38A - Halstead - Bocking - Braintree - Witham

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex


Halstead - Bocking - Braintree - Witham

Halstead, o/s Ramsey School 07:3008:3009:23then hourly until15:2316:23
Halstead, adj Coggeshall Way 07:3008:3009:2315:2316:23
Halstead Fenn Road (S-bound) 07:3208:3209:2515:2516:25
Halstead, opp Courtauld Playing Fields 07:3208:3209:2515:2516:25
Halstead, adj Nether Court 07:3408:3409:2715:2716:27
Halstead, opp Pretoria Rd 07:3508:3509:2815:2816:28
Halstead High Street (SW-bound) 07:3708:3709:3015:3016:30
Halstead High Street (SW-bound) 09:37 15:37 16:37
Halstead Park (o/s) 07:3708:3709:3715:3716:37
Halstead, opp Bird in Hand 07:3708:3709:3715:3716:37
Halstead, o/s Fosters Ley 07:3708:3709:3715:3716:37
Whiteash Green, opp Tumblewoods 07:3708:3709:3715:3716:37
Whiteash Green (opp) 07:3708:3709:3715:3716:37
Gosfield, adj Russell's Road 07:3808:3809:3815:3816:38
Gosfield, opp School 07:3808:3809:3815:3816:38
Gosfield Halstead Road (SW-bound) 07:3908:3909:3915:3916:39
Gosfield Corner (SW-bound) 07:4408:4409:4415:4416:44
Gosfield, opp Church Road 07:4408:4409:4415:4416:44
Gosfield, o/s The Post Office 07:4408:4409:4415:4416:44
Gosfield, adj Park Lane 07:4508:4509:4515:4516:45
Gosfield, adj Tennis Courts 07:4608:4609:4615:4616:46
Gosfield, adj Peterfield's Lane 07:4608:4609:4615:4616:46
High Garrett, opp Gosfield Eaves 07:4708:4709:4715:4716:47
High Garrett, opp Iron Pear Tree Farm 07:4708:4709:4715:4716:47
High Garrett Gosfield Road (S-bound) 07:4808:4809:4815:4816:48
High Garrett Foley Corner (SW-bound) 07:4808:4809:4815:4816:48
High Garrett, o/s Hare and Hounds 07:4908:4909:4915:4916:49
High Garrett, opp Grove Field 07:4908:4909:4915:4916:49
High Garrett, opp Four Releet 07:5008:5009:5015:5016:50
Bocking, opp The Lillies 07:5108:5109:5115:5116:51
Bocking, adj Windmill Gardens 07:5108:5109:5115:5116:51
Bocking, opp Village Hall 07:5208:5209:5215:5216:52
Bocking, o/s Rose & Crown 07:5208:5209:5215:5216:52
Bocking, opp Alms Houses 07:5308:5309:5315:5316:53
Bocking, opp Deanery Gardens 07:5508:5509:5515:5516:55
Bocking The Deanery (E-bound) 07:5508:5509:5515:5516:55
Bocking, adj Oakley Road 07:5608:5609:5615:5616:56
Bocking, adj Clavering Road 07:5708:5709:5715:5716:57
Bocking Queens Road (S-bound) 07:5808:5809:5815:5816:58
Bocking, adj Beech Avenue 07:5808:5809:5815:5816:58
Bocking, adj Wentworth Crescent 07:5908:5909:5915:5916:59
Bocking, opp Arnhem Grove 08:0009:0010:0016:0017:00
Bocking, opp Dale House 08:0009:0010:0016:0017:00
Bocking, opp Pygot Place 08:0109:0110:0116:0117:01
Braintree, opp Tabor High School 08:0209:0210:0216:0217:02
Braintree Aetheric Road (S-bound) 08:0309:0310:0316:0317:03
Braintree Panfield Lane (NE-bound) 08:0409:0410:0416:0417:04
Braintree, opp Blyth's Meadow 08:0509:0510:0516:0517:05
Braintree, opp Mount Road 08:0509:0510:0516:0517:05
Braintree Railway Street (S-bound) 08:0609:0610:0616:0617:06
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 08:0709:0710:0716:0717:07
Braintree Fairfield Rd (Stand 3) 08:0809:0810:0816:0817:08
Braintree Fairfield Rd (Stand 3) 08:20 09:20 10:20 16:20 17:20
Braintree, opp Four Seasons 08:2109:2110:2116:2117:21
Braintree, opp Sportsman 08:2209:2210:2216:2217:22
Braintree Chapel Hill (NE-bound) 08:2309:2310:2316:2317:23
Braintree, adj Bartram Avenue South 08:2409:2410:2416:2417:24
Braintree, o/s King Georges Playing Field 08:2509:2510:2516:2517:25
Braintree, opp Alec Hunter School 08:2609:2610:2616:2617:26
Braintree, opp Mersea Fleet Way 08:2609:2610:2616:2617:26
Braintree, adj Stubbs Lane 08:2709:2710:2716:2717:27
Braintree, opp Thames Close 08:2709:2710:2716:2717:27
Cressing, o/s Fowlers Farm 08:2809:2810:2816:2817:28
Cressing Mill Lane (S-bound) 08:3109:3110:3116:3117:31
Cressing, adj Claud Ince 08:3109:3110:3116:3117:31
Cressing, opp Tye Green Post Office 08:3209:3210:3216:3217:32
Cressing Jeffrey's Road (NE-bound) 08:3209:3210:3216:3217:32
Cressing Polecat Road (NE-bound) 08:3409:3410:3416:3417:34
Cressing, o/s Three Ashes 08:3709:3710:3716:3717:37
Cressing, o/s Newlands Cottage 08:3809:3810:3816:3817:38
Silver End, o/s Rolph's Farm 08:4009:4010:4016:4017:40
Silver End, opp Wood Grove 08:4009:4010:4016:4017:40
Silver End, nr Boars Tye Road 08:4109:4110:4116:4117:41
Silver End Silver Street (W-bound) 08:4109:4110:4116:4117:41
Silver End, o/s Co-op Store 08:4209:4210:4216:4217:42
Silver End, opp Temple Ln 08:4209:4210:4216:4217:42
Silver End, adj Grooms Lane 08:4309:4310:4316:4317:43
Silver End, o/s Western Arms 08:4309:4310:4316:4317:43
Rivenhall, adj West Farm Cottage 08:4709:4710:4716:4717:47
Rivenhall, opp Shop 08:4909:4910:4916:4917:49
Rivenhall, o/s The Oak 08:5009:5010:5016:5017:50
Witham Rickstones Road (S-bound) 08:5109:5110:5116:5117:51
Witham, opp Rickstones School 08:5209:5210:5216:5217:52
Witham, adj Virgil Road 08:5309:5310:5316:5317:53
Witham, adj Hemingway Road 08:5309:5310:5316:5317:53
Witham, opp Cherry Tree 08:5409:5410:5416:5417:54
Witham, o/s Templars School 08:5409:5410:5416:5417:54
Witham, adj Cypress Road 08:5509:5510:5516:5517:55
Witham, adj Morrisons Store 08:5609:5610:5616:5617:56
Witham, o/s Technology Centre 08:5709:5710:5716:5717:56
Witham Railway Station (Stop 2) 08:5909:5910:5916:5917:58
Witham, opp Guithavon Valley 09:0210:0211:0217:0217:59
Witham Collingwood Road (SE-bound) 09:0510:0511:0517:0518:00
Witham Newland Street (SW-bound) 09:0610:0611:0617:06
Witham, o/s Bramston Sports Centre 09:0710:0711:0717:07
Witham, opp Bridge Hospital 09:0810:0811:0817:08
Witham, opp Shortridge Court 09:0910:0911:0917:09
Witham, adj Claudius Way 09:1110:1111:1117:11
Witham Allectus Way (NW-bound) 09:1310:1311:1317:13

Witham - Braintree - Bocking - Halstead

Witham Allectus Way (NW-bound) 08:44then hourly until16:44
Witham, adj Defford Road 08:4516:45
Witham, adj Boydin Close 08:4516:45
Witham, adj Shortridge Court 08:4716:47
Witham, o/s Bridge Hospital 08:4816:48
Witham, opp Bramston Sports Centre 08:4916:49
Witham Newland Street (NE-bound) 08:5016:50
Witham Collingwood Road (NW-bound) 08:5116:51
Witham, adj Guithavon Valley 08:5116:51
Witham, opp Railway Station 08:5316:53
Witham, opp Technology Centre 08:5416:54
Witham, adj Morrisons Store 08:5516:55
Witham Braintree Road (N-bound) 08:5616:56
Witham, opp Cypress Road 08:5616:56
Witham, opp Templars School 08:5716:57
Witham, o/s Cherry Tree 08:5816:58
Witham, opp Hemingway Road 08:5916:59
Witham, o/s Rickstones School 08:5916:59
Witham Rickstones Road (N-bound) 09:0117:01
Rivenhall, opp The Oak 09:0217:02
Rivenhall, o/s Shop 09:0217:02
Rivenhall, opp West Farm Cottage 09:0417:04
Silver End, opp Western Arms 09:0817:08
Silver End, opp Grooms Lane 09:0817:08
Silver End, adj Temple Ln 09:0917:09
Silver End, opp Co-op Store 09:1017:10
Silver End Silver Street (E-bound) 09:1017:10
Silver End Boars Tye Road (N-bound) 09:1117:11
Silver End, adj Wood Grove 09:1117:11
Silver End, opp Rolph's Farm 09:1117:11
Cressing, opp Newlands Cottage 09:1317:13
Cressing, opp Three Ashes 09:1517:15
Cressing Polecat Road (SW-bound) 09:1717:17
Cressing Jeffrey's Road (SW-bound) 09:1917:19
Cressing, o/s Tye Green Post Office 09:2017:20
Cressing, opp Claud Ince 09:2017:20
Cressing Mill Lane (N-bound) 09:2017:20
Cressing, opp Fowlers Farm 09:2217:22
Braintree, adj Thames Close 09:2317:23
Braintree, opp Stubbs Lane 09:2317:23
Braintree, adj Mersea Fleet Way 09:2417:24
Braintree, o/s Alec Hunter School 09:2517:25
Braintree, opp King Georges Playing Field 09:2617:26
Braintree, opp Bartram Avenue South 09:2717:27
Braintree Chapel Hill (SW-bound) 09:2817:28
Braintree, o/s Sportsman 09:2917:29
Braintree, o/s Four Seasons 09:2917:29
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 09:3117:31
Braintree Manor Street (Stand 2) 09:3217:32
Braintree Manor Street (Stand 2) 09:40 17:40
Braintree High Street (SW-bound) 09:4117:41
Braintree, opp Flacks Inn 09:4117:41
Braintree Aetheric Road (N-bound) 09:4317:43
Braintree, o/s Tabor High School 09:4417:44
Bocking, adj Pygot Place 09:4517:45
Bocking, o/s Dale House 09:4617:46
Bocking, adj Arnhem Grove 09:4617:46
Bocking, opp Wentworth Crescent 09:4717:47
Bocking, opp Beech Avenue 09:4817:48
Bocking Queens Road (N-bound) 09:4917:49
Bocking, opp Clavering Road 09:5017:50
Bocking, opp Oakley Road 09:5117:51
Bocking Churchill Road (NW-bound) 09:5217:52
Bocking, opp Deanery Gardens 09:5317:53
Bocking The Deanery (E-bound) 09:5317:53
Bocking, o/s Alms Houses 09:5417:54
Bocking, opp Rose & Crown 09:5517:55
Bocking, o/s Village Hall 09:5517:55
Bocking, opp Windmill Gardens 09:5617:56
Bocking, adj The Lillies 09:5617:56
High Garrett, adj Four Releet 09:5817:58
High Garrett, adj Grove Field 09:5817:58
High Garrett, opp Hare and Hounds 09:5817:58
High Garrett Foley Corner (NE-bound) 09:5917:59
High Garrett Gosfield Road (N-bound) 10:0018:00
High Garrett, o/s Iron Pear Tree Farm 10:0018:00
High Garrett, o/s Gosfield Eaves 10:0018:00
Gosfield, opp Peterfield's Lane 10:0218:02
Gosfield, opp Tennis Courts 10:0218:02
Gosfield, opp Park Lane 10:0318:03
Gosfield, opp The Post Office 10:0318:03
Gosfield, adj Church Road 10:0418:04
Gosfield Corner (NE-bound) 10:0518:05
Gosfield Halstead Road (NE-bound) 10:0518:05
Gosfield, o/s School 10:0618:06
Gosfield, opp Russell's Road 10:0718:07
Whiteash Green (adj) 10:0818:08
Whiteash Green, o/s Tumblewoods 10:0918:09
Halstead, opp Fosters Ley 10:1018:10
Halstead, o/s Bird in Hand 10:1118:11
Halstead Park (opp) 10:1218:12
Halstead High Street (NE-bound) 10:1318:13
Halstead High Street (NE-bound) 10:18 18:18
Halstead, opp Greenwood School 10:1918:19
Halstead, adj Bois Hall Gardens 10:2018:20
Halstead, o/s Ramsey School 10:2118:21

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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Stephensons of Essex