A bus service operated by Nitelink, Dublin Bus


Saturday to Sunday

Dublin City South, Westmoreland Street 00:00 01:30 02:30 04:00
Dublin, Lower Gardiner Street 00:01s 01:31s 02:31s 04:01s
Summerhill (Dublin City), Lower Gardiner Street 00:02s 01:32s 02:32s 04:02s
Summerhill (Dublin City), Mountjoy Square Park (opposite) 00:03s 01:33s 02:33s 04:03s
Dublin, Upper Gardiner Street 00:04s 01:34s 02:34s 04:04s
Ballybough Innisfallen Parade, stop 15 00:04s 01:34s 02:34s 04:04s
Dromcondra Drumcondra, Outside Train Station 00:05s 01:35s 02:35s 04:05s
Dromcondra Drumcondra, Lower Drumcondra Road 00:06s 01:36s 02:36s 04:06s
Dromcondra Drumcondra (Dublin), Saint Patrick's College 00:07s 01:37s 02:37s 04:07s
Dromcondra Drumcondra (Dublin), Homefarm Road 00:08s 01:38s 02:38s 04:08s
Drumcondra, Whitehall Garda Station 00:09s 01:39s 02:39s 04:09s
Whitehall, Highfield Hospital (opposite) 00:10s 01:40s 02:40s 04:10s
Whitehall, Swords Road 00:11 01:41 02:41 04:11
Whitehall (Dublin City), Swords Road 00:12s 01:42s 02:42s 04:12s
Whitehall, Swords Road 00:14s 01:44s 02:44s 04:14s
Santry, Omni Shopping Centre 00:15s 01:45s 02:45s 04:15s
Santry, Swords Road (Santry Avenue) 00:16s 01:46s 02:46s 04:16s
Santry, Morton Stadium 00:18s 01:48s 02:48s 04:18s
Santry, Northwood Plaza 00:19s 01:49s 02:49s 04:19s
Santry, Santry Business Park 00:20s 01:50s 02:50s 04:20s
Dublin Airport, Collinstown Business (opposite) 00:22s 01:52s 02:52s 04:22s
Dublin Airport, Dardistown Cemetery (opposite) 00:22s 01:52s 02:52s 04:22s
Dublin Airport, A.L.S.A.A. Sports Club (opposite) 00:24s 01:54s 02:54s 04:24s
Dublin Airport, The Radisson Hotel (opposite) 00:25s 01:55s 02:55s 04:25s
Dublin Airport 00:28 01:58 02:58 04:28
Dublin Airport, Dublin Airport Roundabout 00:30s 02:00s 03:00s 04:30s
Dublin Airport, Swords Road 00:31s 02:01s 03:01s 04:31s
Rathingle Dublin Road 00:35s 02:05s 03:05s 04:35s
Rathingle, Dublin Road (Boroimhe) 00:37s 02:07s 03:07s 04:37s
Swords, Cholaiste Choilm 00:40s 02:10s 03:10s 04:40s
Swords, Main Street Swords 00:43 02:13 03:13 04:43
Swords, Seatown Road 00:43s 02:13s 03:13s 04:43s
Swords, Seatown Roundabout 00:43s 02:13s 03:13s 04:43s
Swords, Seatown West 00:45s 02:13s 03:15s 04:45s
Jamestown, Ennis Lane 00:45s 02:13s 03:15s 04:45s
Jamestown, Hearse Road 00:47s 02:13s 03:17s 04:47s
Jamestown, Drogheda Road (M1 Motorway) 00:49s 02:13s 03:19s 04:49s
Turvey, Drimnagh Road(Turvey Road) 00:49s 02:13 03:19s 04:49s
Turvey, Newhaggard Bridge 00:51s 03:21s 04:51s
Turvey, Lusk Road (Balleally Lane) 00:51s 03:21s 04:51s
Lusk, Corduff Common (opposite) 00:52s 03:22s 04:52s
