373 - Sittingbourne - Iwade - Queenborough - Sheerness - Oasis Academy

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Sittingbourne - Iwade - Queenborough - Sheerness - Oasis Academy

Key Street, opp The Long Hop 07:20
Sittingbourne, adj The Billet 07:25
Sittingbourne, opp Cryalls Lane 07:25
Chalkwell, adj The King's Head 07:27
Sittingbourne Cockleshell Walk (Stop H) 07:28
Sittingbourne Swale House (Stop M) 07:30
Sittingbourne Centre 2000 (Stop N) 07:30
Snipeshill, opp Commonwealth Close 07:32
Snipeshill, opp Nutfields 07:32
Snipeshill, adj Rectory Road 07:33
Snipeshill, opp The Sittingbourne School 07:34
Snipeshill, adj Greenways 07:35
Snipeshill, opp Murston Road 07:35
Sittingbourne Plaza Court (Stop A) 07:36
Sittingbourne Swale House (Stop B) 07:36
Sittingbourne Fire Station (Stop D) 07:37
Sittingbourne, o/s Railway Station 07:38
Sittingbourne Ufton Lane (Stop G) 07:39
Chalkwell, opp Hawthorn Road 07:40
Chalkwell, adj Springfield Road 07:41
Milton Regis, adj Beechwood Avenue 07:42
Milton Regis, adj The Three Hats 07:43
Milton Regis, nr Sprotshill Close 07:45
Milton Regis, opp Court Road 07:46
Milton Regis, opp Trinity Road 07:46
Kemsley, opp Toy Town Estate 07:48
Kemsley, opp Milton Creek 07:48
Kemsley Railway Station (adj) 07:50
Grovehurst, opp Post Office 07:50
Iwade, opp Kingfisher Close 07:52
Iwade, opp Helen Thompson Close 07:52
Iwade, adj School Lane 07:53
Iwade, adj Sanderling Way 07:53
Swale, opp Railway Station 07:54
Queenborough, opp Stray Marsh Farm 07:56
Queenborough, opp Morrisons 07:58
Rushenden Thomsett Way (W-bound) 08:00
Queenborough, adj Klondyke Industrial Estate 08:01
Queenborough, adj Railway Station 08:03
Queenborough, opp Stanley Avenue 08:03
W Minster, adj Pacific Windows Works 08:05
Sheerness, opp Railway Station 08:08
Sheerness, opp Aldi 08:08
Sheerness, adj Holy Trinity Church 08:08
Sheerness, adj Catholic Church 08:09
Marine Town, opp Invicta Road 08:09
Marine Town, opp Richmond Street 08:10
Marine Town, adj Yacht Club 08:10
Marine Town, opp The Ship On Shore 08:11
Marine Town, opp Barton's Point 08:12
Minster, opp The White House 08:14
Minster, opp The Abbey Hotel 08:14
Minster, adj Wards Hill Road Bottom 08:15
Minster, adj Woodland Drive 08:16
Minster Breakneck Hill (S-bound) 08:16
Minster, opp The Broadway Shops 08:17
Minster, adj Harps Inn 08:18
Minster, adj Barton Hill Drive 08:18
Minster, opp Scrapsgate Road 08:19
Minster, adj Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey East 08:20
Schooldays only
School students only (COVID-19 restrictions)

Oasis Academy - Sheerness - Queenborough - Iwade - Sittingbourne

Minster, opp Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey East 15:10
Minster, adj Scrapsgate Road 15:10
Minster, opp Barton Hill Drive 15:11
Minster, adj The Broadway Shops 15:12
Minster Breakneck Hill (N-bound) 15:12
Minster, opp Woodland Drive 15:13
Minster, opp Wards Hill Road Bottom 15:14
Minster, adj The Abbey Hotel 15:14
Minster, adj The White House 15:15
Marine Town, adj Barton's Point 15:17
Marine Town, adj The Ship On Shore 15:18
Marine Town, opp Yacht Club 15:19
Marine Town, adj Richmond Street 15:20
Marine Town, adj Invicta Road 15:20
Sheerness, opp Catholic Church 15:20
Sheerness, opp Holy Trinity Church 15:20
Sheerness, adj Aldi 15:21
Sheerness, adj Railway Station 15:21
W Minster, opp Pacific Windows Works 15:24
Queenborough, adj Stanley Avenue 15:26
Queenborough Railway Station (S-bound) 15:27
Queenborough, opp Klondyke Industrial Estate 15:27
Rushenden Thomsett Way (E-bound) 15:28
Queenborough, adj Morrisons 15:30
Queenborough, adj Stray Marsh Farm 15:31
Swale, adj Railway Station 15:33
Iwade, opp Sanderling Way 15:34
Iwade, opp School Lane 15:35
Iwade, adj Helen Thompson Close 15:35
Iwade, adj Kingfisher Close 15:35
Grovehurst, adj Post Office 15:37
Kemsley Railway Station (opp) 15:38
Kemsley, adj Milton Creek 15:39
Kemsley, adj Toy Town Estate 15:40
Milton Regis, adj Trinity Road 15:40
Milton Regis, adj Court Road 15:42
Milton Regis, adj Sprotshill Close 15:43
Milton Regis, opp The Three Hats 15:44
Milton Regis, opp Beechwood Avenue 15:45
Chalkwell, opp Springfield Road 15:46
Chalkwell, adj Hawthorn Road 15:48
Chalkwell, adj The King's Head 15:48
Sittingbourne Cockleshell Walk (Stop H) 15:49
Sittingbourne, o/s Railway Station 15:50
Sittingbourne Swale House (Stop M) 15:51
Sittingbourne Centre 2000 (Stop N) 15:52
Snipeshill, opp Commonwealth Close 15:53
Snipeshill, opp Nutfields 15:54
Snipeshill, adj Rectory Road 15:55
Snipeshill, opp The Sittingbourne School 15:56
Snipeshill, adj Greenways 15:57
Snipeshill, opp Murston Road 15:58
Sittingbourne Plaza Court (Stop A) 16:00
Sittingbourne Swale House (Stop B) 16:01
Sittingbourne Fire Station (Stop D) 16:02
Sittingbourne Ufton Lane (Stop G) 16:05
Chalkwell, opp The Coniston 16:08
Sittingbourne, opp Keyways 16:10
Sittingbourne, opp The Billet 16:12
Key Street, adj The Long Hop 16:15
Schooldays only
School students only (COVID-19 restrictions)

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset