300 - East Ham - Canning Town, school extras

A bus service operated by Docklands Buses


Monday to Friday, Not School vacation in free public holidays regulation holidays

Canning Town, school extras - East Ham

Canning Town (Stop F) 07:2007:32
Canning Town Rathbone Market (Stop J) 07:2107:33
Canning Town Hermit Road (Stop L) 07:2207:34
Canning Town Rokeby School (Stop S) 07:2307:35
Plaistow King Street (E13) (Stop BH) 07:2407:36
Plaistow Balaam Street (Stop BJ) 07:2507:37
Plaistow Police Station (Stop BK) 07:2607:38
Plaistow Khartoum Road (Stop BL) 07:2807:40
Plaistow Beaumont Road (Stop GS) 07:2907:41
Plaistow Newham University Hospital New Vic College (Stop HD) 07:3007:42
Plaistow Bennett Road (Stop A) 07:3107:44
Plaistow Newham Leisure Centre (->S) 07:3207:45
Newham Way Custom House (Stop C) 07:3307:46
Custom House Mortlake Road (Stop D) 07:3407:48
Custom House Tree Road (Stop E) 07:3507:49
Custom House Victoria Dock Road (Stop M) 07:3607:50
Prince Regent Bus Station (Stop R) 07:3807:52
Beckton Jake Russell Walk (Stop B) 07:3907:53
Custom House Will Thorne Pavilion (->W) 07:4007:54
Custom House Fulmer Road (->N) 07:4207:56
Beckton District Park (Stop CA) 07:4307:57
Beckton Dove Approach (Stop BA) 07:4407:58
Beckton Swallow Street (Stop BB) 07:4608:00
Beckton Kingsford Way (Stop BC) 07:4708:01
Beckton Bus Station (Stop D) 07:4908:03
Beckton Tollgate Road (Stop F) 07:5008:04
Beckton Albatross Close (Stop BE) 07:5108:05
Beckton Lonsdale Avenue (Stop BH) 07:5208:06
E Ham Mortimer Road (Stop BJ) 07:5308:07
E Ham Vicarage Primary School (Stop P) 07:5408:08
Wallend Becket Avenue (Stop R) 07:5508:09
Wallend Charlemont Road (->S) 07:5608:10
Wallend Wolsey Avenue (->S) 07:5708:11
Wallend Blaney Crescent (Stop K) 07:5808:13
Wallend Brighton Road (->N) 07:5908:14
Wallend Flanders Road (->N) 08:0008:15
E Ham Market Street East Ham (Stop M) 08:0108:16
Wallend Nelson Street (Stop N) 08:0208:17
E Ham Altmore Avenue (Stop T) 08:0308:18
E Ham Newham Town Hall (Stop W) 08:0508:20
E Ham Kempton Road (Stop L) 08:0608:21
E Ham Caledon Road (Stop J) 08:0808:23
E Ham Bendish Road (Stop D) 08:0908:24
E Ham East Ham Station (Stop B) 08:1108:26
Plashet Wordsworth Health Centre (Stand Y) 08:1308:28

East Ham - Canning Town, school extras

Plashet Wordsworth Health Centre (Stop Z) 15:41
Plashet School (Stop T) 15:43
E Ham East Ham Station (Stop A) 15:45
E Ham Bendish Road (Stop N) 15:47
E Ham Ron Leighton Way (Stop K) 15:49
E Ham High Street North (Stop S) 15:51
E Ham Newham Town Hall (Stop O) 15:54
E Ham Altmore Avenue (Stop X) 15:55
Wallend Langdon Road (Stop J) 15:56
Wallend Sussex Road (E6) (Stop K) 15:57
Wallend Langdon Crescent (Stop L) 15:58
Wallend Flanders Road (->S) 15:59
Wallend Brighton Road (E6) (Stop) 16:00
Wallend Blaney Crescent (Stop J) 16:02
Wallend Wolsey Avenue (->W) 16:03
Wallend Charlemont Road (->N) 16:04
Wallend Becket Avenue (Stop S) 16:05
E Ham Vicarage Primary School (Stop T) 16:06
E Ham Vicarage Lane (Stop BK) 16:08
Beckton East Ham Fire Station (Stop BL) 16:09
Beckton Lonsdale Avenue (Stop BM) 16:10
Beckton Albatross Close (Stop BN) 16:11
Beckton Tollgate RdWoolwich Manor Way (Stop E) 16:12
Beckton Bus Station (Stop C) 16:14
Beckton Kingsford Way (Stop BP) 16:15
Beckton Swallow Street (Stop BQ) 16:16
Beckton Dove Approach (Stop BR) 16:18
Beckton District Park (Stop CR) 16:19
Custom House Fulmer Road (->S) 16:21
Custom House Will Thorne Pavilion (->S) 16:22
Beckton Jake Russell Walk (Stop A) 16:24
Prince Regent Bus Station (Stop T) 16:26
Custom House Victoria Dock Road (Stop L) 16:27
Custom House Tree Road (Stop P) 16:29
Newham Way Custom House (Stop S) 16:31
Plaistow Bennett Road (Stop T) 16:33
Plaistow Newham University Hosp / New Vic College (Stop HE) 16:35
Plaistow Wigston Road (Stop GT) 16:37
Plaistow / Prince Regent Lane (Stop BA) 16:39
Plaistow Police Station (Stop BB) 16:40
Plaistow Balaam Street (Stop BC) 16:41
Plaistow Chargeable Lane (Stop BD) 16:42
Plaistow Croydon Road (Stop BE) 16:44
Canning Town Rokeby School (Stop P) 16:45
Canning Town Hermit Road (Stop M) 16:46
Canning Town Rathbone Market (Stop N) 16:47
Canning Town Station (Stop A) 16:49

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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