Bus Times

3A - Aldershot - Ash - Frimley - Camberley - Yateley

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hants & Surrey

Aldershot - Ash - Frimley - Camberley - Yateley

Aldershot Bus Station (Stop 4) 07:40
Aldershot Victoria Road Court House (Stop B) 07:41
Aldershot Redan Road (Stop S) 07:43
N Town Manor Park (SE-bound) 07:44
N Town, opp Brighton Road 07:45
N Town Coleman Road (E-bound) 07:45
N Town, opp Herrett Street 07:46
N Town North Lane (E-bound) 07:47
Ash, opp Oxenden Court 07:49
Tongham, opp Phillips Close 07:50
Tongham Manor Road (N-bound) 07:52
Tongham, adj Elm Lane 07:52
Ash Lodge Drive (opp) 07:54
Ash, adj Underwood Avenue 07:54
Ash, o/s Japonica Court 07:55
Ash, adj Shawfield Recreation Ground 07:56
Ashdene Road (opp) 07:57
Ash, opp Winchester Road 07:57
Ash Shawfield Road (NE-bound) 07:59
Ash, opp Napier Lane 08:00
Ash Vale, adj St Mary's Road 08:01
Ash Vale, opp Heathvale Bridge Road 08:02
Ash Vale Railway Station (opp) 08:04
Ash Vale, adj Carrington Lane 08:05
Ash Vale, adj Warwick Road 08:05
Mytchett, opp Glenmount Road 08:07
Mytchett, opp Jubilee Road 08:08
Mytchett Crossroads (N-bound) 08:09
Mytchett, opp Convenience Store 08:10
Mytchett, o/s The Miners Arms 08:10
Frimley Green Sturt Road (N-bound) 08:11
Frimley Green, adj The Green 08:13
Frimley Green, opp The Old Wheatsheaf 08:13
Frimley Green, o/s Frimley C of E School 08:14
Frimley Green, opp Worsley Road 08:15
Frimley, adj Johnson's Wax 08:16
Frimley, adj Sheridan Road 08:17
Frimley Church Road (SW-bound) 08:18
Frimley, adj James Road 08:23
Frimley, opp Watchetts Drive 08:25
Frimley, opp Bristow Road 08:26
Camberley, opp Bristow Road 08:27
Camberley, opp Parkway 08:28
Camberley, opp Tekels Avenue 08:31
Camberley Heathcote Road (N-bound) 08:32
Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop D) 08:33
Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop D) 08:36
Camberley Charles Street (Stop E) 08:37
Camberley, adj The Avenue 08:40
Yorktown, adj Victoria Avenue 08:42
Yorktown, o/s The Agincourt 08:43
Yorktown, opp Laundry Lane 08:44
Sandhurst The Meadows (Entrance) 08:48
Blackwater London Road (NW-bound) 08:55
Blackwater Parkhill Road (NW-bound) 08:55
Blackwater Sandown Close (NW-bound) 08:57
Darby Green Beaulieu Gardens (NW-bound) 08:57
Darby Green Olde Farm Drive (W-bound) 08:59
Darby Green Chapel Corner (NW-bound) 09:01
Yateley Potley Hill Roundabout (NW-bound) 09:02
Yateley Manor Park (NW-bound) 09:03
Yateley, adj The White Lion 09:04
Yateley Home Park Road (S-bound) 09:06

Yateley - Camberley - Frimley - Ash - Aldershot

Yateley Home Park Road (S-bound) 14:21
Yateley Coppice Gardens (SW-bound) 14:21
Yateley Dickens Way (S-bound) 14:23
Yateley, nr Vigo Lane 14:23
Yateley Wordsworth Avenue (NW-bound) 14:24
Yateley Waitrose Stores (N-bound) 14:25
Yateley Robins Grove Crescent (E-bound) 14:26
Yateley Aylesham Way (E-bound) 14:27
Yateley St Swithuns Church (E-bound) 14:29
Yateley, opp The White Lion 14:30
Yateley Manor Park (SE-bound) 14:31
Yateley Lodge Grove (SE-bound) 14:32
Darby Green Chapel Corner (SE-bound) 14:33
Darby Green, o/s The Spennys 14:34
Darby Green Olde Farm Drive (E-bound) 14:35
Darby Green Christchurch Drive (SE-bound) 14:36
Blackwater Sandown Close (SE-bound) 14:37
Blackwater Parkhill Road (SE-bound) 14:39
Blackwater Rail Station & PO (E-bound) 14:41
Sandhurst The Meadows (Entrance) 14:45
Yorktown, adj Laundry Lane 14:47
Yorktown, opp The Agincourt 14:48
Yorktown, opp Victoria Avenue 14:49
Camberley, opp The Avenue 14:51
Camberley Charles Street (Stop F) 14:53
Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop B) 14:55
Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop B) 15:05
Camberley Heathcote Road (S-bound) 15:06
Frimley, adj Bristow Road 15:13
Frimley, adj Watchetts Drive 15:15
Frimley, opp James Road 15:16
Frimley, opp Lyon Way 15:18
Frimley Church Road (NE-bound) 15:20
Frimley, opp Sheridan Road 15:21
Frimley, opp Johnson's Wax 15:22
Frimley Green, adj Worsley Road 15:22
Frimley Green, opp Frimley C of E School 15:23
Frimley Green, o/s The Old Wheatsheaf 15:24
Frimley Green, opp The Green 15:26
Frimley Green Sturt Road (S-bound) 15:26
Mytchett, opp The Miners Arms 15:27
Mytchett, o/s Convenience Store 15:28
Mytchett Crossroads (S-bound) 15:30
Mytchett, adj Jubilee Road 15:30
Mytchett, adj Glenmount Road 15:31
Ash Vale, opp Warwick Road 15:32
Ash Vale, opp Carrington Lane 15:32
Ash Vale Railway Station (adj) 15:34
Ash Vale, adj Heathvale Bridge Road 15:35
Ash Vale, opp St Mary's Road 15:35
Ash, adj Napier Lane 15:36
Ash Shawfield Road (SE-bound) 15:38
Ash, adj Winchester Road 15:39
Ashdene Road (adj) 15:39
Ash, opp Shawfield Recreation Ground 15:40
Ash, opp Japonica Court 15:41
Ash, opp Underwood Avenue 15:41
Ash Lodge Drive (adj) 15:42
Tongham, opp Elm Lane 15:43
Tongham Manor Road (S-bound) 15:44
Tongham, adj The Moors 15:44
Tongham, adj Phillips Close 15:45
Ash, adj Oxenden Court 15:46
N Town, adj Herrett Street 15:48
N Town Coleman Road (W-bound) 15:48
N Town, adj Brighton Road 15:49
N Town Manor Park (NW-bound) 15:50
Aldershot Football Stadium (Stop T) 15:52
Aldershot Bus Station (Stop 4) 15:54

♿ Wheelchair-accessible

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