405 - Tickhill - Doncaster

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Monday to Friday

Tickhill, opp Westfield Road/Saffron Crescent 08:01
Tickhill, adj Wong Lane/Pinfold Lane 08:02
Tickhill, adj West Gate/Rawson Road 08:02
Tickhill, adj Castlegate/Church Lane 08:04
Tickhill, opp Sunderland Street/North Gate 08:05
Tickhill, adj Sunderland Street/Alderson Drive 08:05
Tickhill, opp Sunderland Street/Sunderland Place 08:05
Tickhill, at Sunderland Street/Paper Mill Lane 08:06
Tickhill, adj Bawtry Road/Stripe Road 08:06
Tickhill, adj Stripe Road/Bawtry Road 08:07
Hesley, at High Common Lane 08:08
Tickhill, opp Stripe Road/High Common Lane 08:08
Hesley, adj Stripe Road/None 08:09
Hesley College Driveway/Hesley College (at) 08:10
Stripe Road/Hesley Hall School (adj) 08:11
Hesley, on Stripe Road/Hunster Flat Lane 08:12
Rossington, on Stripe Road/Common Lane 08:14
Rossington, adj Bond Street/Bishopsgate Lane 08:16
Rossington, opp Bond Street/Portland Road 08:17
Rossington, nr Bond Street/Radburn Road 08:17
Rossington, adj Radburn Road/Gattison Lane 08:18
Rossington, adj Central Drive/Haig Crescent 08:18
Rossington, adj Central Drive/Junction Road 08:19
Rossington, adj Grange Road/Allenby Crescent 08:19
Rossington, adj Earl Avenue/Fowler Crescent 08:20
Rossington, adj King Avenue/Fowler Crescent 08:21
Rossington, opp King Avenue/Nelson Road 08:21
Rossington, opp West End Lane/Heatherfields Crescent 08:23
Rossington, adj West End Lane/Great Yorkshire Way 08:25
Rossington, opp Iport Avenue/Great Yorkshire Way 08:26
Balby, adj Woodfield Way/White Rose Way 08:29
Balby Carr Bank/Herons Way (adj) 08:31
Balby Carr Bank/Cross Bank (adj) 08:35
Balby Road/Queens Street (at) 08:36
Balby Road/Bainbridge Road (adj) 08:37
Doncaster, opp Cleveland Street/Burden Close 08:38
Doncaster, adj Cleveland Street/St Sepulchre Gate West 08:39
Doncaster Interchange (at) 08:42

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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