35 - Ross on Wye - Monmouth

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West

Ross-on-Wye Cantilupe Road - Monmouth Bus Station

Ross-on-Wye Cantilupe Road (Stand 3) 09:3014:2017:25
Ross-on-Wye, adj St Frances Church 09:3114:2217:27
Ross-on-Wye, adj Prince of Wales PH 09:3214:2317:28
Archenfield Palmerston Road (SW-bound) 09:3314:2417:29
Archenfield, adj Firs Road 09:3314:2517:30
Archenfield, opp Lincoln Close 09:3414:2517:30
Archenfield, opp Watling Street 09:3414:2617:31
Archenfield, adj Duxmere Drive 09:3514:2617:31
Tudorville, adj Duxmere Drive 09:3514:2717:32
Tudorville, adj Post Office 09:3614:2717:32
Tudorville Walford Road (SW-bound) 09:3614:2717:32
Coughton, adj Purland Chase 09:3714:2817:33
Coughton Corner (SW-bound) 09:3914:3017:35
Walford, adj Primary School 09:3914:3117:36
Walford Church (S-bound) 09:4014:3217:37
Walford, opp Mill Race 09:4114:3317:38
Walford, opp Saw Mills 09:4214:3417:39
Kerne Bridge, opp Goodrich Turn 09:4314:3517:40
Kerne Bridge, opp Bus Shelter 09:4314:3517:40
Kerne Bridge, adj Hazelhurst 09:4414:3617:41
Kerne Bridge, adj Riverview 09:4514:3717:42
Kerne Bridge, adj Bishopswood Leigh 09:4514:3717:42
Lower Lydbrook, by Ruardean Turn 09:4714:3917:44
Ruardean, opp Cinderhill Way 09:5114:4317:48
Ruardean, in The Square 06:5509:5111:4214:4317:48
Ruardean, nr The Maltings 06:5609:5211:4314:4417:49
Ruardean, before The Pludds Turn 06:5609:5211:4314:4417:49
Joy’s Green, opp Cidermill 06:5709:5311:4414:4517:50
Joy’s Green, by Recreation Ground 11:46
Joy’s Green, opp Forge Hill Turn 06:5909:5514:4717:52
Joy’s Green, nr Rocks Road 11:47
Upper Lydbrook, opp Church View 07:0009:5611:4814:4817:53
Upper Lydbrook, by Holy Jesus Church 07:0109:5711:4914:4917:54
Upper Lydbrook, by Recreation Ground 07:0109:5711:5014:4917:54
Upper Lydbrook, after Jovial Colliers Inn 07:0209:5811:5014:5017:55
Lower Lydbrook, opp British Legion Club 07:0309:5911:5114:5117:56
Lower Lydbrook, opp Anchor Inn 07:0309:5911:5114:5117:56
Lower Lydbrook, by Baptist Church 07:0410:0011:5214:5217:57
Lower Lydbrook, nr Mill Row 07:0510:0111:5314:5317:58
Lower Lydbrook, opp Forge Hammer 07:0510:0111:5314:5317:58
Lower Lydbrook, opp Park 07:0510:0111:5314:5317:58
Stowfield, nr Royds 07:0610:0211:5414:5417:59
Stowfield, before Business Park 07:0610:0211:5514:5417:59
English Bicknor, opp St Mary's Church 07:1010:0512:0014:5718:02
English Bicknor, opp Larksfield 07:1110:0612:0114:5818:03
English Bicknor, opp Smithy Close 07:1110:0612:0114:5918:03
English Bicknor, opp Folly Lane 07:1310:0812:0315:0218:05
Shortstanding, opp The New Inn 07:1510:1012:0515:0518:07
Christchurch, by Church 07:1610:1112:0615:0618:08
Christchurch, nr Crossroads 07:1610:1112:0615:0618:08
Berry Hill, o/s Globe Inn 07:1710:1212:0715:0818:09
Berry Hill, before Lakers Road 07:1710:1212:0715:0818:09
Five Acres, opp Glencarn Place 07:1810:1312:0815:0918:10
Five Acres High School (inside) 15:10
Five Acres, o/s Garage 07:1810:1312:0815:1318:10
Mile End, before Forest Road 07:1910:1412:0915:1518:11
Mile End, before Wood Road 07:2010:1512:1015:1618:12
Broadwell, opp Bird-in-hand 07:2110:1612:1115:1718:13
Broadwell, after Church Walk 07:2110:1612:1115:1818:13
Broadwell, after Bridge 07:2210:1712:1215:1818:14
Broadwell, by Football Ground 07:2210:1712:1215:1818:14
Broadwell, by Queensway 07:2210:1712:1215:1918:14
Coalway, opp Eskimarket 07:2310:1812:1315:2018:15
Coalway, opp Junior School 07:24
Coalway, opp Gibsons 10:1912:1415:2118:16
Coleford, by Bells Club and Hotel 07:27
Palmers Flat, in Edenwall 10:1912:1415:2118:16
Coleford, by Old Vicarage Court 07:28
Milkwall, by Gorsty Knoll 10:2112:1615:2318:18
Coleford, opp Police Station 07:29
Milkwall, o/s Bus Garage 10:2212:1715:2418:19
Milkwall, opp The Corner Store 10:2312:1815:2518:20
Milkwall, after Ruffet Close 10:2512:2015:2718:21
Milkwall, nr Tufthorn Industrial Estate 10:2612:2115:2818:22
High Nash, nr Rock Lane 10:2712:2215:2918:23
High Nash, before Mushet Place 10:2812:2315:3018:24
Coleford, opp Fire Station 10:2912:2415:3118:24
Coleford, nr Council Offices 10:3012:2515:3218:25
Coleford Angel Hotel (Stop 1) 07:3010:3012:2515:3218:25
Coleford, after Fire Station 07:32
Coleford, opp Dora Matthews House 10:3012:2515:3218:25
High Nash, opp Mushet Place 07:32
Crossways, by Blakes Way 10:3112:2615:3318:26
High Nash, by Rock Lane 07:33
Crossways, o/s Greenmoors 10:3212:2715:3418:27
Milkwall, by Tufthorn Industrial Estate 07:34
Staunton, nr All Saints' Church 10:3612:3115:3818:31
Milkwall, before Ruffet Close 07:35
Staunton, by White Horse Inn 10:3712:3215:3918:32
Milkwall, by The Corner Store 07:37
May Hill, after Kymin Road 10:4212:3715:4518:37
Milkwall, after St James Caravan Park 07:38
May Hill, opp Firs 10:4412:3918:39
Ellwood Cross (before) 07:39
May Hill, after Mayhill Hotel 10:4512:4018:40
Sling, o/s Club 07:41
Monmouth School (o/s) 10:4612:4118:41
Sling, after Clays Road 07:42
Monmouth, before Rolls Hall 10:4712:4218:42
Sling, by Orepool Inn 07:42
Monmouth, at Agincourt Square 10:4912:4418:44
Stowe Green, nr Shop House Farm 07:44
Monmouth Bus Station Stand 1 (at) 10:5012:4518:45
Clearwell, by St Peter's Church 07:46
Clearwell, opp Tannery Gardens 07:47
Clearwell Margery Lane (corner of) 07:47
Clearwell, by Council Villas 07:48
Newland, after Laundry Lane School Stop 07:50
Newland, o/s All Saints' Church 07:51
Newland, opp Oakdale 07:52
Newland, by Cherry Orchard Farm 07:53
Redbrook turn (by) 08:00
Wyesham Turn (before) 08:05
May Hill, before Mayhill Hotel 08:06
May Hill, o/s Firs 08:07
May Hill, after Kymin Road 08:08

