28E - Wilderspool, St James Church to Leigh, Bus Station

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Timetable changes from Monday 2 November 2020

Wilderspool, St James Church - Leigh, Bus Station

Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 13) 19:2021:20
Warrington Legh Street (Stop AE) 19:2121:21
Warrington White Hart (Stop AC) 19:2121:21
Warrington Rylands Street (Stop BA) 19:22
Warrington Academy Way (Stop DB) 19:22
Howley Orchard Street (cnr) 19:2421:24
Howley, o/s Sainsburys 19:2521:24
Howley, opp St Elphin's Park 19:2521:25
Howley, opp Helsby Street 19:2621:26
Bruche, nr Cemetery 19:2621:26
Bruche, nr Beresford Street 19:2721:27
Bruche, nr Briarwood Avenue 19:2721:27
Bruche, opp Padgate Stores 19:2721:27
Bruche, opp Mason Avenue 19:2821:28
Padgate, opp St Oswalds Church 19:2921:29
Padgate, o/s Methodist Church 19:2921:29
Padgate, opp Stocks Pub 19:3121:31
Padgate, o/s Conservative Club 19:3121:31
Longbarn Carpenter Grove (cnr) 19:3221:32
Longbarn, opp Freshfields Drive 19:3321:33
Longbarn, nr Blackburne Close 19:3421:34
Fearnhead, opp Locking Stumps Lane 19:3621:36
Locking Stumps, o/s Golf Club 19:3621:36
Locking Stumps, opp Redvales Court 19:3721:37
Locking Stumps Strawberry Close (cnr) 19:3821:38
Birchwood, o/s Turf & Feather 19:3921:39
Birchwood Heather Close (cnr) 19:3921:39
Oakwood, opp Fire Station 19:4121:41
Oakwood, opp Foxwood School 19:4121:41
Birchwood, opp Library 19:4221:42
Birchwood Centre (o/s) 19:4421:44
Birchwood Railway Station (O\S) 19:4621:46
Birchwood Ainscough Road (cnr) 19:4621:46
Oakwood Whinchat Drive (cnr) 19:4721:47
Oakwood, opp Nelsons Quarterdeck 19:4721:47
Oakwood Jay Close (cnr) 19:4821:48
Oakwood, opp Keyes Close 19:4921:49
Risley Moss, opp Country Park 19:5021:50
Risley Moss Birchwood Forest Park (NW-bound) 19:5021:50
Gorse Covert, opp Spar Shop 19:5221:52
Gorse Covert Arden Close (cnr) 19:5221:52
Gorse Covert Hamsterly Close (cnr) 19:5221:52
Gorse Covert Inglewood Close (cnr) 19:5221:52
Gorse Covert Ringwood Close (cnr) 19:5321:53
Gorse Covert, opp The Poacher 19:5421:54
Risley Leacroft Road (W-bound) 19:5521:55
Warrington, nr Fujitsu 19:5721:57
Risley, opp Noggin Inn 19:5721:57
Risley, opp Merefield 19:5821:58
Risley HMP (opp) 19:5921:59
Culcheth, opp Newchurch Lane 20:0122:01
Birchwood, opp Chatburn Court 20:0222:02
Culcheth, o/s Library 20:0322:03
Culcheth Hall Drive (cnr) 20:0322:03
Culcheth, opp Holcroft Lane 20:0422:04
Culcheth, opp Mee Brow Playground 20:0522:05
Fowley Common Lane (nr) 20:0522:05
Glazebury, o/s George & Dragon 20:0622:06
Glazebury, opp Chat Moss Hotel 20:0622:06
Glazebury, opp Coronation Avenue 20:0722:07
Glazebury, opp Hurst Mill Lane 20:0722:07
Glazebury, opp Bents Garden Centre 20:0822:08
Glazebury, o/s Foresters Arms 20:0822:08
Siddow Common, adj East Lancs Road 20:0922:09
Hooten Gardens, adj Hope Carr Lane 20:0922:09
Hooten Gardens, nr Hope Carr Road 20:1022:10
Hooten Gardens, opp Central Avenue 20:1122:11
Leigh, nr Butts Bridge 20:1122:11
Leigh, o/s Three Crowns 20:1222:12
Leigh, nr Brunswick Street 20:1422:14
Leigh, o/s Tesco 20:1422:14
Leigh Bus Station (Stand J) 20:1622:16

