39X - Arbroath, Saltire Centre - Kingoodie, The Green

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSTY)


Monday to Friday

Arbroath, at Saltire Centre 07:45
Arbroath, at Grampian Gardens 07:45
Warddykes, at Tarry Road 07:46
Warddykes, at Tarry Dykes 07:47
Warddykes, opp Sidlaw Avenue 07:47
Warddykes, at Brothock Way Terminus 07:48
Warddykes, at Sidlaw Avenue 07:48
Warddykes Road (opp) 07:49
Warddykes, at Brechin Place 07:50
Warddykes, at Spar Store 07:50
Warddykes, at Brechin Road 07:51
Warddykes, opp Noran Avenue 07:51
Hayshead, nr Hayswell Road 07:53
Arbroath, opp Fisheracre 07:54
Arbroath, at Lordburn 07:55
Arbroath, at Bus Station 07:56s
Arbroath Bus Station (Stance 2) 07:59
Arbroath Railway Station (opp) 07:59
Arbroath, at Keptie Motors 07:59
Arbroath, at Keptie Pond 08:00
Timmergreens, opp Charles Avenue 08:00
Timmergreens, at Monymusk Road 08:01
Arbroath, opp Antiquary Gardens 08:01
Hospitalfield Road (opp) 08:01
Arbroath, opp Peasiehill Road 08:02
Arbroath, opp Westway Retail Park 08:02
Arbroath, opp Elliot Caravan Park 08:03
Arbroath Elliot Bridge (W-bound) 08:03
Arbroath, opp Balcathie Road End 08:04
Salmond’s Muir, opp Mains of Kelly Road End 08:05
Salmond’s Muir, at Hatton Road End 08:08
Scryne Road End (at) 08:10
Muirdrum By Pass (W-bound) 08:12
Muirdrum, opp Balmachie Road End 08:13
Carlungie, at Upper Victoria Road End 08:14
Carlungie Road End (opp) 08:16
Ardestie, at Road End 08:18
Ardestie, opp Ardownie Road End 08:19
Ethiebeaton Park, opp Dobbie's Garden Centre 08:20
Panmurefield, at Grange Road 08:21
Panmurefield Village (Stop 1) 08:23
W Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Gotterstone Avenue 08:32
Craigiebank, opp Monymusk Park 08:33
Craigiebank, opp Kemnay Place 08:34
Craigiebank, at Greendykes Road 08:35
Craigiebank, at Noran Avenue 08:36
Craigiebank, nr Dalgleish Road 08:37
Baxter Park, opp Clarence Road 08:37
Baxter Park, at Kenilworth Avenue 08:37
Baxter Park, at Dalkeith Road 08:38
Baxter Park, at Ellengowan Drive 08:38
Baxter Park, at Baffin Street 08:39
Baxter Park, opp Kemback Street 08:39
Eastport, at Graham Place 08:40
Eastport, opp Weavers Yard 08:41
Eastport, nr Wishart Centre 08:41
Dundee, at Sinatras 08:42
Dundee Seagate (stop 2) 08:43
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 2) 08:44
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 08:45
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 3) 08:47
Dundee Nethergate (Stop 2) 08:47
Dundee, at Queens Hotel 08:48
W End, opp Airlie Place 08:49
W End, nr Mcvicars Lane 08:51
W End, at Seafield Lane 08:51
W End, nr Step Row 08:52
Riverside, nr Windsor Street 08:54
Riverside, opp Hyndford Street 08:55
Riverside, opp Grosvenor Road 08:57
Riverside, opp Farington Terrace 08:57
Riverside, opp Farington Street 08:58
Riverside, opp Glamis Road 08:58
Riverside, opp Hazel Avenue 08:59
Riverside, nr River Crescent 08:59
Riverside Place (at) 09:00
Riverside, opp Ninewells Avenue 09:00
Ninewells, opp Clayhills Drive 09:01
Ninewells, opp Maggies Centre 09:01
Ninewells, nr James Arnott Drive 09:02
Ninewells Hospital (Stance C) 09:03
Ninewells, at James Arnott Drive 09:04
Ninewells, at Carseview Centre 09:04
Technology Park, nr Medi Park 09:05
Technology Park, at Gemini Crescent 09:06
Technology Park, at Riverside Drive 09:06
Invergowrie, opp Greystane Road 09:07
Invergowrie, at Mylnefield Road 09:08
Invergowrie, opp Hunter Crescent 09:08
Invergowrie, opp Memorial Park 09:08
Invergowrie, opp Park Road 09:09
Invergowrie, at Railway Station 09:10
Invergowrie, at Station Road 09:10
Invergowrie, at Carse Place 09:10
Kingoodie, opp Woodland Way 09:11
Kingoodie, at The Green 09:12

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 15 January 2021

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