May Hill Kymin Road - Ross-on-Wye Cantilupe Road

Monmouth Bus Station Stand 1 (at) 10:5512:5018:50
May Hill, after Kymin Road 15:45
May Hill, before Mayhill Hotel 11:0112:5618:56
May Hill, opp Firs 15:46
May Hill, o/s Firs 11:0212:5718:57
Wyesham Turn (after) 15:49
May Hill, after Kymin Road 08:0811:0312:5818:58
Redbrook turn (nr) 15:55
Staunton, opp White Horse Inn 08:1511:1013:0519:05
Newland, opp Cherry Orchard Farm 16:02
Staunton, by All Saints' Church 08:1611:1113:0619:06
Newland, by Oakdale 16:03
Berry Hill, on Highfield 08:22
Crossways, opp Greenmoors 11:1713:1219:10
Newland, opp All Saints' Church 16:04
Berry Hill, after The Pikehouse 08:22
Crossways, opp Blakes Way 11:1813:1319:11
Newland, before Laundry Lane School Stop 16:05
Five Acres High School (inside) 08:25
Newland, opp Scatterford Farm 16:07
Five Acres, opp Royal Forest of Dean College 08:26
Clearwell, opp Council Villas 16:08
Five Acres, opp Gamekeepers Inn 08:27
Clearwell, opp Margery Lane 16:09
Berry Hill, by Petrol Station 08:28
Clearwell, o/s Tannery Gardens 16:09
Berry Hill, before The Pikehouse 08:29
Clearwell, before St Peter's Church 16:10
Coleford, o/s The Alms 08:31
Stowe Green, opp Shop House Farm 16:12
Coleford, before Lark Rise 08:31
Sling, opp Orepool Inn 16:14
Coleford, before The Coombs 08:32
Sling, opp Clays Road 16:14
Coleford, by Sunnybank 08:33
Sling, opp Club 16:15
Coleford, o/s Bank House 08:3411:1913:1419:12
Sling, nr Crossroads 16:15
Ellwood Cross (after) 16:17
Milkwall, before St James Caravan Park 16:18
Milkwall, opp The Corner Store 16:20
Milkwall, after Ruffet Close 16:21
Milkwall, nr Tufthorn Industrial Estate 16:22
High Nash, nr Rock Lane 16:23
High Nash, before Mushet Place 16:24
Coleford, opp Fire Station 16:24
Coleford, nr Council Offices 16:25
Coleford Angel Hotel (Stop 1) 08:3511:2013:1516:2519:13
Coleford, opp The Crescent 08:36
Coleford, by Police Station 16:26
Coleford, after Fire Station 11:2113:1619:14
Coleford, before Foot of Bakers Hill 08:36
Coleford, opp Old Vicarage Court 16:26
High Nash, opp Mushet Place 11:2113:1619:14
Mile End Crossroads (nr) 08:38
Coleford, opp Bells Club and Hotel 16:27
High Nash, by Rock Lane 11:2213:1719:15
Coalway, o/s Junior School 16:30
Milkwall, by Tufthorn Industrial Estate 11:2313:1819:16
Milkwall, before Ruffet Close 11:2413:1919:16
Milkwall, by The Corner Store 11:2513:2019:17
Milkwall, opp Bus Garage 11:2613:2119:18
Milkwall, nr Gorsty Knoll 11:2713:22
Palmers Flat, on Edenwall 11:2813:23
Coalway, o/s Gibsons 11:2913:24
Coalway, o/s Eskimarket 11:3013:2516:30
Broadwell, nr Queensway 11:3113:2616:31
Broadwell, nr Football Ground 11:3113:2616:31
Broadwell, before Bridge 11:3113:2616:31
Broadwell, o/s Memorial Hall 11:3213:2716:32
Broadwell, before Bird-in-hand 11:3213:2716:32
Mile End, after Wood Road 11:3313:2816:33
Mile End, nr Forest Road 08:3811:3413:2916:34
Five Acres, opp Garage 08:3911:3513:3016:35
Five Acres, o/s Glencarn Place 08:3911:3513:3016:35
Berry Hill, opp Lakers Road 08:4011:3613:3116:36
Berry Hill, opp Globe Inn 08:4011:3613:3116:36
Christchurch, by Crossroads 08:4111:3713:3216:37
Christchurch, opp Church 08:4111:3713:3216:37
Shortstanding, before The New Inn 08:4211:3813:3316:38
English Bicknor, by Folly Lane 08:4411:4013:3516:40
English Bicknor Smithy Close (corner of) 08:4611:4213:3716:42
English Bicknor, nr St Mary's Church 08:4711:4313:3816:43
Stowfield, after Business Park 08:5111:4713:4216:47
Stowfield, opp Royds 08:5111:4713:4216:47
Lower Lydbrook, by Park 08:5211:4813:4316:48
Lower Lydbrook, by Forge Hammer 08:5211:4813:4316:48
Lower Lydbrook, by Mill Row 08:5211:4813:4316:48
Lower Lydbrook, opp Baptist Church 08:5311:4913:4416:49
Lower Lydbrook, o/s Anchor Inn 08:5411:5013:4516:50
Lower Lydbrook, o/s British Legion Club 08:5511:5013:4516:50
Upper Lydbrook, opp Jovial Colliers Inn 08:5611:5113:4616:51
Upper Lydbrook, nr Recreation Ground 08:5611:5213:4716:52
Upper Lydbrook, opp Holy Jesus Church 08:5711:5213:4716:52
Upper Lydbrook, by Church View 08:5811:5313:4816:53
Joy’s Green, by Recreation Ground 08:5911:5413:4916:54
Joy’s Green, by Cidermill 09:0111:5613:5116:56
Ruardean, opp The Pludds Turn 09:0211:5713:5216:57
Ruardean, before The Maltings 09:0211:5713:5216:57
Ruardean, opp The Square 09:0311:5813:5316:58
Ruardean, by Cinderhill Way 09:0311:5813:5316:58
Lower Lydbrook, opp Ruardean Turn 09:0712:0213:5717:01
Kerne Bridge, opp Bishopswood Leigh 09:0812:0313:5817:02
Kerne Bridge, opp Riverview 09:0912:0413:5917:03
Kerne Bridge, opp Hazelhurst 09:0912:0413:5917:03
Kerne Bridge, adj Bus Shelter 09:1012:0514:0017:04
Kerne Bridge, adj Goodrich Turn 09:1012:0514:0017:04
Walford, adj Saw Mills 09:1112:0614:0117:05
Walford, adj Mill Race 09:1212:0714:0217:06
Walford Church (NE-bound) 09:1312:0814:0317:07
Walford, opp Primary School 09:1412:0914:0417:08
Coughton Corner (NE-bound) 09:1512:1014:0517:09
Coughton, opp Purland Chase 09:1612:1114:0617:10
Tudorville Walford Road (N-bound) 09:1712:1214:0717:11
Tudorville, opp Post Office 09:1712:1214:0717:11
Archenfield, opp Duxmere Drive 09:1812:1314:0817:12
Archenfield, adj Watling Street 09:1912:1414:0917:13
Archenfield, adj Lincoln Close 09:1912:1414:0917:13
Archenfield, opp Firs Road 09:2012:1514:1017:14
Archenfield Palmerston Road (NE-bound) 09:2012:1514:1017:14
Ross-on-Wye, opp Prince of Wales PH 09:2112:1614:1117:15
Ross-on-Wye, opp St Frances Church 09:2212:1714:1217:16
Ross-on-Wye Station Street (E-bound) 09:2412:1914:1417:18
Ross-on-Wye Cantilupe Road (Stand 3) 09:2512:2014:1517:19

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