31A - Malmesbury - Royal Wootton Bassett - Swindon

A bus service operated by Coachstyle


Malmesbury - Royal Wootton Bassett - Swindon

Malmesbury Cross Hayes (W-bound) 07:2810:0812:0214:0216:0018:00
Malmesbury Avon Mills (SW-bound) 07:2910:0912:0314:0316:0118:01
Malmesbury Manor Cottages (SE-bound) 07:2910:1012:0414:0416:0218:02
Malmesbury Cowbridge Crescent (SE-bound) 07:3110:1212:0614:0616:0418:04
Malmesbury Cowbridge Mill (SE-bound) 07:3210:1312:0714:0716:0518:05
Lea Crescent (SE-bound) 07:3310:1412:1014:1016:0718:06
Lea Primary School (W-bound) 18:09s
Little Somerford Ashleigh (SE-bound) 07:3610:1712:1614:1616:1118:16
Little Somerford Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 07:3710:1812:1814:1816:1318:18
Little Somerford Cleverton Turn (E-bound) 07:3810:1912:1914:1916:1418:19
Brinkworth Charlton Turn (E-bound) 07:4110:2212:2214:2216:1718:22
Brinkworth, opp The Causeway 07:4210:2312:2314:2316:1818:23
Brinkworth Three Crowns (E-bound) 07:4310:2412:2414:2416:1918:24
Brinkworth, o/s Old Chapel 07:4310:2412:2414:2416:1918:24
Brinkworth Minety Turn (E-bound) 07:4410:2512:2514:2516:2018:25
Callow Hill Little Foxes Nursery (E-bound) 07:4510:2612:2614:2616:2118:26
Callow Hill, opp Callows Cross 07:4610:2612:2614:2616:2118:26
Ballard’s Ash, o/s The Farm 07:5010:3012:3014:3016:2518:30
Royal Wootton Bassett, opp Prince of Wales 07:5110:3112:3114:3116:2618:31
Royal Wootton Bassett Maple Drive (SW-bound) 07:5110:3212:3214:3216:2718:32
Royal Wootton Bassett, o/s St Bartholemews 07:5210:3212:3214:3216:2718:32
Royal Wootton Bassett High Street (SW-bound) 07:5310:3312:3314:3316:2818:33
Royal Wootton Bassett Washbourne Road (NE-bound) 07:5610:3612:3614:3616:3118:36
Royal Wootton Bassett The Steadings (NE-bound) 07:5610:3612:3614:3616:3118:36
Royal Wootton Bassett Swallows Mead (E-bound) 07:5810:3812:3814:3816:3318:38
Royal Wootton Bassett Garraways (NE-bound) 07:5910:3912:3914:3916:3418:39
Royal Wootton Bassett Sally Pussey (E-bound) 08:0010:4012:4014:4016:3518:40
Freshbrook Lydiard Fields Manor (E-bound) 08:0210:4212:4214:4216:3718:42
Freshbrook M4 Roundabout (E-bound) 08:0310:4312:4314:4316:3818:43
Blagrove Roundabout (E-bound) 08:0610:4612:4614:4616:4118:46
Mannington Roundabout (E-bound) 08:0910:4912:4914:4916:4418:49
Bridgemead Paddington Drive (NE-bound) 08:1010:5012:5014:5016:4518:50
Even Swindon Great Western Outlet Village (NE-bound) 08:1110:5112:5114:5116:4618:51
Swindon Dean Street (E-bound) 08:1210:5212:5214:5216:4618:51
Swindon Emlyn Square (NE-bound) 08:1310:5312:5314:5316:4718:52
Swindon Sheppard Street (NE-bound) 08:1310:5312:5314:5316:4818:53
Swindon Rail Station (NE-bound) 08:1410:5412:5414:5416:4918:54
Swindon Bus Station (Bay 18) 08:1610:5612:5614:5616:5018:55

