2A - Chester Bus Interchange - Runcorn

Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire


Chester Interchange, Stand M - Palace Fields Halton Lea South

Chester Bus Interchange (Stand M) 14:10
Chester Bull & Stirrup (Stop V) 14:11
Chester, o/s Northgate Church 14:12
Chester Dawson Drive (cnr) 14:14
Chester, opp Waterloo Road 14:14
Chester Abbot's Drive (cnr) 14:15
Bache, o/s Countess Hospital 14:17
Bache, opp Beechway 14:17
Upton Lane (opp) 14:19
Moston, o/s Dale Camp 14:19
Moston, opp Garage 14:20
Backford Station Road (cnr) 14:22
Backford, opp Church Lane 14:23
Backford Liverpool Road (NW-bound) 14:24
Backford, opp Axes Farm 14:24
Great Sutton Backford Cross Roundabout (NW-bound) 14:26
Great Sutton Hourd Way (cnr) 14:27
Great Sutton Strawberry Fields (NE-bound) 14:27
Great Sutton Apple Tree Grove (cnr) 14:27
Great Sutton, opp St Marks Crescent 14:28
Great Sutton Larchdale Close (cnr) 14:29
Great Sutton, nr Sycamore Drive 14:30
Great Sutton Willowdale Way (NW-bound) 14:32
Great Sutton, nr Halton Road 14:33
Great Sutton, opp Hope Farm Shops 14:34
Great Sutton, opp Hope Croft 14:35
Whitby, opp Broadland Road 14:36
Whitby, opp High School 14:38
Whitby, opp Fairfield Avenue 14:38
Whitby, o/s Cottage Hospital 14:39
Whitby Windsor Drive (cnr) 14:40
Whitby, o/s Morrisons 14:41
Whitby, opp Vale Road 14:42
Ellesmere Port Bus Interchange Stand B 14:44
Ellesmere Port Bus Interchange Stand B 14:47
Ellesmere Port, opp Whitby Park 14:49
Wolverham, o/s Grace Arms 14:49
Wolverham, opp Underwood Drive 14:51
Wolverham, o/s Stanney Lane 14:51
Wolverham, opp David Lloyd Leisure Centre 14:52
Cheshire Oaks, o/s Coliseum & Cinema 14:53
Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village (Stand B) 14:55
Thornton-le-Moors, opp Thornton Green Lane 15:01
Elton Green, o/s Depot 15:04
Elton, o/s Thornton Research Centre 15:04
Elton, nr Dalewood Close 15:05
Elton, nr Deansfield Way 15:05
Elton, opp Whitefields 15:06
Elton, opp Wheelwrights Arms 15:06
Elton, o/s Shops 15:07
Elton, nr Parklands Drive 15:08
Hapsford, opp Moor Lane 15:10
Helsby, o/s The Hornsmill PH 15:12
Helsby, opp Three Ways Garage 15:12
Helsby, o/s Tesco 15:13
Helsby, nr The Robin Hood 15:14
Helsby, o/s District Garage 15:16
Helsby, o/s Railway Inn 15:17
Helsby Smithy Lane (cnr) 15:18
Helsby Plovers Lane (cnr) 15:20
Helsby, opp Old Chester Road 15:20
Helsby High School (Bay 3) 15:23
Frodsham, opp Woodhouses Park 15:24
Netherton, opp Tarvin Road 15:26
Netherton Hall (o/s) 15:26
Frodsham, o/s Cheshire Cheese PH 15:27
Frodsham, nr Bears Paw 15:28
Frodsham, opp Co-op 15:28
Frodsham, opp Fluin Lane 15:29
Frodsham, opp Texaco Garage 15:30
Newtown, nr Quay Side 15:31
Sutton Weaver Clifton Road (cnr) 15:33
Sutton Weaver, adj Wood Lane 15:34
Sutton Weaver, opp Aston Lane 15:35
Sutton Weaver, opp Post Office 15:36
Sutton Weaver Southern Expressway (opp.) 15:37
Preston Brook Northwich Corner 15:39
Aston, o/s Rose Cottage 15:41
Aston Heath, o/s Top Lodge 15:42
Aston, nr War Memorial 15:43
Sutton Weaver, nr Aston Lane 15:47
Beechwood, o/s The Holiday Inn 15:48
Beechwood Wood Lane 15:49
Brookvale, opp Hanover Court 15:51
Palace Fields Martin Close 15:53
Palace Fields Palacefields Avenue 15:53
Palace Fields Worthington Close 15:54
Palace Fields Halton Hospital 15:55
Palace Fields Halton Lea South 15:56

