36C - Whitfield - Ninewells Hospital

A bus service operated by Xplore Dundee


Monday to Friday

Whitfield, at The Crescent 05:25
Whitfield Rise (opp) 05:26
Whitfield, nr Murrayfield Drive 05:27
Fintry, opp Finmore Place 05:28
Fintry, opp Findchapel Place 05:28
Mains of Fintry Church (at) 05:29
Fintry, opp Findhorn Place East 05:29
Fintry, opp Findhorn Place West 05:29
Claverhouse, opp Mill O Mains 05:30
Claverhouse, at Forfar Road 05:31
Claverhouse, at Foula Terrace 05:32
Claverhouse, at Lewis Terrace 05:33
Claverhouse, at Mull Terrace 05:34
Claverhouse, at Eriskay Drive 05:35
Pitkerro, at Fintry Road 05:36
Pitkerro drive (opp) 05:36
Pitkerro, at Riddel Terrace 05:38
Pitkerro, nr Birks Terrace 05:38
Pitkerro Road (at) 05:39
Pitkerro, at Craighill Court 05:40
Pitkerro, at Kingennie Court 05:40
Stobswell, at Rennel Road 05:42
Stobswell, at Wortley Place 05:43
Stobswell, opp Morgan Academy 05:44
Stobswell (at) 05:45
Stobswell, at Park Avenue 05:45
Eastport, at Graham Place 05:46
Eastport, opp Weavers Yard 05:47
Eastport, nr Wishart Centre 05:48
Dundee, at Sinatras 05:49
Dundee Seagate (stop 1) 05:49
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 1) 05:50
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 05:52
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 1) 05:53
Dundee Nethergate (Stop 1) 05:53
Dundee, at Queens Hotel 05:54
W End, opp Airlie Place 05:54
W End, nr Mcvicars Lane 05:55
W End, at Seafield Lane 05:56
W End, nr Step Row 05:56
Riverside, nr Windsor Street 05:57
Riverside, opp Hyndford Street 05:58
Riverside, opp Grosvenor Road 05:59
Riverside, opp Farington Terrace 06:00
Riverside, opp Farington Street 06:00
W End, at Carseview Gardens 06:01
Riverside, opp Elliot Road 06:02
Balgay Cemetry (opp) 06:02
Menzieshill, opp The Shand 06:03
Menzieshill, opp Dochart Terrace 06:04
Menzieshill, at Servite House 06:04
Menzieshill, opp Orrin Place 06:05
Menzieshill, at Gowrie Court 06:06
Ninewells, opp Thurso Crescent 06:07
Ninewells Hospital (Stance B) 06:08

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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