3A - Winkney Farm - Meads

A service operated by Stagecoach in Eastbourne


Hampden Park, adj Mountfield Road 07:0908:01
Hampden Park, opp Frenchgate Road 07:0908:01
Winkney Farm Percival Road (o/s 69) 07:1008:02
Winkney Farm, adj Attfield Walk 07:1108:04
Winkney Farm, adj Tugwell Road 07:1108:04
Winkney Farm, opp Dovedale Gardens 07:1208:05
Hampden Park, nr The Hydneye 07:1308:06
Hampden Park, adj Knoll Crescent 07:1308:06
Highfield, opp B and Q 07:1408:08
Highfield, adj Morrisons 07:1508:08
Roselands, adj Hawthorn Road 07:1908:13
Roselands, adj Bus Garage 06:0606:3607:2108:15
Roselands, o/s Brewers 06:0606:3607:2108:16
Roselands, adj Five Acre Field 06:0706:3707:2208:17
Langney Point Sovereign Roundabout North (SE-bound) 06:0906:3907:2408:18
Roselands, adj Sovereign Centre 06:1006:4007:2508:20
Roselands, o/s Car Park 06:1006:4007:2508:20
Roselands, opp Desmond Road 06:1106:4107:2608:21
Roselands, o/s Fishermans Club 06:1106:4107:2608:22
Roselands, opp Beamsley Road 06:1206:4207:2708:23
Eastbourne, opp Cambridge Road 06:1306:4307:2808:24
Eastbourne, opp Marine Road 06:1406:4407:2908:25
Eastbourne, adj Pier 06:1406:4407:2908:26
Eastbourne, opp Burlington Road 06:1506:4507:3008:26
Eastbourne, adj Trinity Place 06:1506:4507:3008:27
Eastbourne Memorial Roundabout (Stop M1) 06:1606:4607:3108:28
Eastbourne Gildredge Road (arrivals) 06:1906:4907:3408:31
Eastbourne Railway Station (Stop R1) 06:2006:5007:2007:3507:5008:0508:2008:3508:50
Eastbourne, opp Library 06:2006:5007:2007:3507:5008:0508:2008:3508:50
Eastbourne, opp Town Hall 06:2006:5007:2007:3507:5008:0508:2008:3508:50
Eastbourne, adj Catholic Church 06:2106:5107:2107:3607:5108:0608:2108:3608:51
Meads, opp Saffrons Park 06:2106:5107:2107:3607:5108:0608:2108:3608:51
Meads, opp Naomi Close 06:2206:5207:2207:3707:5208:0708:2208:3708:52
Meads, opp Brighton University 06:2306:5307:2307:3807:5308:0808:2308:3808:53
Meads, opp Hillbrow 06:2306:5307:2307:3807:5308:0808:2308:3808:53
Meads, before St John's Road 06:2406:5407:2407:3907:5408:0908:2408:3908:54
Meads, adj Chesterfield Road 06:2406:5407:2407:3907:5408:0908:2408:3908:54
Meads, o/s All Saints 06:2506:5507:2507:4007:5508:1008:2508:4008:55
Meads, opp Rowsley Road 06:2606:5607:2607:4107:5608:1108:2608:4108:56
Meads, opp Edensor Road 06:2606:5607:2607:4107:5608:1108:2608:4108:56
Meads, nr Foot of Beachy Head 06:2906:5907:2907:4407:5908:1408:2908:4408:59

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 28 October 2020

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