33 - Margate - Broadstarirs

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Broadstarirs - Margate

Ramsgate Leopold Street (Stop C) 08:58then hourly until13:5815:0317:14
Ramsgate Harbour (Stop D) 08:5813:5815:0317:14
Ramsgate Wellington Crescent (NE-bound) 09:0014:0015:0517:16
Ramsgate, opp Granville Theatre 09:0114:0115:0617:17
Ramsgate, adj Truro Road 09:0214:0215:0717:18
Ramsgate Dumpton Park Drive (o/s 11) 09:0314:0315:0817:19
Dumpton, opp Winterstoke Way 09:0514:0515:1017:21
Dumpton, adj Wallwood Road 09:0514:0515:1017:21
Dumpton, adj Harebrook 09:0514:0515:1017:21
Dumpton, adj Warten Road 09:0614:0615:1117:22
Dumpton, opp Deer Park Nursing Home 09:0614:0615:1117:22
Dumpton, adj Lenham Close 09:0714:0715:1217:23
Dumpton, adj Hawkhurst Way 09:0714:0715:1217:23
Dumpton, adj Colburn Road 09:0814:0815:1317:24
Dumpton, opp Waldron Road 09:0914:0915:1417:25
Broadstairs, opp Palmerston Avenue 09:1014:1015:1517:26
Broadstairs Victoria Parade (N-bound) 09:1114:1115:1617:27
Broadstairs, opp Chandos Road 09:1114:1115:1617:27
Broadstairs, opp Baptist Church 09:1314:1315:1817:29
Broadstairs, adj Pierremont Hall 09:1414:1415:1916:2417:30
Broadstairs, before Lawn Road 09:1414:1416:2417:30
Broadstairs, opp Cumberland Avenue 09:1514:1516:2517:31
Broadstairs, before Stanley Road 09:1514:1516:2517:31
Broadstairs, adj Lindenthorpe Road 09:1614:1616:2617:32
Broadstairs, opp Rhodes Gardens 09:1614:1616:2617:32
Broadstairs, adj The Lanthorne 09:1614:1616:2617:32
St Peter's-in-Thanet School (opp) 09:1714:1716:2717:33
St Peter’s Grange Road (opp 1) 09:1814:1816:2817:34
St Peter’s, adj Grafton Road 09:1914:1916:2917:35
Kingsgate, opp Reading Street 09:1914:1916:2917:35
Kingsgate, opp College 09:2014:2016:3017:36
Kingsgate, opp The Nineteenth Hole 09:2314:2316:3317:39
Broadstairs, adj Maple Close 09:2314:2316:3317:39
Northdown Park, opp Cranbrook Close 09:2414:2416:3417:40
Northdown Park, adj Elmstone Gardens 09:2614:2616:3617:42
Northdown Park, opp Staplehurst Gardens 09:2614:2616:3617:42
Palm Bay Primary School (adj) 09:2814:2816:3817:44
Palm Bay, adj Leicester Avenue 09:2914:2916:3917:45
Palm Bay, adj Northumberland Avenue 09:2914:2916:3917:45
Cliftonville Eastern Esplanade (W-bound) 09:3114:3116:4117:47
Cliftonville, adj Surrey Road 09:3114:3116:4117:47
Cliftonville, adj Darwin Court 09:3114:3116:4117:47
Cliftonville Esplanade (W-bound) 09:3114:3116:4117:47
Cliftonville, opp The Lido 09:3214:3216:4217:48
Margate, opp Winter Gardens 09:3214:3216:4217:48
Margate, adj Trinity Square Surgery 09:3314:3316:4317:49
Margate Cecil Square (Stop H) 09:3714:3716:4717:53

Margate - Broadstarirs

Margate Cecil Square (Stop F) 09:29then hourly until14:2916:29
Margate, opp Trinity Square Surgery 09:3114:3116:31
Margate, adj Winter Gardens 09:3114:3116:31
Cliftonville, adj The Lido 09:3114:3116:31
Cliftonville, opp Dalby Square 09:3214:3216:32
Cliftonville, opp Edgar Road 09:3214:3216:32
Cliftonville Esplanade (E-bound) 09:3314:3316:33
Cliftonville, opp Surrey Road 09:3314:3316:33
Palm Bay, adj Bethesda Surgery 09:3414:3416:34
Palm Bay, opp Northumberland Avenue 09:3514:3516:35
Palm Bay, opp Leicester Avenue 09:3514:3516:35
Palm Bay Primary School (opp) 09:3614:3616:36
Northdown Park, opp Luckhurst Gardens 09:3714:3716:37
Northdown Park, adj Summerfield Road 09:3814:3816:38
Northdown Park, opp Hadlow Drive 09:3914:3916:39
Broadstairs, opp Maple Close 09:4014:4016:40
Kingsgate, adj The Nineteenth Hole 09:4114:4116:41
Kingsgate, opp Rosetower Court 09:4314:4316:43
Kingsgate, adj Reading Street 09:4414:4416:44
St Peter’s, opp Grafton Road 09:4514:4516:45
St Peter’s, adj Grange Road 09:4514:4516:45
St Peter's-in-Thanet School (adj) 09:4514:4516:45
St Peter’s, before Callis Court Road 09:4614:4616:46
Broadstairs, opp The Lanthorne 09:4614:4616:46
Broadstairs, adj Rhodes Gardens 09:4714:4716:47
Broadstairs Stanley Road (just after) 09:4714:4716:47
Broadstairs, adj Cumberland Avenue 09:4814:4816:48
Broadstairs Lawn Road (just after) 09:4914:4916:49
Broadstairs, opp Pierremont Hall 09:5014:5016:50
Broadstairs, adj Baptist Church 09:5014:5016:50
Broadstairs, adj Chandos Road 09:5114:5116:51
Broadstairs Victoria Parade (S-bound) 09:5214:5216:52
Broadstairs, adj Palmerston Avenue 09:5214:5216:52
Dumpton, adj Waldron Road 09:5314:5316:53
Dumpton, opp Colburn Road 09:5514:5516:55
Dumpton, opp Hawkhurst Way 09:5514:5516:55
Dumpton, opp Lenham Close 09:5514:5516:55
Dumpton, adj Deer Park Nursing Home 09:5614:5616:56
Dumpton, opp Harebrook 09:5614:5616:56
Dumpton, opp Wallwood Road 09:5714:5716:57
Dumpton, adj Winterstoke Way 09:5814:5816:58
Ramsgate Dumpton Park Drive (opp 5) 09:5914:5916:59
Ramsgate, opp Truro Road 09:5914:5916:59
Ramsgate, adj Granville Theatre 10:0115:0117:01
Ramsgate Wellington Crescent (S-bound) 10:0215:0217:02
Ramsgate Harbour (Stop E) 10:0415:0417:04
Ramsgate Leopold Street (Stop B) 10:0515:0517:05

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 28 October 2020

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