Leigh, Bus Station - Wilderspool, St James Church

Leigh Bus Station (Stand J) 20:2022:20
Leigh, nr Brown Street South 20:2122:21
Leigh, o/s St Thomas's Church 20:2122:21
Leigh, opp Three Crowns 20:2222:22
Leigh, opp Butts Bridge 20:2222:22
Hooten Gardens, nr Central Avenue 20:2322:23
Hooten Gardens, opp Hope Carr Road 20:2322:23
Hooten Gardens, opp Archer Street 20:2422:24
Siddow Common, nr East Lancs Road 20:2522:25
Glazebury, opp Foresters Arms 20:2522:25
Glazebury, o/s Bents Garden Centre 20:2622:26
Glazebury Hurst Mill Lane (cnr) 20:2622:26
Glazebury, nr Coronation Avenue 20:2722:27
Glazebury, o/s Chat Moss Hotel 20:2722:27
Glazebury, opp George & Dragon 20:2822:28
Fowley Common Lane (opp) 20:2922:29
Culcheth, o/s Mee Brow Playground 20:2922:29
Culcheth, nr Holcroft Lane 20:3022:30
Culcheth, o/s BP Garage 20:3122:31
Culcheth, opp Library 20:3222:32
Culcheth Chatburn Court (cnr) 20:3322:33
Culcheth, o/s Newchurch Lane 20:3322:33
Culcheth, nr Taylor Business Park 20:3422:34
Risley HMP (o/s) 20:3622:36
Risley, o/s Merefield 20:3622:36
Risley, o/s Noggin Inn 20:3722:37
Risley, nr Birchwood Park Avenue 20:3722:37
Warrington, nr Fujitsu 20:3722:37
Risley Leacroft Road (E-bound) 20:3822:38
Gorse Covert, opp Spar Shop 20:4122:41
Gorse Covert Arden Close (cnr) 20:4122:41
Gorse Covert Hamsterly Close (cnr) 20:4122:41
Gorse Covert Inglewood Close (cnr) 20:4122:41
Gorse Covert Ringwood Close (cnr) 20:4222:42
Gorse Covert, opp The Poacher 20:4322:43
Risley Moss Birchwood Forest Park (SE-bound) 20:4322:43
Risley Moss, o/s Country Park 20:4422:44
Oakwood Keyes Close (cnr) 20:4622:46
Oakwood, opp Jay Close 20:4622:46
Oakwood, o/s Nelsons Quarterdeck 20:4722:47
Oakwood, opp Whinchat Drive 20:4822:48
Birchwood, opp Ainscough Road 20:4822:48
Birchwood Station (o/s) 20:5022:50
Birchwood Centre (opp) 20:5222:52
Birchwood Centre (nr) 20:5222:52
Birchwood, o/s Library 20:5322:53
Oakwood, o/s Foxwood School 20:5422:54
Oakwood, nr Fire Station 20:5422:54
Birchwood, opp Heather Close 20:5622:56
Birchwood, opp Turf & Feather 20:5722:57
Locking Stumps, opp Strawberry Close 20:5722:57
Locking Stumps Redvales Court (cnr) 20:5822:58
Locking Stumps, nr Golf Club 20:5922:59
Fearnhead Locking Stumps Lane (cnr) 21:0023:00
Longbarn, opp Blackburne Close 21:0323:03
Longbarn, nr Freshfields Drive 21:0323:03
Longbarn, opp Carpenter Grove 21:0423:04
Padgate, adj Conservative Club 21:0523:05
Padgate, o/s Stocks Pub 21:0623:06
Padgate, opp Methodist Church 21:0723:07
Padgate, o/s St Oswalds Church 21:0823:08
Bruche Mason Avenue (cnr) 21:0823:08
Bruche, nr King & Queen 21:0923:09
Bruche, opp Briarwood Avenue 21:0923:09
Bruche Beresford Street (cnr) 21:1023:10
Bruche, adj Cemetery 21:1023:10
Howley Helsby Street (cnr) 21:1123:11
Howley, o/s St Elphin's Park 21:1123:11
Howley, o/s Parish Church 21:1223:12
Howley, opp Orchard Street 21:1323:13
Warrington Scotland Road Alighting Only (NW-bound) 21:1523:15
Warrington Bus Interchange (Stand 13) 21:1623:16

Timetable data from Warrington’s Own Buses/Bus Open Data Service, 29 October 2020

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