Turvey, Lusk Road 00:53s 03:23s 04:53s
Lusk, Bridetree (opposite) 00:53s 03:23s 04:53s
Lusk, Carrige House (opposite) 00:54s 03:24s 04:54s
Lusk, Bellearly Lane (opposite) 00:55s 03:25s 04:55s
Lusk, Racecourse Common (opposite) 00:55s 03:25s 04:55s
Lusk, Station Road (Dublin Road) 00:56s 03:26s 04:56s
Lusk, Station Road (Rathmore Road) (opposite) 00:56s 03:26s 04:56s
Lusk, Lusk House (opposite) 00:57s 03:27s 04:57s
Lusk, Outside Train Station 00:58s 03:28s 04:58s
Rush, Lusk Road (Bishop Land) 00:59s 03:29s 04:59s
Rush, Lusk Road 01:00s 03:30s 05:00s
Rush, Lusk Road 01:00s 03:30s 05:00s
Rush, junction Spout Road (after) 01:00s 03:30s 05:00s
Rush, Whitestown Cemetery (opposite) 01:01s 03:31s 05:01s
Rush, Whitestown Road (Old Road) 01:01s 03:31s 05:01s
Rush, Doctor's Lane 01:02s 03:32s 05:02s
Rush, Chapel Green 01:02s 03:32s 05:02s
Rush, The Millbank 01:03s 03:33s 05:03s
Rush, Main St Upper Rush 01:03s 03:33s 05:03s
Rush, Skerries Road (Hands Lane) 01:04s 03:34s 05:04s
Rush, Skerries Road Rush 01:04s 03:34s 05:04s
Rush, Skerries Road (Five Lanes) 01:06s 03:36s 05:06s
Rush, Clifflands Estate (opposite) 01:07s 03:37s 05:07s
Ballykea, Lambay View (opposite) 01:07s 03:37s 05:07s
Ballykea, Loughshinny (Rush Road) 01:08s 03:38s 05:08s
Ballykea, Skerries Road 01:09s 03:39s 05:09s
Ballykea, Curkeen Lane Water Works (opposite) 01:10s 03:40s 05:10s
Skerries, Pierstown Lane 01:10s 03:40s 05:10s
Skerries, Hacketstown Cottages 01:11s 03:41s 05:11s
Skerries, Hacketstown Park (opposite) 01:12s 03:42s 05:12s
Skerries, Holmpatrick(Shenick Road) (opposite) 01:12s 03:42s 05:12s
Skerries, Holmpatrick (Rugby Club) 01:13s 03:43s 05:13s
Skerries, Holmpatrick (Miller's Lane) (opposite) 01:13s 03:43s 05:13s
Skerries, Strand Street (Monument) 01:14s 03:44s 05:14s
Skerries, Thomas Hand Street 01:15s 03:45s 05:15s
Skerries, Dublin Road (Community Centre) 01:15s 03:45s 05:15s
Skerries, Ballast Pit (near) 01:16s 03:46s 05:16s
Skerries, Selskar Road (opposite) 01:16s 03:46s 05:16s
Skerries, Selskar Court 01:17s 03:47s 05:17s
Skerries, Kellys Bay (Mourne Drive) (opposite) 01:17s 03:47s 05:17s
Skerries, Northcliffe Heights 01:17s 03:47s 05:17s
Skerries, Kelly's Bay Parade (opposite) 01:20s 03:50s 05:20s
Balbriggan, Ardgillan Demesne 01:21s 03:51s 05:21s
Balbriggan, Derham Park (opposite) 01:24s 03:54s 05:24s
Balbriggan, Craoibhin Park (opposite) 01:25s 03:55s 05:25s
Balbriggan, Pump Lane (opposite) 01:25s 03:55s 05:25s
Balbriggan, Church (outside) 01:26 03:56 05:26

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 21 June 2022

Nitelink, Dublin Bus