Palace Fields Halton Lea South - Chester Interchange, Stand M

Palace Fields Halton Lea South 07:30
Palace Fields Halton Lea North 07:33
Palace Fields Avenue 07:37
Palace Fields Palacefields Avenue 07:38
Palace Fields Martin Close 07:38
Brookvale, adj Hanover Court 07:41
Beechwood Wood Lane 07:45
Beechwood, opp The Holiday Inn 07:46
Sutton Weaver, adj Wood Lane 07:47
Sutton Weaver, opp Aston Lane 07:49
Sutton Weaver, opp Post Office 07:50
Sutton Weaver Southern Expressway (opp.) 07:51
Preston Brook Northwich Corner 07:54
Aston, o/s Rose Cottage 07:57
Aston Heath, o/s Top Lodge 07:59
Aston, nr War Memorial 08:00
Sutton Weaver, nr Aston Lane 08:05
Sutton Weaver, opp Clifton Road 08:08
Newtown, opp Quay Side 08:11
Frodsham, nr Texaco Garage 08:12
Frodsham St Hilda's Drive (SW-bound) 08:13
Frodsham, o/s Lloyds Bank 08:15
Frodsham, opp Chapelfields 08:16
Netherton Hall (opp) 08:19
Netherton Tarvin Road (cnr) 08:20
Frodsham, o/s Woodhouses Park 08:23
Helsby High School (Bay 3) 08:25
Helsby, nr Old Chester Road 08:27
Helsby, opp Horse & Jockey 08:28
Helsby Vicarage Lane (cnr) 08:28
Helsby, opp Railway Inn 08:29
Helsby, opp District Garage 08:30
Helsby, opp The Robin Hood 08:30
Helsby, nr Crossland Terrace 08:31
Helsby, opp Tesco 08:32
Helsby, opp The Hornsmill PH 08:34
Hapsford Lane (cnr) 08:35
Elton, opp Parklands Drive 08:38
Elton, opp Shops 08:39
Elton, nr Wheelwrights Arms 08:40
Elton, opp Deansfield Way 08:41
Elton, opp Dalewood Close 08:41
Elton, opp Thornton Research Centre 08:41
Elton Green, opp Depot 08:42
Thornton-le-Moors Thornton Green Lane (cnr) 08:44
Whitbyheath, nr Longlooms Road 08:51
Wolverham, o/s David Lloyd Leisure Centre 08:55
Wolverham, o/s University Academy South Campus 08:55
Wolverham Birkett Avenue (cnr) 08:56
Wolverham Underwood Drive (cnr) 08:56
Wolverham, opp Grace Arms 08:57
Ellesmere Port, o/s Whitby Park 08:57
Ellesmere Port Bus Interchange Stand D 08:58
Ellesmere Port Bus Interchange Stand D 09:00
Whitby Vale Road (cnr) 09:03
Whitby Pembroke Drive (cnr) 09:04
Whitby Deeside (cnr) 09:05
Whitby, opp Cottage Hospital 09:05
Whitby Fairfield Avenue (cnr) 09:06
Whitby, o/s High School 09:06
Whitby Horstone Road (cnr) 09:07
Great Sutton Hope Croft (cnr) 09:08
Great Sutton, opp Halton Road 09:10
Great Sutton Willowdale Way (SE-bound) 09:12
Great Sutton Sycamore Drive (cnr) 09:13
Great Sutton, opp Larchdale Close 09:14
Great Sutton, nr St Marks Crescent 09:15
Great Sutton Strawberry Fields (SW-bound) 09:16
Great Sutton Holm Oak Way (cnr) 09:16
Great Sutton Backford Cross Roundabout (SE-bound) 09:17
Backford, nr Axes Farm 09:19
Backford Liverpool Road (SE-bound) 09:19
Backford Church Lane (cnr) 09:20
Backford Rake Lane (cnr) 09:21
Moston, nr Garage 09:23
Moston, opp Dale Camp 09:24
Upton, nr The Frog 09:25
Bache, nr Beechway 09:25
Bache, opp Countess Hospital 09:26
Bache, nr The Mill PH 09:26
Chester, opp Abbot's Drive 09:28
Chester Waterloo Road (cnr) 09:28
Chester, opp Abbot's Grange 09:30
Chester, o/s Tudor Place 09:31
Chester Delamere Street (Stop 3) 09:32
Chester Bus Interchange (Stand M) 09:33

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 28 January 2023

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