36A - Chelmsford - South Woodham via Great Baddow, Danbury, Bicknacre and Inchbonnie Road (SWF)

A bus service operated by First Essex


Chelmsford - South Woodham

Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 2) 13:50
Chelmsford Cathedral (Stop Cb) 13:52
Chelmsford H & M (Stop Db) 13:54
Chelmsford Parkway (Stop Ea) 13:55
Chelmsford Army & Navy (SE-bound) 13:56
Great Baddow, adj Meadgate Avenue 13:58
Great Baddow, opp The Beehive 13:59
Great Baddow, adj Longfield Road 14:01
Great Baddow, opp The Blue Lion 14:02
Great Baddow, o/s The Kings Head 14:03
Great Baddow, o/s Manor Farm Shop 14:04
Great Baddow, opp Molrams Lane 14:04
Sandon, opp Brick Kiln Road 14:05
Sandon, o/s Old Boarding School 14:06
Sandon, opp Hulls Lane 14:07
Danbury Palace (opp) 14:08
Danbury, o/s The Bell 14:09
Danbury, adj The Memorial 14:10
Danbury, o/s The Griffin 14:10
Danbury Eves Corner (SW-bound) 14:12
Danbury, adj The Common 14:13
Bicknacre, opp Moor Hall Lane 14:15
Bicknacre, adj Peartree Lane 14:16
Bicknacre, adj The White Swan 14:17
Bicknacre, opp Brewers Arms 14:18
Bicknacre, o/s Thrift Wood 14:18
Woodham Ferrers, adj Woodham Hall 14:19
Woodham Ferrers, opp Lodge Road 14:20
Woodham Ferrers, o/s Village Hall 14:20
Woodham Ferrers, opp Ormonds Crescent 14:21
Woodham Ferrers, o/s The Bell 14:22
Woodham Ferrers, adj Edwin's Hall Rd 14:22
S Woodham Ferrers, o/s Medical Centre 14:24
S Woodham Ferrers, opp Railway Station 14:26
S Woodham Ferrers, opp Champions Manor Hall 14:26
S Woodham Ferrers, opp Mount Pleasant Road 14:27
S Woodham Ferrers, adj Gandalfs Ride 14:30
S Woodham Ferrers Broughton Road (E-bound) 14:33
S Woodham Ferrers, adj Collingwood Road 14:33
S Woodham Ferrers Creekview Road (N-bound) 14:35
S Woodham Ferrers, o/s Asda Store 14:37

South Woodham - Chelmsford

S Woodham Ferrers, o/s Asda Store 15:16
S Woodham Ferrers Creekview Road (S-bound) 15:17
S Woodham Ferrers, opp Collingwood Road 15:18
S Woodham Ferrers Broughton Road (W-bound) 15:19
S Woodham Ferrers, o/s Gandalfs Ride 15:22
S Woodham Ferrers Albert Road (E-bound) 15:24
S Woodham Ferrers, adj Mount Pleasant Road 15:25
S Woodham Ferrers, o/s Champions Manor Hall 15:25
S Woodham Ferrers, o/s Railway Station 15:27
S Woodham Ferrers, opp Medical Centre 15:27
Woodham Ferrers, opp Edwin's Hall Rd 15:30
Woodham Ferrers, opp The Bell 15:31
Woodham Ferrers, adj Ormonds Crescent 15:31
Woodham Ferrers, opp Village Hall 15:32
Woodham Ferrers, adj Lodge Road 15:33
Woodham Ferrers, opp Woodham Hall 15:34
Bicknacre, opp Thrift Wood 15:34
Bicknacre, o/s Brewers Arms 15:35
Bicknacre, opp The White Swan 15:37
Bicknacre, opp Peartree Lane 15:37
Bicknacre, adj Moor Hall Lane 15:38
Danbury, opp The Common 15:40
Danbury Eves Corner (NW-bound) 15:42
Danbury, opp The Griffin 15:42
Danbury, o/s The Spinney 15:43
Danbury, opp The Bell 15:44
Danbury Palace (o/s) 15:45
Sandon, adj Hulls Lane 15:46
Sandon, opp Old Boarding School 15:47
Sandon, adj Brick Kiln Road 15:48
Great Baddow, adj Molrams Lane 15:49
Great Baddow, opp Manor Farm Shop 15:49
Great Baddow, opp The Kings Head 15:50
Great Baddow, o/s The Blue Lion 15:52
Great Baddow, adj Chelmerton Avenue 15:53
Great Baddow, adj The Beehive 15:55
Great Baddow, opp Meadgate Avenue 15:57
Chelmsford Army & Navy (NW-bound) 15:59
Chelmsford Mildmay Car Park (Stop G) 16:01
Chelmsford Retail Market (Stop 1) 16:04
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 12) 16:05
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 2) 16:07

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