384, 385 - Stowmarket - Woolpit - Norton - Thurston - Bury St Edmunds

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Driver shortage

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Monday to Friday, not Suffolk school holidays

High School - St Benedicts Catholic School
Argos Store - Bus Station

Stowupland High School (inside) 15:50
Stowupland, opp Crown 15:50
Cedars Park, opp Tesco 15:53
Cedars Park, opposite Woodpecker Close 15:54
Stowmarket, opposite Gun Cotton Way Park 15:55
Stowmarket, opp Creeting Road 15:57
Stowmarket, opposite Lime Tree Place 16:01
Stowmarket Cinema (Adjacent) 16:03
Stowmarket, outside Argos Store 06:2009:0016:05
Stowmarket, opposite Railway Station 06:2409:04
Stowmarket, adj Beech Terrace 16:07
Stowmarket, opp The Little Wellington 06:2409:04
Stowmarket, adj Violet Hill Road 16:09
Old Newton, opp Shoulder of Mutton 06:3309:13
Stowmarket, opposite Narey's Garden Centre 16:12
Haughley, opp Redhouse Farm 06:3509:16
Haughley, opposite Windgap Lane 16:14
Haughley, opp Mill Fields 06:3809:19
Haughley, opp Station Road 06:4009:2016:15
Haughley, adj Post Office 06:4109:2116:16
Haughley New Street The Close (Adjacent) 06:4309:2316:18
Wetherden, adj Maypole 06:4509:2516:20
Elmswell Mill Gardens (Adjacent) 06:4909:2916:24
Elmswell Whatley Close (Adjacent) 06:4909:2916:24
Elmswell Memorial Hall (Adjacent) 06:5009:3016:25
Elmswell, opposite Shop Corner 06:5109:3116:26
Elmswell, o/s Old Schools Court 06:5109:3116:26
Elmswell, opp School Road 06:5209:3216:27
Woolpit, outside Garage 06:5509:3516:30
Woolpit Church Car Park (Adjacent) 06:5509:35
Woolpit, opposite Post Office 06:5609:3616:31
Woolpit, adj Briar Hill 06:5609:3616:31
Woolpit, o/s Business Park 06:5709:3716:32
Norton Baptist Church (Adjacent) 09:42
Tostock, opposite Gardeners Arms 07:0212:1016:33
Norton, opposite The Dog 07:0509:43
Beyton, adj Bear Meadow 12:1316:40
Norton, opp Old Smithy 07:0509:43
Beyton, opp The Green 12:1416:42
Great Green, opp Poplar Farm 07:0709:48
Beyton A14 Flyover (N-bound) 12:1416:42
Thurston, o/s Rectory Gardens 07:0909:50
Thurston, adj Ryefields 12:1616:44
Thurston, opp Hall 07:0909:51
Thurston, o/s Shops 07:1009:52
Thurston, adj The Green 07:1109:5312:1716:45
Thurston Cloverfields (Adjacent) 07:1109:5312:1716:45
Thurston, opposite Rylands Close 07:1209:5412:1816:46
Thurston, opposite College Main Entrance 07:1309:5512:1916:47
Thurston, adj Maltings Garth 12:2016:48
Thurston, outside Genesta Drive 12:2216:50
Thurston, adj Genesta Drive 12:2216:50
Thurston, adj Bracken Row 12:2416:52
Thurston, opp Post Office 07:1409:5612:2616:54
Thurston, adj Fox and Hounds 07:1409:5612:2616:54
East Barton Road (opp) 07:1709:5912:2916:57
Cattishall, opposite Green Lane 07:1910:0112:3216:59
Moreton Hall, opposite Bradbrook Close 07:2010:0212:3317:00
Moreton Hall Tassel Road (Adjacent) 07:2210:0312:3517:02
Moreton Hall Thresher (S-bound) 07:2210:0312:3517:02
Moreton Hall, outside Drovers Avenue 07:2310:0312:3517:03
Moreton Hall Matalan (Adjacent) 07:2310:0412:3617:03
Moreton Hall Easlea Road (Adjacent) 07:2410:0412:3617:04
Moreton Hall Sainsbury's (Adjacent) 07:2510:0512:3717:05
Bury St Edmunds, opp BP Garage 07:2610:0612:3817:06
Bury St Edmunds, opp Barons Road 07:2710:0712:3917:07
Bury St Edmunds, adj The Lodge 07:2810:0812:4017:08
Bury St Edmunds, adj West Suffolk Hospital 07:3010:1012:4217:10
Bury St Edmunds, adj Stonebridge Avenue 07:3110:1012:4317:11
Bury St Edmunds Spread Eagle (N-bound) 07:3110:1112:4317:11
Bury St Edmunds, adj Spread Eagle 07:3210:1112:4417:12
Bury St Edmunds, adj Kevor House 07:3210:1112:4417:12
Bury St Edmunds, opp Albert Buildings 07:3310:1112:4517:13
Bury St Edmunds, outside Old Convent Orchard 07:3410:1212:4617:14
Bury St Edmunds, o/s Arc Shopping Centre 07:3510:1312:4717:15
Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 7) 07:3710:1512:4917:17
Schooldays only

