31C - Burnham On Crouch - Latchingdon - Maldon - Chelmsford

A bus service operated by First Essex


Burnham On Crouch - Latchingdon - Maldon - Chelmsford

Steeple, o/s The Star 09:05
Steeple, opp Canney Road 09:06
Mayland Mill (opp) 09:11
Mayland Green (opp) 09:12
Maylandsea Princes Avenue (W-bound) 09:13
Maylandsea, opp Post Office 09:16
Mayland, opp The Drive 09:18
Latchingdon, opp School 09:23
Latchingdon, o/s The Red Lion 09:24
Latchingdon, opp Garage 09:24
Latchingdon, opp Mayfair Industrial Estate 09:25
Latchingdon, o/s St Andrew's Farm 09:25
Mundon A1 Corner (NW-bound) 09:26
Mundon Road Coal Yard (opp) 09:27
Mundon, o/s Victory Hall 09:28
Mundon, o/s Stud Farm 09:31
Maldon, opp The Cottages 09:33
Maldon, opp South House Chase 09:33
Maldon, opp Park Drive 09:34
Maldon, opp Rydal Drive 09:34
Maldon Mundon Road (N-bound) 09:35
Maldon Cups Corner (N-bound) 09:35
Maldon, o/s Lower Plume School 09:36
Maldon, opp Victoria Road 09:36
Maldon, opp The Swan Hotel 09:37
Maldon, o/s The White Horse 09:38
Maldon, o/s The White Horse 09:40
Maldon Does Corner (S-bound) 09:40
Maldon, opp St Peter's Hospital 09:40
Maldon, opp Queen Victoria 09:41
Maldon West Station (S-bound) 09:41
Maldon, o/s Fire Station 09:42
Maldon, o/s Morrisons Wycke Hill 09:42
Maldon Ben Cobey Ave (SW-bound) 09:42
Maldon, o/s Limebrook Farm 09:43
Woodham Mortimer, adj Lodge Road 09:44
Woodham Mortimer, opp Church 09:45
Woodham Mortimer, adj Rectory Lane 09:46
Woodham Mortimer, adj Post Office Road 09:47
Woodham Mortimer, opp Bryant's Lane 09:47
Woodham Mortimer Oak Corner (NW-bound) 09:48
Danbury, opp Runsell Green 09:51
Danbury, adj The Avenue 09:51
Danbury Eves Corner (NW-bound) 09:53
Danbury, opp The Griffin 09:53
Danbury, o/s The Spinney 09:54
Danbury, opp The Bell 09:54
Danbury Palace (o/s) 09:55
Sandon, adj Hulls Lane 09:56
Sandon, opp Old Boarding School 09:57
Sandon, adj Brick Kiln Road 09:59
Great Baddow, adj Molrams Lane 09:59
Great Baddow, opp Manor Farm Shop 10:00
Chelmsford Army & Navy (NW-bound) 10:06
Chelmsford Mildmay Car Park (Stop G) 10:07
Chelmsford Retail Market (Stop 1) 10:09
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 12) 10:09s
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 2) 10:10

Chelmsford - Maldon - Latchingdon - Burnham On Crouch

Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 2) 16:45
Chelmsford Cathedral (Stop Cb) 16:45
Chelmsford H & M (Stop Db) 16:46
Chelmsford Parkway (Stop Ea) 16:47
Chelmsford Army & Navy (SE-bound) 16:48
Great Baddow, o/s Manor Farm Shop 16:54
Great Baddow, opp Molrams Lane 16:55
Sandon, opp Brick Kiln Road 16:55
Sandon, o/s Old Boarding School 16:57
Sandon, opp Hulls Lane 16:58
Danbury Palace (opp) 16:59
Danbury, o/s The Bell 17:00
Danbury, adj The Memorial 17:01
Danbury, o/s The Griffin 17:01
Danbury Eves Corner (E-bound) 17:03
Danbury, opp The Avenue 17:03
Danbury, adj Runsell Green 17:04
Woodham Mortimer, o/s The Royal Oak 17:06
Woodham Mortimer Oak Corner (NE-bound) 17:07
Woodham Mortimer, opp Post Office Road 17:08
Woodham Mortimer, opp Rectory Lane 17:08
Woodham Mortimer, o/s Church 17:09
Woodham Mortimer, opp Lodge Road 17:10
Maldon, opp Limebrook Farm 17:11
Maldon, opp Ben Cobey Ave 17:12
Maldon, opp Morrisons Wycke Hill 17:13
Maldon, opp Fire Station 17:13
Maldon, adj Spital Road Flats 17:14
Maldon, o/s Queen Victoria 17:14
Maldon, o/s St Peter's Hospital 17:15
Maldon Does Corner (N-bound) 17:15
Maldon, o/s All Saints Church 17:16
Maldon, o/s The Swan Hotel 17:16
Maldon, opp Wantz Road 17:16
Maldon, adj Victoria Road 17:16
Maldon Prom Gates (o/s) 17:17
Maldon, opp Lower Plume School 17:17
Maldon Cups Corner (SE-bound) 17:17
Maldon Mundon Road (S-bound) 17:18
Maldon, adj Rydal Drive 17:18
Maldon, adj Park Drive 17:19
Maldon, adj South House Chase 17:19
Maldon, o/s The Cottages 17:20
Mundon, opp Stud Farm 17:21
Mundon, opp Victory Hall 17:24
Mundon Road Coal Yard (o/s) 17:25
Mundon A1 Corner (SE-bound) 17:26
Latchingdon, opp St Andrew's Farm 17:27
Latchingdon, o/s Mayfair Industrial Estate 17:27
Latchingdon, o/s Garage 17:28
Latchingdon, opp The Red Lion 17:29
Latchingdon, o/s School 17:29
Mayland, adj The Drive 17:35
Maylandsea, opp Post Office 17:39
Maylandsea Wembley Avenue (E-bound) 17:40
Mayland Green (adj) 17:41
Mayland Mill (o/s) 17:42
Steeple, adj Canney Road 17:46
Steeple, opp The Star 17:47

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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