305 - Oldmeldrum - Aberdeen

A bus service operated by Bains Coaches


Monday to Friday

Oldmeldrum - Aberdeen

Oldmeldrum The Square (SW bound) 06:1507:0414:19
Oldmeldrum, opp Cromlet Place 06:1507:0414:19
Hattoncrook, opp Pittrichie View 06:2007:1114:24
Whiterashes, o/s Village Hall 06:2107:1214:25
Newmachar, opp Wildgoose Drive 06:2607:1914:30
Newmachar, at Station Road 06:2707:2014:31
Newmachar, opp Corseduick Park 06:2707:2014:31
Newmachar, at Hillbrae Way 06:2807:2114:31
Newmachar, opp Nia Roo 06:3107:2414:33
Dyce, opp McIntosh Crescent 06:3707:3014:37
Dyce, at Southesk Place 06:3707:3014:37
Dyce, at Don Place 06:3807:3114:38
Dyce, at Avon Place 06:3807:3214:38
Dyce, opp Farburn Terrace 06:3807:3314:39
Dyce, at Riverview Drive 06:3907:3414:40
Stoneywood Park (at) 06:4007:3514:41
Stoneywood, at Polo Gardens 06:4007:3614:41
Stoneywood, opp Market Street 06:4007:3614:41
Stoneywood, at Beech Manor 06:4107:3814:43
Bucksburn, at St John's Road 06:4307:4014:44
Bucksburn, opp Howes Road 06:4407:4114:45
Bucksburn, opp Newton Terrace 06:4407:4214:46
Bucksburn, opp Cairnfield Place 06:4507:4314:47
Bucksburn Auchmill Road (opp 284) 06:4507:4414:47
Bucksburn, opp Auchmill Terrace 06:4607:4514:48
Scatterburn, opp Manor Drive 06:4607:4514:48
Woodside, at Mugiemoss Road 06:4707:4614:49
Woodside, opp Smithfield Lane 06:4707:4714:50
Woodside, opp Anderson Road 06:4707:4814:50
Woodside, at Deer Road 06:4807:4914:51
Woodside, opp Grandholm Street 06:4907:5014:52
Woodside, at Don Street 06:4907:5014:52
Woodside, at Barron Street 06:4907:5114:53
Kittybrewster, opp Burnett Place 06:5007:5214:54
Kittybrewster, opp Lilybank Place 06:5007:5214:54
Kittybrewster, opp Northern Hotel 06:5007:5214:54
Kittybrewster, opp Ashgrove Road 06:5107:5314:55
Ashgrove, at Belmont Road 06:5107:5314:55
Ashgrove, opp Chestnut Row 06:5107:5414:56
Ashgrove, at Berryden Retail Park 06:5207:5414:56
Ashgrove, at Hutcheon Street 06:5207:5514:57
Rosemount, at Maberly Street 06:5307:5514:57
Aberdeen John Street (Stop S1) 06:5307:5614:58
Aberdeen Blackfriars Street (Stop P2) 06:5407:5714:59
Aberdeen Union Terrace Gardens (Stop D3) 06:5608:0015:02

Aberdeen - Oldmeldrum

Aberdeen Union Terrace Gardens (Stop D2) 15:5016:4017:36
Aberdeen Wallace Statue (Stop N3) 15:5016:4017:36
Aberdeen Blackfriars Street (Stop P1) 15:5016:4017:36
Aberdeen John Street (Stop S2) 15:5016:4117:36
Aberdeen, adj Spa Street 15:5016:4117:37
Rosemount Place (at) 15:5016:4217:37
Rosemount Terrace (at) 15:5016:4217:37
Ashgrove, opp Berryden Retail Park 15:5016:4317:38
Ashgrove, at Chestnut Row 15:5116:4317:38
Ashgrove, opp Belmont Road 15:5116:4417:38
Kittybrewster, at Ashgrove Road 15:5116:4417:38
Kittybrewster, at Northern Hotel 15:5116:4417:39
Woodside, at Anderson Road 15:5216:4817:41
Kittybrewster, at Burnett Place 15:5416:5417:45
Woodside, opp Barron Street 15:5416:5517:46
Woodside, opp Don Street 15:5416:5617:46
Woodside, at Queen Street 15:5516:5717:47
Woodside, at Society Lane 15:5516:5717:47
Woodside, at Smithfield Lane 15:5616:5817:47
Woodside, at North Anderson Drive 15:5616:5817:48
Scatterburn, before Manor Drive 15:5716:5817:48
Scatterburn, after Manor Drive 15:5716:5817:48
Bucksburn, at Auchmill Terrace 15:5716:5917:48
Bucksburn, at Cairnfield Place 15:5816:5917:49
Bucksburn, at Newton Terrace 15:5917:0017:49
Bucksburn, at Howes Road 15:5917:0017:50
Bucksburn, opp St John's Road 16:0017:0117:50
Stoneywood, opp Beech Manor 16:0217:0217:51
Stoneywood, at Market Street 16:0217:0317:52
Stoneywood, opp Polo Gardens 16:0317:0317:52
Stoneywood Park (opp) 16:0317:0417:52
Dyce, opp Riverview Drive 16:0417:0417:53
Dyce, at Farburn Terrace 16:0517:0517:53
Dyce, at Skene Place 16:0517:0517:54
Dyce, opp Gladstone Place 16:0517:0617:54
Dyce, opp Southesk Place 16:0617:0617:54
Dyce, at McIntosh Crescent 16:0717:0717:55
Newmachar, adj Nia Roo 16:1217:1218:00
Newmachar, opp Hillbrae Way 16:1617:1618:04
Newmachar, at Corseduick Park 16:1617:1618:04
Newmachar, opp Station Road 16:1717:1718:05
Newmachar, at Wildgoose Drive 16:1717:1718:05
Whiterashes (NW-bound) 16:2117:2118:10
Hattoncrook, at Pittrichie View 16:2217:2218:11
Oldmeldrum, at Cromlet Place 16:2617:2618:16
Oldmeldrum The Square (NE bound) 16:2717:2718:17

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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