306A - Borehamwood - St Michaels school

A bus service operated by Sullivan Buses


Monday to Thursday

Borehamwood to St Michaels school

Bushey, o/s Queens School Grounds 15:08
Garston, o/s St Michael's RC School 15:47
North Bushey, opp Park Avenue 15:55
Bushey Queens School (SW-bound) 15:57
Bushey, opp Leisure Centre 15:1415:59
Bushey The Avenue (SW-bound) 15:1415:59
Bushey Aldenham Road (SE-bound) 15:1415:59
Bushey, o/s Royal Connaught Park 15:1516:00
Bushey Finch Lane (SE-bound) 15:1616:01
Bushey Herkomer Road (N-bound) 15:1716:02
Bushey, nr Homefield Road 15:1816:03
Bushey, opp Moatfield Road 15:1916:04
Bushey, opp Harvest Road 15:1916:04
Bushey, opp Middle Furlong 15:2016:05
Bushey, nr Mostyn Road 15:2116:06
Bushey, opp Little Reddings School 15:2316:08
Bushey, opp Chiltern Close 15:2316:09
Bushey, nr Wendover Way 15:2416:11
Bushey, nr Oundle Avenue 15:2616:11
Bushey, opp The Four Tubs 15:2616:12
Bushey Heath, opp Harriet Way 15:2716:12
Bushey Heath, opp Holly Grove 15:2716:12
Bushey Heath, opp Titian Avenue 15:2816:13
Bushey Heath, nr Caldecote Gardens 15:2816:13
Bushey Heath, o/s Rosary Priory 15:3016:16
Caldecote Hill Motorway Bridge (E-bound) 15:3116:17
Caldecote Hill, opp Lismirrane Business Park 15:3216:17
Elstree, opp The Fishery Inn 15:3416:19
Elstree, nr Aldenham Road 15:3516:20
Elstree, nr Watling Court 15:3616:21
Borehamwood Elstree Hill North (E-bound) 15:3716:22
Borehamwood, opp Knowl Way 15:4016:25
Borehamwood, nr Barham Avenue 15:4116:26
Borehamwood, opp Deacon's Hill Road 15:4216:27
Elstree & Borehamwood Railway Station (Stop A) 15:4316:28
Borehamwood Glenhaven Avenue (Stop D) 15:4416:29
Borehamwood Furzehill Road (Stop G) 15:4616:32
Borehamwood Tesco (Stop B) 15:5016:35
Borehamwood, opp Elstree Studios 15:5016:35
Borehamwood, opp St Teresa's School 15:5116:36
Borehamwood, nr Aberford Road 15:5216:37
Borehamwood Brook Road (NE-bound) 15:5216:37
Borehamwood, opp Crown Road 15:5316:38
Borehamwood, nr Digswell Close 15:5416:39
Borehamwood, adj Reston Path 15:5416:39
Borehamwood, adj Thirsk Road 15:5516:40
Borehamwood, adj Thirsk Road footpath 15:5516:40
Borehamwood, opp Redwood Rise 15:5616:41
Borehamwood, adj Stanborough Avenue 15:5716:42
Borehamwood, adj Ayot Path 15:5716:42
Borehamwood, nr Stilton Path 15:5816:43
Borehamwood, adj Greenside 15:5916:44
Borehamwood, adj Torworth Road 16:0016:45
Borehamwood Leeming Road (S-bound) 16:0116:46
Borehamwood, nr Warenford Way 16:0116:46
Borehamwood, nr Aberford Road 16:0216:47
Borehamwood, nr St Teresa's School 16:0316:48
Borehamwood, nr Elstree Studios 16:0416:49
Borehamwood Tesco (Stop B) 16:0516:50

St Michaels school to Borehamwood

Borehamwood Tesco (Stop B) 07:08
Borehamwood, opp Elstree Studios 07:08
Borehamwood, opp St Teresa's School 07:09
Borehamwood, opp Aberford Road 07:10
Borehamwood Brook Road (NE-bound) 07:10
Borehamwood, opp Crown Road 07:11
Borehamwood, nr Digswell Close 07:12
Borehamwood, adj Reston Path 07:12
Borehamwood, adj Thirsk Road 07:13
Borehamwood, adj Thirsk Road footpath 07:13
Borehamwood, opp Redwood Rise 07:14
Borehamwood, adj Stanborough Avenue 07:15
Borehamwood, adj Ayot Path 07:15
Borehamwood, nr Stilton Path 07:16
Borehamwood, adj Greenside 07:17
Borehamwood, adj Torworth Road 07:18
Borehamwood Leeming Road (S-bound) 07:19
Borehamwood, nr Warenford Way 07:19
Borehamwood, nr Aberford Road 07:20
Borehamwood, nr St Teresa's School 07:22
Borehamwood, nr Elstree Studios 07:24
Borehamwood Tesco (Stop A) 07:25
Borehamwood Furzehill Road (Stop F) 07:27
Borehamwood Glenhaven Avenue (Stop E) 07:28
Elstree & Borehamwood Railway Station (Stop B) 07:30
Borehamwood, nr Deacon's Hill Road 07:31
Borehamwood, opp Barham Avenue 07:32
Borehamwood, adj Knowl Way 07:34
Borehamwood Elstree Hill North (W-bound) 07:36
Elstree, opp Watling Court 07:40
Elstree, opp Aldenham Road 07:40
Elstree, nr The Fishery Inn 07:41
Elstree, opp Aldenham Reservoir 07:42
Caldecote Hill, nr Lismirrane Business Park 07:43
Caldecote Hill Motorway Bridge (W-bound) 07:45
Bushey Heath, opp Rosary Priory 07:47
Bushey Heath, opp Caldecote Gardens 07:47
Bushey Heath, nr Titian Avenue 07:48
Bushey Heath, opp Holly Grove 07:49
Bushey Heath, adj Harriet Way 07:50
Bushey, nr The Four Tubs 07:51
Bushey, opp Oundle Avenue 07:52
Bushey, opp Wendover Way 07:52
Bushey, nr Chiltern Close 07:53
Bushey, nr Little Reddings School 07:54
Bushey, opp Mostyn Road 07:55
Bushey, adj Middle Furlong 07:56
Bushey, nr Harvest Road 07:57
Bushey, nr Moatfield Road 07:57
Bushey, opp Homefield Road 07:58
Bushey Herkomer Road (S-bound) 07:59
Bushey, nr Falconer Road 08:00
Bushey Finch Lane (NW-bound) 08:01
Bushey, opp Royal Connaught Park 08:02
Bushey Aldenham Road (NW-bound) 08:03
Bushey The Avenue (NE-bound) 08:04
Bushey, nr Leisure Centre 08:06
Bushey Queens School (NE-bound) 08:14
North Bushey Hilfield Brook (N-bound) 08:16
North Bushey, adj Park Avenue 08:18
Garston, opp Widgeon Way 08:24
Garston, nr Garsmouth Way 08:25
Garston, o/s The Gossamers Shops 08:26
Garston The Gossamers (N-bound) 08:27
Garston, adj Phillipers 08:28
Garston Railway Station (Stop A) 08:29
Garston, opp Park Parade 08:30
Garston, opp Bus Garage 08:31
Garston, nr Three Horseshoes PH East 08:32
Garston, opp Bucknalls Lane 08:34
Garston, o/s St Michael's RC School 08:35

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Sullivan_Buses/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 2 October 2022

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