Victoria Rd 06:1718:3218:4819:0223:02
Thornhill Lees, after Brewery Lane Dale St 06:1818:3318:4919:0323:03
Brewery Lane Thornhill Lees Centre (after) 06:1918:3418:5019:0423:04
Thornhill Lees Post Office 06:1918:3418:5019:0423:04
Thornhill Lees, adj Lees Hall Rd Ingham Road 06:2018:3518:5119:0523:05
Thornhill Lees Ingham Rd Slaithwaite Road 06:2118:3618:5219:0623:06
Thornhill Lees Slaithwaite Rd Thornhill Park Avenue 06:2218:3718:5319:0723:07
Thornhill Overthorpe Road The Common 06:2318:3818:5419:0723:07
Thornhill Overthorpe Rd Mountain Road 06:2418:3918:5519:0823:08
Thornhill, adj Overthorpe Road The Cross 06:2418:3918:5519:0923:09
Thornhill Chapel Lane Overthorpe Park 06:2518:4018:5619:1023:10
Thornhill Chapel Lane Castle Mount 06:2618:4118:5719:1123:11
Thornhill, opp Frank Lne St Michaels Mount 06:2718:4218:5819:1223:12
Thornhill Church Lane Frank Ln 06:2818:4318:5919:1223:12
Thornhill Partridge Crescent Valley Road 06:2918:4419:0019:1423:14
Thornhill, adj Partridge Crescent Smithy Walk 06:3018:4519:0119:1423:14
Thornhill, adj Valley Drive Smithy Parade 06:3118:4619:0219:1523:15
Thornhill, before Valley Dr Edge Lane 06:3118:4619:0219:1623:16
Thornhill, adj Edge Avenue Denby View 06:3218:4719:0319:1623:16
Thornhill Overthorpe Ave Edge Avenue 06:3418:4919:0519:1823:18

Timetable data from Arriva Yorkshire/Bus Open Data Service, 29 October 2020

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