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38B - Upton Road / Upton Station - Ferry Road / Eastham Country Park

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire


Noctorum Upton Station (Stop B) 05:10
Noctorum, adj Beryl Road 05:10
Noctorum, nr St Peters Way 05:12
Noctorum, nr Ormond Way 05:12
Noctorum, adj Westcott Way 05:13
Noctorum, adj Moorfields Avenue 05:14
Noctorum, opp Hogarth Drive 05:15
Oxton, adj Hargrave Avenue 05:16
Oxton, opp Flatt Lane 05:17
Oxton, nr Bidston Road 05:18
Oxton, adj Village Road 05:18
Oxton, opp Hillside View 05:19
Oxton, opp Overton Way 05:21
Oxton, adj Redwood Close 05:22
Prenton, adj Grainger Avenue 05:23
Prenton, adj Waterpark Road 05:24
Prenton, nr Goldsmith Way 05:25
Prenton Village Road (adj) 05:25
Prenton Dell Road (opp) 05:26
Prenton, adj Osmaston Road 05:27
Prenton, adj Reservoir Road North 05:28
Prenton, adj Storeton Road 05:29
Prenton, adj Waverley Grove 05:30
Devonshire Park, adj Parkhurst Road 05:31
Devonshire Park, adj Prenton Road West 05:31
Devonshire Park, adj Singleton Avenue 05:32
Oxton, adj Merlin Road 05:33
Oxton, opp Elmswood Road 05:33
Oxton, adj Briardale Road 05:34
Birkenhead, adj Carnforth Close 05:35
Birkenhead, adj Whetstone Lane 05:36
Birkenhead, adj Clifton Crescent 05:37
Birkenhead, adj Grange Road 05:38
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 8) 05:39
Birkenhead, adj Grange Road East 05:40
Tranmere, adj Campbeltown Road 05:42
Tranmere, adj Turbine Road 05:43
Rock Ferry, adj St Pauls Road 05:45
Rock Ferry, adj Bedford Place 05:46
Rock Ferry Station (Stop A) 05:47
Rock Ferry, opp Grove Road 05:47
Rock Ferry, adj Byrne Avenue 05:48
Rock Ferry, opp Birkett Road 05:48
Rock Ferry, adj Rock Lane West 05:49
Rock Ferry, adj Woodland Road 05:50
Higher Bebington, opp Town Lane 05:51
Higher Bebington, adj College Drive 05:52
Bebington Station (Stop B) 05:53
Port Sunlight, adj Sandringham Close 05:54
New Ferry, adj Bebington Road 05:55
New Ferry, adj Beaconsfield Road 05:55
New Ferry, adj Portbury Close 05:56
New Ferry, adj Shore Drive 05:56
Bromborough Pool Village (SE-bound) 05:58
Bromborough Pool, adj Thermal Road 05:59
Bromborough, opp Crossways 06:00
Bromborough, in Croft Retail Park 06:01
Bromborough Retail Park (in) 06:01
Bromborough, adj Plantation Road 06:03
Bromborough Tulip Factory (SW-bound) 06:05
Bromborough, adj Hardknott Road 06:06
Bromborough, adj Spital Road 06:08
Bromborough, adj Croft Avenue East 06:08
Bromborough, opp Stanhope Drive 06:09
Bromborough, adj The Cross 06:10
Bromborough, adj Oteley Avenue 06:10
Bromborough, adj Mark Rake 06:11
Bromborough, opp Belmont Avenue 06:12
Bromborough Rake Station (Stop B) 06:13
Bromborough, adj The Avenue 06:13
Bromborough, adj Ashfield Road 06:14
Bromborough, adj Forwood Road 06:15
Bromborough, adj Neville Road 06:15
Bromborough, adj Allport Road 06:16
Bromborough, opp Brancote Gardens 06:16
Bromborough, adj Westminster Drive 06:17
Plymyard Bromborough Station (Stop E) 06:18
Plymyard, adj The Woodcotes 06:18
Plymyard, adj Langfield Grove 06:19
Plymyard, adj Heygarth Road 06:20
Plymyard, adj Lyndale Avenue 06:20
Eastham Rake, adj Glenburn Avenue 06:22
Eastham Rake, opp Mill Park Drive 06:22
Eastham Rake, adj Eastham Village Road 06:23
Eastham, adj Church Lane 06:24
Eastham Village Road (nr) 06:25
Eastham Ferry, adj St David Road 06:26
Eastham Ferry, opp Mayfield Drive 06:26
Eastham Ferry, adj Torr Drive 06:27
Eastham Ferry, adj Woodland Remembrance Park 06:28
Eastham Ferry, nr Eastham Country Park 06:29

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire