Bus Times

297 - Raunds - Rushden - Bozeat - Milton Keynes

A coach service operated by Diamond Coaches of Rushden

Raunds - Rushden - Bozeat - Milton Keynes

Raunds, adj Bus Shelter 09:00
Raunds, opp Shelmerdine Rise 09:01
Raunds, opp Co-op Store 09:01
Raunds, opp Cole Court 09:02
Raunds, opp Red Lion PH 09:02
Raunds, opp Francis Street 09:03
Stanwick, opp Cumberland Avenue 09:04
Stanwick, o/s Church Hall 09:05
Stanwick, opp Dolben Avenue 09:05
Higham Ferrers A45 Roundabout (S-bound) 09:07
Higham Ferrers, adj Simpson Avenue 09:08
Higham Ferrers, o/s 12 North End 09:09
Higham Ferrers, o/s The Green Dragon Hotel 09:10
Higham Ferrers, opp Northampton Road 09:12
Rushden, opp Kilburn Place 09:13
Rushden, nr Hayway 09:14
Rushden, opp Asda 09:15
Rushden, opp George Street 09:17
Rushden Skinners Hill Layby (Bay 1) 09:20
Rushden Hall Avenue (o/s 1) 09:21
Rushden, opp Barnwell Drive 09:22
Rushden, opp Abbey Way 09:22
Rushden, opp Lodge Road 09:23
Rushden, adj Farnham Drive 09:24
Rushden, o/s The Viking PH 09:25
Rushden, opp St Margarets Avenue 09:25
Rushden, adj Blackfriars 09:26
Rushden, opp Highfield Road 09:27
Rushden, adj West Crescent 09:28
Rushden, opp Knuston Drive 09:29
Rushden, opp St Marks Close 09:30
Knuston, o/s Alton Centre 09:31
Irchester, opp Station House 09:32
Irchester, opp Biscay Close 09:33
Irchester, opp Vicarage 09:34
Irchester, nr Thrift Street 09:35
Irchester, opp Alfred Street 09:35
Irchester Gipsy Lane Turn (S-bound) 09:36
Wollaston School (o/s) 09:40
Wollaston, opp Scott Bader 09:40
Wollaston, adj Holyoake Road 09:41
Wollaston, o/s Nags Head Inn 09:41
Bozeat, adj Allens Hill 09:44
Bozeat, adj Hensmans Lane 09:44
Bozeat, adj Camden Square 09:45
Bozeat, opp Phone Box 09:46
Olney, o/s Dartmouth Road 09:56
Olney, o/s Holes Lane 09:57
Olney High Street (S-bound) 09:58
Olney, opp The Bull 10:00
Emberton Newport Road (S-bound) 10:03
Emberton, opp Filgrave turn 10:04
Blakelands Roundabout West (W-bound) 10:16
Great Linford Roundabout East (W-bound) 10:17
Pennyland Local Centre (S-bound) 10:19
Downs Barn Neath Hill Roundabout South (S-bound) 10:21
Downs Barn Community Centre (opp) 10:22
Campbell Park Cricket Green Roundabout west (W-bound) 10:24
Campbell Park Skeldon roundabout west (W-bound) 10:25
Central Milton Keynes The Point (Stop J4) 10:30
Runs on the 3rd Saturday of each month only

Milton Keynes - Bozeat - Rushden - Raunds

Central Milton Keynes The Point (Stop J4) 16:00
Campbell Park Skeldon roundabout west (E-bound) 16:02
Campbell Park Cricket Green Roundabout west (E-bound) 16:03
Downs Barn Community Centre (o/s) 16:04
Downs Barn Neath Hill Roundabout South (N-bound) 16:05
Neath Hill Pennyland Local Centre (N-bound) 16:06
Great Linford Roundabout East (E-bound) 16:07
Blakelands Roundabout West (E-bound) 16:08
Emberton, o/s Filgrave turn 16:16
Olney, o/s The Bull 16:20
Olney, opp Holes Lane 16:22
Olney Dartmouth Road (opp 38) 16:23
Bozeat, adj Camden Square 16:35
Bozeat, opp Phone Box 16:35
Bozeat, opp Hensmans Lane 16:36
Bozeat, opp Allens Hill 16:36
Wollaston, opp Nags Head Inn 16:38
Wollaston, opp Holyoake Road 16:39
Wollaston, o/s Scott Bader 16:39
Wollaston School (opp) 16:40
Irchester Gipsy Lane Turn (NE-bound) 16:46
Irchester, opp Thrift Street 16:47
Irchester, o/s Vicarage 16:48
Irchester, adj Biscay Close 16:48
Irchester, adj Station House 16:49
Knuston, opp Alton Centre 16:50
Rushden, adj St Marks Close 16:51
Rushden, adj Knuston Drive 16:51
Rushden, opp West Crescent 16:52
Rushden, adj Highfield Road 16:53
Rushden, opp Blackfriars 16:53
Rushden, adj St Margarets Avenue 16:54
Rushden, opp The Viking PH 16:55
Rushden, opp Farnham Drive 16:55
Rushden, opp Redding Close 16:56
Rushden, adj Lodge Road 16:56
Rushden, adj Abbey Way 16:57
Rushden Skinners Hill Layby (Bay 1) 17:00
Rushden, o/s Barwick House 17:01
Rushden, adj Station Road 17:02
Rushden, o/s Asda 17:03
Rushden, adj Hayway 17:03
Higham Ferrers, adj Northampton Road 17:04
Higham Ferrers, nr The Green Dragon Hotel 17:05
Higham Ferrers, adj Cemetery Lane 17:06
Higham Ferrers, opp Simpson Avenue 17:07
Higham Ferrers A45 Roundabout (N-bound) 17:08
Stanwick, adj Dolben Avenue 17:11
Stanwick, opp Church Hall 17:12
Stanwick, adj Cumberland Avenue 17:13
Raunds, adj Francis Street 17:14
Raunds, o/s Red Lion PH 17:15
Raunds, adj Cole Court 17:16
Raunds, o/s Co-op Store 17:17
Raunds, adj Shelmerdine Rise 17:18
Raunds, opp Bus Shelter 17:20
Runs on the 3rd Saturday of each month only

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