299 - Stourbridge - Stourbridge

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Stourbridge Interchange (Stand C) 08:22then hourly until14:2215:2816:22
Stourbridge, opp Union St 08:2314:2315:2916:23
Oldswinford, opp Stourbridge College 08:2414:2415:3016:24
Oldswinford, after Glasshouse Hill 08:2514:2515:3116:25
Oldswinford, opp Oakleigh Rd 08:2614:2615:3216:26
Pedmore, adj Dingle Rd 08:2814:2815:3416:28
Pedmore, adj St Peters Rd 08:2814:2815:3416:28
Pedmore, adj Wythwood Close 08:2914:2915:3516:29
Pedmore, opp Dobbins Oak Rd 08:3014:3015:3616:30
Pedmore, adj Sandhurst Avenue 08:3114:3115:3716:31
Wollescote, after Walker Avenue 08:3214:3215:3816:32
Wollescote, opp Murcroft Rd 08:3214:3215:3816:32
Wollescote, adj Chalfont Place 08:3214:3215:3816:32
Wollescote, opp Woodfield Avenue 08:3314:3315:3916:33
Wollescote, adj Amos Rd 08:3314:3315:3916:33
Wollescote, adj Coppice Avenue 08:3314:3315:3916:33
Wynall, after Oakfield Rd 08:3414:3415:4016:34
Wynall, opp Grove Rd 08:3514:3515:4116:35
Wollescote, opp Stevens Park 08:3614:3615:4216:36
Wollescote, opp Monument Avenue 08:3714:3715:4316:37
Lye Church (opp) 08:3914:3915:4516:39
Lye, after High St 08:4014:4015:4616:40
Lye, after Cemetery Rd 08:4014:4015:4616:40
Stambermill, after Grange Lane 08:4114:4115:4716:41
Stambermill, opp Crowle Drive 08:4214:4215:4816:42
Stambermill, opp Romsley Rd 08:4214:4215:4816:42
Stambermill, opp Stourbridge Rd 08:4314:4315:4916:43
Stambermill, adj Hungary Hill 08:4414:4415:5016:44
Stambermill, adj Stepping Stones 08:4414:4415:5016:44
Stourbridge Stamford Rd (near) 08:4514:4515:5116:45

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