2C - Oswestry - Wrexham

Operated by Arriva Midlands North


Oswestry to Wrexham

Oswestry Bus Station (Stand 1) 06:4807:18then every 30 minutes until
Oswestry, opp New Park Road Jct 06:4907:19
Rhoswiel, opp The Lion Quays 06:5807:28
Gledrid, opp Roundabout 06:5807:28
Gledrid, adj Poachers Pocket 06:5907:29
Chirk Bridge (adj) 07:0007:30
Chirk, after Hand Hotel 07:0207:32
Chirk Sports Ground (o/s) 07:0207:32
Chirk, after Chapel Lane 07:0207:32
Chirk, nr Rhosywaun 07:0307:33
Chirk, after Lodgevale Park Entrance 07:0307:33
Chirk, opp Wern 07:0307:33
Chirk, after Lodge Farm 07:0407:34
Rhosymedre, nr Plough 07:1507:45
Rhosymedre Kwiksave (after Community Enterprise Centre) 07:1507:45
Cefn Mawr Tesco (o/s) 07:1507:45
Cefn-Mawr, before Hill Street 07:1507:45
Cefn-Bychan Dolydd Road (top) 07:1607:46
Cefn-Bychan Cae Gwilym Lane (opp Police Station) 07:1607:46
Cefn-Bychan, before Heol Craigfab 07:1707:4708:1708:5716:27
Cefn-Bychan, after Heol Berwyn 07:1707:4708:1708:5716:27
Cefn-Bychan, opp Heol-y-Plas 07:1807:4808:1808:5816:28
Cefn-Bychan, before Kynaston Place 07:1907:4908:1908:5916:29
Cefn-Bychan Kenfig Place (o/s School) 07:1907:4908:1908:5916:29
Cefn-mawr War Memorial (opp) 07:2007:5008:2009:0016:30
Cefn-Mawr, after Hill Street 07:2107:5108:2109:0116:31
Cefn Mawr Tesco (opp) 07:2207:5208:2209:0216:32
Rhosymedre Kwiksave (opp Community Enterprise Centre) 07:2207:5208:2209:0216:32
Cefn-Mawr, before Chapel Street 07:2307:5308:2309:0316:33
Plas Madoc, nr Druid House 07:2407:5408:2409:0416:34
Plas Madoc, after Gwynant 07:2607:5608:2609:0616:36
Plas Madoc, before Alwen 07:2707:5708:2709:0716:37
Plas Madoc, after Bran 07:2807:5808:2809:0816:38
Plas Madoc, before Plas Telford Extra Care 07:2907:5908:2909:0916:39
Plas Madoc Estate (before) 07:3008:0008:3009:1016:40
Plas Madoc, after Plas Bennion Road 07:3108:0108:3109:1116:41
Ruabon, before Station Road 07:3308:0308:3309:1316:43
Ruabon, nr Kandy Lodge 07:3408:0408:3409:1416:44
Ruabon, after The Villas 07:3408:0408:3409:1416:44
Ruabon, after St Michaels Close 07:3408:0408:3409:1416:44
Brynfields, opp Garden View 07:3508:0508:3509:1516:45
Johnstown, o/s Gardden Industrial Estate 07:3508:0508:3509:1516:45
Johnstown, nr Afon Goch 07:3608:0608:3609:1616:46
Johnstown, before Vauxhall Ind Estate 07:3608:0608:3609:1616:46
Co-op Johnstown (before Co-op) 07:3708:0708:3709:1716:47
Johnstown Junior School (opp) 07:3708:0708:3709:1716:47
Rhosllanerchrugog, before New Inn 07:3808:0808:3809:1816:48
Rhosllanerchrugog, after Fennant Road 07:3908:0908:3909:1916:49
Pentre Bychan, nr Hill Top 07:4008:1008:4009:2016:50
Pentre Bychan, o/s Manweb Offices 07:4008:1008:4009:2016:50
Pentre Bychan, before Croesfoel Farm 07:4108:1108:4109:2116:51
Rhostyllen Little Chef (opp Evans Halshaw) 07:4208:1208:4209:2216:52
Rhostyllen, after Holy Trinity Church 07:4308:1308:4309:2316:53
Rhostyllen, o/s Black Lion Inn 07:4408:1408:4409:2416:54
Rhostyllen, nr Esless 07:4408:1508:4509:2416:54
Felin Puleston, nr Llysfasi College 07:4608:1808:4809:2616:56
Bryn Offa Cemetery (o/s) 07:4708:2008:5009:2716:57
Hightown, after Empress Road 07:4808:2008:5009:2816:58
Bryn Offa, after Old Victoria Road Post Office 07:4808:2108:5109:2816:58
Bryn Offa, opp Bellevue Park 07:4908:2308:5309:2916:59
Wrexham, after Cobden Road 07:5008:2408:5409:3017:00
Wrexham Bus Station (o/s) 07:5208:2708:5709:3217:02

