30B - Arbroath Peasiehill Road - Stracathro Hospital

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Stracathro Hospital - Arbroath Peasiehill Road

Arbroath Peasiehill Road - Stracathro Hospital

Stracathro, nr Porter's Lodge 15:17
Stracathro, opp Learning Centre 15:17
Trinity, at Bus Shelter 15:25
Trinity, opp Golf Course 15:26
Brechin, at Smithbank Road 15:28
Brechin, opp Mackie Motors 15:29
Brechin, at Saint Ninian's Square 15:30
Brechin, at Denburn Works 15:31
Brechin, at Newington Gardens 15:32
Brechin, opp East Mill Brae 15:33
Brechin, opp Slater Way 15:34
Brechin, at Leuchland Cottage 15:34
Windyedge, at Road End 15:36
Windyedge, opp Arrat Farm Road End 15:36
Balwyllo, opp Road End 15:38
House of Dun Road End (at) 15:40
Montrose, opp Gilrivie Farm 15:42
Pugeston, at Road End 15:43
Montrose, at Tayock Caravans 15:44
Montrose, opp Sleepyhillock Cemetery 15:45
Montrose, at Langley Gardens 15:46
Montrose, at Langley Park 15:46
Montrose, opp Glenisla Road 15:47
Borrowfield, at Lidl 15:47
Montrose, at Angus College Annexe 15:48
Montrose, opp Redfield Crescent 15:48
Montrose, at North Street 15:49
Montrose, at Upper Hall Street 15:49
Montrose Co-op (Stop 2) 15:50
Montrose, at St Andrews Church 15:54
Montrose Academy (at) 16:00
Montrose, at Old Post Office 16:01
Montrose Infirmary (opp) 16:02
Rossie Island, at Riverside Road 16:04
Rossie Island, at Old Bus Depot 16:04
Rossie Island, opp Inch Terrace 16:04
Ferryden Burnside Place (opp 4) 16:05
Ferryden, opp Craig Road 16:06
Ferryden, opp Inchbrayock Church 16:07
Ferryden Pier (nr) 16:08
Ferryden, nr Inchbrayock Church 16:08
Ferryden, at Craig Road 16:08
Ferryden, at Burnside Place Roundabout 16:08
Ferryden Roundabout (at) 16:08
Montrose Basin Nature Reserve (opp) 16:09
Braehead of Lunan, at East Mains of Dysart 16:11
Braehead of Lunan, opp Upper Dysart Road End 16:13
Braehead of Lunan Road End (at) 16:13
Lunan, at Courthill Road End 16:14
Inverkeilor, opp Chance Inn 16:18
Cauldcots Road End (opp) 16:20
Cauldcots, at West Newton Farm 16:21
Marywell, opp Parkhill Cottages 16:23
Marywell, opp Tarriebank Road End 16:23
Marywell Gardens (at) 16:24
Mayfield, opp Greig Crescent 16:27
Mayfield, opp Flairs Avenue 16:27
Mayfield, at Andrew Barton Street 16:28
Cliffburn, nr Abbotsford Road 16:28
Cliffburn, at St Murdoch's Crescent 16:29
Cliffburn Hotel (at) 16:29
Cliffburn, at Edradour Gardens 16:30
Cliffburn, at Boulziehill Place 16:30
Cliffburn, at Clyde Court 16:31
Arbroath, opp Springfield Medical Centre 16:32
Arbroath, at ACCESS Office 16:33
Arbroath, opp Crown Inn 16:34
Arbroath, at Abbeygate Centre 16:35
Arbroath, at Bus Station 16:37
Montrose Academy schooldays only

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 26 October 2021

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