32A - Cardiff - St Fagans via Canton Victoria Park & Fairwater Green

A bus service operated by Easyway of Pencoed


Following the announcement of a two week “circuit breaker” lockdown, timetables continue to change at short notice. Check the Traveline Cymru web page for details.


Monday to Friday

St Fagans - Cardiff via Canton Victoria Park & Fairwater Green

St Fagans Museum (Main Entrance) 09:3010:3011:3013:3014:3015:3016:30
St Fagans, nr Castle Hill Court 09:3010:3011:3013:3014:3015:3016:30
St Fagans, nr Church 09:3110:3111:3113:3114:3115:3116:31
Fairwater, after Forest View 09:3210:3211:3213:3214:3215:3216:32
Fairwater, before St Fagans Rise 08:3109:3310:3311:3313:3314:3315:3316:33
Fairwater, before Gorse Place 08:3109:3410:3411:3413:3414:3415:3416:34
Fairwater, before Everswell Rd 08:3209:3510:3511:3513:3514:3515:3516:35
The Fairwater (opp) 08:3409:3710:3711:3713:3714:3715:3716:37
Fairwater, before Llangattock Road 08:3409:3810:3811:3813:3814:3815:3816:38
Fairwater, after Norbury Road 08:3509:4010:3911:3913:3914:3915:3916:39
Fairwater, before Waungron Park Station 08:3609:4210:4011:4013:4014:4015:4016:40
Fairwater, after Waungron Road 08:3709:4410:4111:4113:4114:4115:4116:41
Canton, after Ely Bridge 08:3809:4610:4311:4313:4314:4315:4316:43
Canton, before Windway Road 08:3809:4810:4411:4413:4414:4415:4416:44
Victoria Park 2 (o/s) 08:4009:5110:4611:4613:4614:4615:4616:46
Canton, after Nesta Road 08:4009:5210:4711:4713:4714:4715:4716:47
Canton, before Clive Road 08:4109:5310:4811:4813:4814:4815:4816:48
Canton, o/s Radnor Court 08:4209:5410:4911:4913:4914:4915:4916:49
Canton Police Station (o/s former) 08:4409:5610:5111:5113:5114:5115:5116:51
Canton, before Albert Street 08:4509:5610:5211:5213:5214:5215:5216:52
Canton, before Wyndham Crescent 08:4609:5710:5311:5313:5314:5315:5316:54
Riverside, o/s St Davids Hospital 08:4809:5810:5511:5513:5514:5515:5516:57
Cardiff, o/s Westgate Street KN 08:5510:0211:0212:0214:0215:0216:0217:05

Cardiff - St Fagans via Canton Victoria Park & Fairwater Green

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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