371L - Leysdown - Sittingbourne

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Leysdown - Eastchurch - Minster - Thistle Hill - The Sittingbourne School

Leysdown, at Bus Terminus 07:01
Leysdown, opp Nutts Avenue 07:01
Leysdown, o/s Shops 07:02
Leysdown, adj Vanity Holiday Park 07:02
Leysdown, opp Warden Bay Road 07:03
Leysdown, opp Isle of Sheppey Holiday Village 07:03
Warden, o/s Oasis Stores 07:06
Leysdown, adj Isle of Sheppey Holiday Village 07:07
Leysdown, opp The Bay View 07:09
Leysdown, opp Danes Drive 07:09
Eastchurch, adj Harty Ferry Road 07:10
Eastchurch, adj Jenkins Hill 07:12
Eastchurch Rowetts Way Layby (W-bound) 07:14
Eastchurch Prisons, adj Fire Station 07:16
Eastchurch, adj Anne Boleyn Close 07:18
Eastchurch, adj Squires Court 07:19
Eastchurch High Street (W-bound) 07:22
Eastchurch White Post Corner (W-bound) 07:22
Eastchurch, opp Court Tree Drive 07:24
Eastchurch Norwood Corner (NW-bound) 07:24
Minster, adj Chequers Water Tower 07:24
Minster, opp Bell Farm Lane 07:24
Minster, opp Oak Lane 07:25
Minster, adj Mill Hill 07:25
Minster, adj Tams Gardens 07:25
Minster, adj Scocles Road Top 07:26
Minster, opp Harps Avenue 07:28
Thistle Hill, opp Heron Drive 07:30
Thistle Hill, opp Mistletoe Drive 07:30
Thistle Hill, adj Nettle Way 07:30
Thistle Hill, adj Bellflower Avenue 07:32
Minster, adj Sheppey Hospital 07:34
Minster Barton Hill Top (SW-bound) 07:34
Minster, opp Lovell Road 07:35
Minster Barton Hill Drive south end (S-bound) 07:37
Queenborough, opp Cowstead Corner 07:39
Sittingbourne Swale House (Stop M) 08:01
Sittingbourne Centre 2000 (Stop N) 08:02
Snipeshill, adj Murston Road 08:03
Snipeshill, opp Greenways 08:04
Snipeshill, in The Sittingbourne School Grounds 08:05
Schooldays only
School students only (COVID-19 restrictions)

The Sittingbourne School - Thistle Hill - Minster - Eastchurch - Leysdown

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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