St Benedicts Catholic School - High School
Bus Station - Argos Store

Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 7) 07:4011:3014:2517:40
Bury St Edmunds, opp Arc Shopping Centre 14:27
Bury St Edmunds, adj Tayfen Terrace 07:4011:3117:40
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Old Convent Orchard 14:27
Rougham, opp Nursery 07:49
Bury St Edmunds, adj Albert Buildings 14:28
Bury St Edmunds, opp Kevor House 14:28
Bury St Edmunds Spread Eagle (S-bound) 14:28
Bury St Edmunds, opp Stonebridge Avenue 14:29
Bury St Edmunds, opposite West Suffolk Hospital 14:3017:45
Bury St Edmunds, opp The Lodge 14:30
Bury St Edmunds, adj Barons Road 14:32
Bury St Edmunds Rougham Rd Roundabout (N-bound) 14:34
Moreton Hall, opposite Sainsbury's 11:4014:3517:50
Moreton Hall, opposite Easlea Road 11:4014:3517:50
Moreton Hall, opposite Matalan 11:4014:3617:51
Moreton Hall, opposite Drovers Avenue 11:4114:3617:51
Moreton Hall Thresher (N-bound) 11:4114:3717:52
Moreton Hall, opposite Tassel Road 11:4214:3817:53
Moreton Hall Bradbrook Close (Adjacent) 11:4214:3817:53
Cattishall Green Lane (Adjacent) 11:4314:3917:54
East Barton Road (adj) 11:4514:4117:56
Thurston, opp Fox and Hounds 11:4814:4317:58
Thurston, o/s Post Office 11:4914:4417:59
Thurston, adj Maltings Garth 11:4917:59
Thurston, outside Genesta Drive 11:5118:00
Thurston, adj Genesta Drive 11:5118:00
Thurston, adj Bracken Row 11:5218:01
Thurston, outside College Main Entrance 11:5314:4518:02
Thurston, adj Rylands Close 11:5314:4518:03
Thurston, opposite Cloverfields 11:5314:4618:04
Thurston, opp The Green 11:5414:4718:06
Thurston, opp Shops 14:48
Thurston, opp Ryefields 11:5418:06
Thurston, adj Hall 14:48
Beyton A14 Flyover (S-bound) 11:5818:09
Thurston, opp Rectory Gardens 14:49
Beyton Manor House (Adjacent) 12:0018:10
Great Green, adj Poplar Farm 14:52
Beyton, opp Bear Meadow 12:0018:10
Norton Old Smithy (Adjacent) 14:56
Tostock Gardeners Arms (Adjacent) 12:0418:14
Norton The Dog (Adjacent) 14:5818:18
Woolpit, opp Business Park 07:5815:0518:25
Woolpit, opp Briar Hill 07:5815:0518:25
Woolpit, adj Post Office 07:5915:0618:26
Woolpit, opposite Garage 07:5915:0618:26
Woolpit A14 Junction (N-bound) 08:0015:0718:27
Elmswell, adj School Road 08:0215:0818:29
Elmswell, opp Old Schools Court 08:0315:0918:30
Elmswell Shop Corner (Adjacent) 08:0415:1018:31
Elmswell, opposite Memorial Hall 08:0415:1018:31
Elmswell, opposite Whatley Close 08:0515:1118:31
Elmswell, opp Mill Gardens 08:0515:1118:32
Wetherden, opposite Maypole 08:0915:1518:35
Haughley New Street, adj Brick Wall Farm 08:1015:1618:36
Haughley New Street, opp The Close 08:1115:1718:37
Haughley, opp Post Office 08:1415:2018:41
Haughley, adj Station Road 08:1515:2118:42
Haughley Windgap Lane (Adjacent) 08:1615:22
Haughley, adj Mill Fields 18:43
Haughley, adj Fishponds Way 08:1815:24
Haughley, adj Redhouse Farm 18:44
Stowmarket Narey's Garden Centre (Adjacent) 08:2015:25
Old Newton Shoulder of Mutton (Adjacent) 18:47
Stowmarket, opposite Allotments 08:2115:27
Stowmarket, adj The Little Wellington 18:52
Stowmarket, opposite Mallard Way 08:2415:29
Stowmarket, outside High School 08:2515:30
Stowmarket, adj Windermere Road 08:2615:31
Stowmarket Curwen Road (Adjacent) 08:28
Stowmarket, adj Recreation Ground 15:32
Stowmarket, opp Health Centre 08:30
Stowmarket, opp Violet Hill Road 08:32
Stowmarket, opp Beech Terrace 08:33
Stowmarket Roundabout (Near) 08:3318:54
Stowmarket Station Road West (Adjacent) 08:3518:57
Stowmarket Barnards (Adjacent) 08:3515:34
Stowmarket, adj Creeting Road 08:37
Stowmarket, outside Argos Store 15:35
Stowmarket Gun Cotton Way Park (E-bound) 08:39
Stowmarket, opposite Railway Station 15:39
Cedars Park Woodpecker Close (Adjacent) 08:41
Cedars Park, adj Guillemot Close 15:40
Cedars Park, adj Tesco 08:42
Cedars Park, opp Redwing Drive 15:40
Cedars Park, opp Sandpiper Road 15:41
Stowupland, opposite Allotments 15:41
Stowupland, opp Mill Street 15:42
Stowupland, adj Crown 08:4415:43
Stowupland High School (inside) 08:4515:44
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Stephensons of Essex


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