Wrexham to Oswestry

Wrexham Bus Station 1 (at) 07:4208:22then every 30 minutes until15:5216:2216:5217:52
Wrexham Fire Station (nr) 07:4308:2315:5316:2316:5317:53
Wrexham, after Cobden Road 07:4408:2415:5416:2416:5417:54
Bryn Offa, o/s Bellevue Park 07:4408:2415:5416:2416:5417:54
Bryn Offa, before Old Victoria Road Post Office 07:4508:2515:5516:2516:5517:55
Bryn Offa Cemetery (opp) 07:4608:2615:5616:2616:5617:56
Felin Puleston, nr Llysfasi College 07:4708:2715:5716:2716:5717:57
Rhostyllen, nr Esless 07:4908:2915:5916:2916:5917:59
Rhostyllen, opp Black Lion Inn 07:5008:3016:0016:3017:0018:00
Rhostyllen, o/s Colliery Garage 07:5008:3016:0016:3017:0018:00
Rhostyllen Little Chef (o/s Evans Halshaw) 07:5108:3116:0116:3117:0118:01
Pentre Bychan, after Croesfoel Farm 07:5208:3216:0216:3217:0218:02
Pentre Bychan, before Smithy Lane 07:5308:3316:0316:3317:0318:03
Pentre Bychan, nr Hill Top 07:5408:3416:0416:3417:0418:04
Rhosllanerchrugog, before Fennant Road 07:5408:3416:0416:3417:0418:04
Rhosllanerchrugog, after New Inn 07:5508:3516:0516:3517:0518:05
Johnstown Junior School (after) 07:5608:3616:0616:3617:0618:06
Co-op Johnstown (after Co-op) 07:5608:3616:0616:3617:0618:06
Johnstown, after Vauxhall Ind Estate 07:5708:3716:0716:3717:0718:07
Johnstown, opp Gardden Industrial Estate 07:5808:3816:0816:3817:0818:08
Brynfields, adj Garden View 07:5808:3816:0816:3817:0818:08
Ruabon, after New Hall Lane 07:5908:3916:0916:3917:0918:09
Ruabon, before Wynnstay Arms Hotel 08:0008:4016:1016:4017:1018:10
Ruabon, after Station Road 08:0008:4016:1016:4017:1018:10
Plas Madoc, after Plas Bennion Road 08:0308:4316:1316:4317:1318:13
Plas Madoc Estate (after) 08:0508:4516:15
Plas Madoc, after Plas Telford Extra Care 08:0708:4716:1716:4717:1718:17
Plas Madoc, before Bran 08:0708:4716:1716:4717:1718:17
Plas Madoc, after Alwen 08:0808:4816:1816:4817:1818:18
Plas Madoc, before Gwynant 08:0908:4916:1916:4917:1918:19
Plas Madoc, nr Druid House 08:0908:4916:1916:4917:1918:19
Cefn-Mawr, after Chapel Street 08:1008:5016:2016:5017:2018:20
Rhosymedre Kwiksave (after Community Enterprise Centre) 08:1108:5116:2116:5117:2118:21
Cefn Mawr Tesco (o/s) 08:1208:5216:2216:5217:2218:22
Cefn-Mawr, before Hill Street 08:1308:5316:2316:5317:2318:23
Cefn-Bychan Dolydd Road (top) 08:1508:5516:2516:5517:2518:25
Cefn-Bychan Cae Gwilym Lane (opp Police Station) 08:1608:5616:2616:5617:2618:26
Cefn-Bychan, before Heol Craigfab 08:1708:5716:2716:5717:2718:27
Cefn-Bychan, after Heol Berwyn 16:5717:2718:27
Cefn-Bychan, opp Heol-y-Plas 16:5717:2718:27
Cefn-Bychan, before Kynaston Place 16:5717:2718:27
Cefn-Bychan Kenfig Place (o/s School) 16:5817:2818:28
Cefn-mawr War Memorial (opp) 16:5817:2818:28
Cefn-Mawr, after Hill Street 16:5817:2818:28
Cefn Mawr Tesco (opp) 16:5817:2818:28
Rhosymedre Kwiksave (opp Community Enterprise Centre) 16:5917:2918:29
Rhosymedre, nr Plough 16:5917:2918:29
Chirk, before Lodge Farm 17:0917:3918:39
Chirk, adj Wern 17:1017:4018:40
Chirk, before Lodgevale Park Entrance 17:1017:4018:40
Chirk, nr Rhosywaun 17:1017:4018:40
Chirk, before Chapel Lane 17:1017:4018:40
Chirk Sports Ground (opp) 17:1117:4118:41
Chirk, o/s Hand Hotel 17:1117:4118:41
Chirk, before St Mary`s Church 17:1217:4218:42
Chirk Bridge (before) 17:1217:4218:42
Gledrid, opp Poachers Pocket 17:1417:4418:44
Gledrid, adj Roundabout 17:1517:4518:45
Rhoswiel, adj The Lion Quays 17:1517:4518:45
Oswestry, adj New Park Road Jct 17:2517:5518:55
Oswestry, adj Coach Park 17:2617:5618:56
Oswestry Bus Station (Stand 1) 17:2717:5718:57

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMNO/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 30 May 2023

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