Swindon - Royal Wootton Bassett - Malmesbury

Swindon Bus Station (Bay 18) 07:4510:0012:0514:0016:0018:00
Swindon Health Hydro (SW-bound) 07:4710:0212:0714:0216:0218:02
Swindon Birch Street (NW-bound) 07:4810:0312:0814:0316:0318:03
Swindon Dean Street (NW-bound) 07:4810:0312:0814:0316:0318:03
Even Swindon Great Western Outlet Village (SW-bound) 07:5010:0512:1014:0516:0518:05
Bridgemead Paddington Drive (SW-bound) 07:5110:0612:1114:0616:0618:06
Mannington Roundabout (W-bound) 07:5110:0612:1114:0616:0618:06
Blagrove Roundabout (W-bound) 07:5510:1012:1514:1016:1018:10
Freshbrook M4 Roundabout (W-bound) 07:5710:1112:1614:1116:1118:11
Freshbrook Lydiard Fields Manor (W-bound) 07:5810:1212:1714:1216:1218:12
Royal Wootton Bassett Sally Pussey (W-bound) 08:0010:1312:1814:1316:1318:13
Royal Wootton Bassett Garraways (SW-bound) 08:0110:1412:1914:1416:1418:14
Royal Wootton Bassett Swallows Mead (W-bound) 08:0310:1512:2014:1516:1518:15
Royal Wootton Bassett The Steadings (SW-bound) 08:0410:1612:2114:1616:1618:16
Royal Wootton Bassett Washbourne Road (SW-bound) 08:0510:1712:2214:1716:1718:17
Royal Wootton Bassett Glebe Road (NW-bound) 08:0710:1912:2414:1916:1918:19
Royal Wootton Bassett High Street (NE-bound) 08:0910:2112:2614:2116:2118:21
Royal Wootton Bassett, opp St Bartholemews 08:0910:2112:2614:2116:2118:21
Royal Wootton Bassett Maple Drive (NE-bound) 08:1010:2212:2714:2216:2218:22
Royal Wootton Bassett Prince of Wales (NW-bound) 08:1010:2212:2714:2216:2218:22
Ballard’s Ash, opp The Farm 08:1110:2312:2814:2316:2318:23
Callow Hill, adj Callows Cross 08:1610:2812:3314:2816:2818:28
Callow Hill Little Foxes Nursery (NW-bound) 08:1610:2812:3314:2816:2818:28
Brinkworth Minety Turn (W-bound) 08:1710:2912:3414:2916:2918:29
Brinkworth, opp Old Chapel 08:1810:3012:3514:3016:3018:30
Brinkworth Three Crowns (W-bound) 08:1910:3112:3614:3116:3118:31
Brinkworth, o/s The Causeway 08:1910:3112:3614:3116:3118:31
Brinkworth Charlton Turn (W-bound) 08:2110:3312:3814:3316:3318:33
Little Somerford Cleverton Turn (W-bound) 08:2410:3512:4014:3516:3518:35
Little Somerford Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 08:2610:3712:4214:3716:3718:37
Little Somerford Ashleigh (NW-bound) 08:2610:3712:4214:3716:3718:37
Lea Crescent (NW-bound) 08:2810:3912:4414:3916:3918:39
Malmesbury Cowbridge Mill (NW-bound) 08:3010:4112:4614:4116:4118:41
Malmesbury Cowbridge Crescent (NW-bound) 08:3010:4112:4614:4116:4118:41
Malmesbury Manor Cottages (NW-bound) 08:3010:4312:4814:4316:4318:42
Malmesbury Burton Hill (N-bound) 18:42
Malmesbury Tetbury Hill (NW-bound) 08:3518:48
Malmesbury William Stumpes Close (S-bound) 08:3518:49
Malmesbury, opp Co-Op Supermarket 08:3618:50
Malmesbury Willow View Close (W-bound) 08:3618:50
Malmesbury Alexander Mews (W-bound) 08:3718:51
Malmesbury Corn Gastons (SW-bound) 08:3818:51
Malmesbury School (NW-bound) 18:52
Malmesbury Dark Lane (E-bound) 08:4218:53
Malmesbury Burton Hill (N-bound) 10:4412:4914:4416:44
Malmesbury West Street (E-bound) 08:4518:53
Malmesbury Library (S-bound) 08:4918:54
Malmesbury Cross Hayes (W-bound) 08:5010:4712:5214:4716:4718:55
Sets down by request to driver only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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