390 - Camborne - Penwith College

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Camborne - Penwith College

Camborne Bus Station (Bay 1) 07:55
Camborne Veor House (SW-bound) 07:55
Camborne Trevithick Surgery (N-bound) 07:56
Camborne Church Street (W-bound) 07:56
Treswithian Pengwarras Road (NW-bound) 07:57
Treswithian (W-bound) 07:58
Roseworthy Merry Meeting Turn (W-bound) 08:01
Connor Downs Horsepool (W-bound) 08:04
Connor Downs Tresdale Parc (W-bound) 08:04
Connor Downs, opp Turnpike Inn 08:06
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (SW-bound) 08:11
Phillack Penmare Terrace (SW-bound) 08:11
Hayle Phillack Turn (SW-bound) 08:12
Hayle Fore Street (W-bound) 08:13
Hayle War Memorial (SW-bound) 08:14
Hayle St Elwyn's Church (W-bound) 08:15
Hayle Foundry Square (SW-bound) 08:16
Hayle Foundry Hill (S-bound) 08:16
Hayle, opp St Michaels Hospital 08:17
Chenhalls Tolroy Holiday Village (SE-bound) 08:19
St Erth Praze Smugglers Inn (E-bound) 08:22
Fraddam The Square (SE-bound) 08:25
Leedstown Duke of Leeds (SE-bound) 08:28
Leedstown Rodwill Close (SW-bound) 08:28
Townshend Institute Row (W-bound) 08:33
Relubbus Bridge (W-bound) 08:37
St Hilary Post Box (SW-bound) 08:39
Relubbus Chynoweth Lane (SW-bound) 08:39
Goldsithney, opp Crown Inn 08:41
Goldsithney, opp St Aubyns 08:41
Marazion Turnpike Road (W-bound) 08:43
Marazion Cemetery (W-bound) 08:44
Marazion Chymorvah (NW-bound) 08:44
Marazion Silverhouse (W-bound) 08:45
Marazion, opp Church 08:45
Marazion The Square (NW-bound) 08:46
Marazion Playground (NW-bound) 08:47
Marazion, opp Godolphin Drive 08:47
Long Rock Station House (NW-bound) 08:49
Long Rock, o/s The Kite Loft 08:50
Long Rock, opp Mexico Inn 08:51
Long Rock Morrisons (W-bound) 08:53
Penzance Halfords (W-bound) 08:54
Penzance Sainsburys (SW-bound) 08:55
Penzance Sainsburys Entrance (SW-bound) 08:55
Penzance, opp Gwel Lewern 08:56
Penzance Pink Lodge (SE-bound) 09:02
Penzance St Clare (SE-bound) 09:03
Penzance Penwith College (N-bound) 09:03

Penwith College - Camborne

Penzance Penwith College (N-bound) 16:15
Penzance St Clare (NW-bound) 16:25
Penzance Pink Lodge (NW-bound) 16:26
Penzance Gwel Lewern (E-bound) 16:29
Penzance Sainsburys Entrance (NE-bound) 16:29
Penzance Sainsburys (NE-bound) 16:29
Penzance, opp Halfords 16:30
Long Rock, opp Morrisons 16:30
Long Rock Mexico Inn (E-bound) 16:31
Long Rock, opp The Kite Loft 16:32
Long Rock, opp Station House 16:33
Marazion Godolphin Drive (SE-bound) 16:35
Marazion, opp Playground 16:35
Marazion The Square (E-bound) 16:36
Marazion Church (E-bound) 16:37
Marazion Silverhouse (E-bound) 16:38
Marazion, opp Chymorvah 16:38
Marazion, opp Cemetery 16:39
Marazion Turnpike Road (E-bound) 16:40
Goldsithney St Aubyns (E-bound) 16:42
Goldsithney Crown Inn (E-bound) 16:43
Relubbus Chynoweth Lane (NE-bound) 16:44
St Hilary Post Box (NE-bound) 16:45
Relubbus Bridge (E-bound) 16:47
Townshend Institute Row (E-bound) 16:51
Leedstown, opp Rodwill Close 16:54
Leedstown Duke of Leeds (NW-bound) 16:55
Fraddam The Square (NW-bound) 16:57
St Erth Praze, opp Smugglers Inn 17:00
Chenhalls Tolroy Holiday Village (NW-bound) 17:03
Hayle St Michaels Hospital (N-bound) 17:05
Hayle Foundry Hill (N-bound) 17:06
Hayle Viaduct (N-bound) 17:07
Hayle, opp St Elwyn's Church 17:08
Hayle, opp War Memorial 17:09
Hayle Fore Street (E-bound) 17:11
Hayle Phillack Turn (NE-bound) 17:12
Phillack Penmare Terrace (NE-bound) 17:12
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (NE-bound) 17:13
Connor Downs Turnpike Inn (E-bound) 17:18
Connor Downs Greenbank (E-bound) 17:18
Connor Downs Horsepool Road (E-bound) 17:19
Roseworthy Merry Meeting Turn (E-bound) 17:21
Treswithian Road (E-bound) 17:24
Treswithian Pengwarras Road (SE-bound) 17:25
Camborne Church Street (E-bound) 17:26
Camborne Basset Street (E-bound) 17:27
Camborne Bus Station (Bay 5) 17:28

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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