348 - Carrbrook - Ashton

A bus service operated by First Greater Manchester


Carrbrook - Ashton

Carrbrook, opp Castle Lane 06:0006:3007:00then every 15 minutes until18:1518:41then hourly until22:41
Carrbrook, nr Buckton Vale Road 06:0006:3007:0018:1518:4122:41
Carrbrook, opp Moorgate Road 06:0106:3107:0118:1618:4122:41
Buckton Vale, opp Buckton Castle 06:0206:3207:0218:1718:4222:42
Buckton Vale, o/s First Avenue 06:0206:3207:0218:1718:4222:42
Millbrook, o/s St Raphael's Church 06:0306:3307:0318:1818:4322:43
Millbrook, nr Shakespeare Avenue 06:0406:3407:0418:1918:4422:44
Millbrook (at) 06:0406:3407:0418:1918:4422:44
Millbrook, nr Parkfields 06:0506:3507:0518:2018:4522:45
Brushes Road (nr) 06:0606:3607:0618:2118:4522:45
Brushes Road (E-bound) 18:4522:45
Brushes Road (SE-bound) 18:4522:45
Brushes Poplars Road (NW-bound) 18:4722:47
Brushes Elms Road (SW-bound) 18:4822:48
Brushes, opp Crantock Drive 18:4922:49
The Copley Centre (o/s) 06:0706:3707:0718:2218:5022:50
Copley, nr Huddersfield Road 06:0806:3807:0818:2318:5122:51
Copley Avenue (opp) 06:0906:3907:0918:2418:5222:52
Copley, o/s Wild Bank School 06:1106:4107:1118:2618:5322:53
Stalybridge, opp Illingworth Avenue 06:1306:4307:1318:2818:5322:53
Stalybridge, nr Taylor Street 06:1506:4507:1518:3018:5422:54
Stalybridge, o/s The Organ 06:1606:4607:1618:3118:5522:55
Stalybridge Park Street (Stop F) 06:1606:4607:1618:3118:5522:55
Stalybridge Armentieres Square (Stop B) 06:1806:4807:1818:3318:5622:56
Stalybridge, nr Market Street 06:1806:4807:1818:3318:5622:56
Stalybridge Bus Station (Stop C) 06:2006:5007:2018:3518:5722:57
Stalybridge Station (Stop E) 06:2106:5107:2118:3618:5722:57
Stalybridge, o/s Thompson Cross 06:2206:5207:2218:3718:5822:58
Stamford Park, opp Astley Road 06:2306:5307:2318:3818:5922:59
Stamford Park (Stop E) 06:2306:5307:2318:3818:5922:59
Cockbrook Stamford Street (Stop C) 06:2506:5507:2518:4019:0023:00
Cockbrook, nr Cobden Street 06:2506:5507:2518:4019:0023:00
Ashton-under-Lyne, nr Swan Street 06:2906:5907:2918:4419:0323:03
Ashton-under-Lyne Ashton Interchange (Arrivals) 06:3207:0207:3218:4719:0523:05

Ashton - Carrbrook

Ashton-under-Lyne Ashton Interchange (Stand J) 06:5507:25then every 15 minutes until18:4019:10then hourly until23:10
Ashton-under-Lyne, nr Penny Meadow 06:5707:2718:4219:1223:12
Cockbrook, nr Shaw Street 06:5907:2918:4419:1323:13
Cockbrook, opp Granville Street 07:0007:3018:4519:1423:14
Stamford Park (Stop D) 07:0207:3218:4719:1523:15
Stamford Park, nr Astley Road 07:0307:3318:4819:1523:15
Stalybridge, opp Thompson Cross 07:0407:3418:4919:1623:16
Stalybridge Station (Stop F) 07:0407:3418:4919:1723:17
Stalybridge Bus Station (Stop B) 07:0607:3618:5119:1823:18
Stalybridge, nr Market Street 07:0607:3618:5119:1823:18
Stalybridge Armentieres Square (Stop C) 07:0807:3818:5319:1923:19
Stalybridge Park Street (Stop E) 07:0807:3818:5319:2023:20
Stalybridge, nr Stocks Lane 07:0907:3918:5419:2123:21
Stalybridge, nr Hawke Street 07:1007:4018:5519:2123:21
Stalybridge, nr Illingworth Avenue 07:1107:4118:5619:2223:22
Copley, opp Wild Bank School 07:1307:4318:5819:2423:24
Copley, nr Demesne Drive 07:1507:4519:0019:2523:25
Copley Avenue (nr) 07:1607:4619:0119:2623:26
Copley, opp Demesne Drive 07:1607:4619:0119:2623:26
The Copley Centre (opp) 07:1707:4719:0219:2723:27
Brushes Road (opp) 07:1707:4719:0219:2723:27
Brushes Road (E-bound) 19:2723:27
Brushes Road (SE-bound) 19:2723:27
Brushes Poplars Road (NW-bound) 19:2923:29
Brushes Elms Road (SW-bound) 19:3023:30
Brushes, opp Crantock Drive 19:3123:31
Millbrook, opp Parkfields 07:1807:4819:0319:3223:32
Millbrook, nr Cross Street 07:1907:4919:0419:3423:34
Millbrook, opp St Raphael's Church 07:2007:5019:0519:3423:34
Millbrook, opp Buckton Drive 07:2007:5019:0519:3523:35
Buckton Vale, opp Second Avenue 07:2107:5119:0619:3523:35
Buckton Vale, o/s Post Office 07:2207:5219:0719:3623:36
Carrbrook, opp South View 07:2307:5319:0819:3723:37
Carrbrook, opp Long Row 07:2307:5319:0819:3823:38
Carrbrook, opp Castle Lane 07:2507:5519:1019:3923:39

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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