408 - Port Rodie, Stranraer - Kirkcolm / Ardwell Shop

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Port Rodie, Stranraer - Kirkcolm / Ardwell Shop

Stranraer Academy (at School) 15:30
Stranraer Port Rodie (Tesco) 07:2007:5010:1011:5014:1015:3517:20
Stranraer Cross (opp bank) 07:2207:5210:1211:5214:1215:3717:22
Stranraer Agnew Park (opp Park) 07:2307:5310:1211:5214:1215:3817:22
Stranraer Millburn Court (Road end) 07:2307:5310:1311:5314:1315:3817:23
Stranraer West End Terr (opp Terr) 07:2407:5410:1311:5314:1315:3917:23
Stranraer Leswalt Road (Whitehouse) 07:2407:5410:1311:5314:1315:3917:23
Stranraer Auchneel (Road end) 07:2507:5510:1511:5514:1515:4017:25
Leswalt, opp Creachmore Golf Club 07:2707:5710:1611:5614:1615:4217:26
Leswalt Roundabout (B798 Jct) 07:2707:5710:1711:5714:1715:4217:27
Leswalt Challoch Crescent (Shelter) 07:2907:5910:1911:5914:1915:4417:29
Kirkcolm, at Craigencross Farm 07:3108:0110:2012:0014:2015:4617:30
Leswalt Hillhead of Craichmore (opp road end) 07:3208:0210:2112:0114:2115:4717:31
Leswalt Wig Bay (Caravan Park) 07:3408:0410:2312:0314:2315:4917:33
Kirkcolm Boat Club (opp jetty) 07:3508:0510:2412:0414:2415:5017:34
Kirkcolm Post Office (PO) 07:3908:0910:2812:0814:2815:5417:38
Kirkcolm Bayview Terr (Church) 07:3908:0910:2912:0914:2915:5417:39
Kirkcolm Bowls Club (opp Club) 07:4008:1010:3012:1014:3015:5517:40
Kirkcolm Clachan (Opp Road End) 07:4108:1115:56
Kirkcolm Mahaar (Farm) 07:4508:1516:00

Kirkcolm / Ardwell Shop - Port Rodie, Stranraer

Kirkcolm Mahaar (Farm) 07:5008:1516:02
Kirkcolm Clachan (Road End) 07:5408:1916:06
Kirkcolm Bowls Club (o/s Club) 07:5508:2010:3012:1214:3216:0717:42
Kirkcolm, at Shelter 07:5708:2210:3212:1414:3416:0917:44
Kirkcolm Primary (at School) 07:5708:2210:3212:1414:3416:0917:44
Kirkcolm Boat Club (at jetty) 08:0008:2510:3412:1614:3616:1217:46
Leswalt Wig Bay (opp Caravan Park) 08:0108:2610:3512:1714:3716:1317:47
Leswalt Hillhead of Craichmore (road end) 08:0308:2810:3712:1914:3916:1517:49
Kirkcolm, opp Craigencross Farm 08:0308:2810:3812:2014:4016:1517:50
Leswalt Challoch Crescent (Shelter) 08:0508:3010:4012:2214:4216:1717:52
Leswalt Roundabout (B798 Jct) 10:4112:2314:4317:53
Leswalt, at Creachmore Golf Club 10:4212:2414:4417:54
Stranraer Auchneel (opp road end) 10:4312:2514:4517:55
Stranraer Millburn Court (opp road end) 10:4512:2714:4717:57
Stranraer Agnew Park (at Park) 10:4512:2714:4717:57
Stranraer Market Street (opp no 11) 10:4612:2814:4817:58
Stranraer Charlotte St (opp Castle) 10:4712:2914:4917:59
Stranraer Port Rodie (opp Tesco) 08:1508:4010:5012:3214:5216:2718:02
Stranraer Academy (at School) 08:1708:42

Timetable data from Stagecoach West Scotland, 24 December 2022

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