40A - Preston Bus Station - Morecambe Bus Station

A service operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire


Preston Bus Station - Morecambe Bus Station

Fulwood, by Preston College Grounds 16:30
Sharoe Green, opp St Clare's Church 16:34
Sharoe Green, opp Booths 16:37
Sharoe Green, by Blackbull Lane 16:39
Fulwood, o/s Black Bull Garstang Rd 16:40
Fulwood, by Brookside Road 16:41
Fulwood, opp Lightfoot Lane 16:43
Broughton, opp St John the Baptist Church 16:47
Broughton, opp Marriott Hotel 16:49
Broughton, adj Village Centre 16:51
Broughton, by Kingsway Court 16:51
Barton, opp Animal Centre 16:52
Barton, by Station Lane 16:53
Barton, by Grange Farm 16:53
Barton Grange Hotel (opp) 16:54
Barton, opp Jepps Lane 16:55
Barton, o/s White Horse 16:55
North Planks, opp Planks Cottages 16:56
North Planks, by Primrose Cottage 16:57
Bilsborrow, opp Roebuck 16:58
Bilsborrow, opp Sycamore Road 16:58
Brock, adj Barton Grange Garden Centre 16:59
Brock, by Stanzaker Hall 17:00
Catterall, opp Stubbins Lane 17:02
Catterall, by Joe Lane 17:02
Catterall, by Cock Robin Lane 17:03
Catterall Gates Lane (by) 17:03
Bowgreave, opp Calder House Lane 17:05
Bowgreave, opp Garstang Academy 17:05
Bowgreave, by Old Police Station 17:06
Bowgreave, opp Oaklands 17:07
Bonds, opp Church View Place 17:08
Garstang, by Sainsbury's 17:08
Garstang, adj Park Hill Road 17:10
Garstang, opp Council Offices 17:10
Garstang, opp Crooklands Drive 17:11
Garstang, opp Wyre Lane 17:12
Garstang, by Green Lane 17:12
Garstang, opp Graham Road 17:12
Cabus, opp Gubberford Lane 17:13
Cabus, by Snape Wood Lane 17:14
Cabus, opp Claylands Caravan Park 17:15
Cabus, opp Station Lane 17:17
Forton, by Middle Holly Cottage 17:17
Forton, opp New Holly Hotel 17:18
Forton, by Sunny Bank Nurseries 17:18
Forton, by War Memorial 17:19
Forton, opp Brookfield Farm 17:19
Forton, by Pennine Garage 17:19
Bay Horse Crossroads (opp) 17:20
Hampson Green, by Hampson Lane 17:22
Galgate, o/s Plough Hotel 17:23
Galgate, adj Crossroads 17:24
Galgate, opp Police Station 17:24
Galgate, opp Hazelrigg Lane 17:25
Lancaster University, opp University Gates 17:28
Bailrigg, opp Health Innovation Campus 17:28
Scotforth, opp Whinfell Drive 17:30
Scotforth, opp Bowling Green 17:30
Scotforth, by Hall Park 17:30
Scotforth, opp Rutland Avenue 17:31
Greaves, opp Lily Grove 17:31
Greaves, opp Belle Vue Terrace 17:32
Greaves, by Sulby Drive 17:33
Lancaster, o/s Infirmary 17:36
Lancaster, by Queens Square 17:38
Lancaster Common Garden Street (Stop C) 17:39
Lancaster George Street (Stand E) 17:41
Lancaster Bus Station (Stand 12) 17:44
Lancaster, by Sainsbury's Layby 17:48
Skerton, by Greyhound Bridge 17:49
Ryelands, adj Carlisle Bridge 17:51
Scale Hall, by Summersgill Rd 17:52
Scale Hall, by ALDI 17:54
Scale Hall, opp Penrhyn Road 17:55
White Lund, opp Lancaster and Morecambe College 17:56
White Lund, by Morecambe Road School 17:57
White Lund, by Homfray Avenue 17:58
Morecambe, by The Shrimp 17:59
Morecambe, by Sainsburys 18:00
Morecambe, o/s Rosebery Ave 18:01
Morecambe, by County Garage 18:02
Morecambe Euston Road School (Stop A) 18:04
Morecambe, by Arndale Centre 18:04
Morecambe Bus Station (Stand 3) 18:07
Joourney operates on Preston College days only.

Morecambe Bus Station - Preston Bus Station

Lancaster Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:20
Lancaster George Street (Stand D) 07:23
Lancaster Common Garden Street (Stop A) 07:25
Lancaster, opp Infirmary 07:26
Lancaster, by Pointer 07:26
Greaves, opp Sulby Drive 07:27
Greaves, by Belle Vue Terrace 07:28
Greaves, by Lily Grove 07:28
Scotforth, by Rutland Avenue 07:28
Scotforth, opp Hall Park 07:29
Scotforth, by Boot and Shoe 07:30
Scotforth, by Whinfell Drive 07:30
Bailrigg, by Health Innovation Campus 07:32
Lancaster University, by University Gates 07:34
Galgate, by Hazelrigg Lane 07:37
Galgate, o/s Police Station 07:38
Galgate, by Crossroads 07:39
Galgate, opp Plough Hotel 07:39
Hampson Green, opp Hampson Lane 07:40
Bay Horse Crossroads (by) 07:42
Forton, opp Pennine Garage 07:43
Forton Bank (by) 07:43
Forton, opp War Memorial 07:44
Forton, opp Sunny Bank Nurseries 07:45
Forton, by New Holly 07:45
Forton, opp Middle Holly Cottage 07:46
Cabus, by Station Lane 07:47
Cabus, by Claylands Park 07:48
Cabus, by Snapewood Lane 07:50
Cabus, by Gubberford Lane 07:51
Garstang, by Graham Road 07:51
Garstang, opp Green Lane 07:52
Garstang, by Wyre Lane 07:53
Garstang, by Fairfield 07:53
Garstang, by Council Offices 07:54
Garstang, by Post Office 07:54
Garstang, by Bridge Street 07:55
Bonds, by Church View Place 07:55
Bowgreave, by Oaklands 07:56
Bowgreave, opp Old Police Station 07:57
Bowgreave, o/s Garstang Academy 07:57
Bowgreave, by Calder House Lane 07:58
Catterall Gates Lane (opp) 07:59
Catterall, by Pickering Gardens 08:00
Catterall, opp Joe Lane 08:00
Catterall, adj Stubbins Lane 08:01
Catterall, by Brockholes Way 08:01
Brock, by Stanzaker Hall South 08:03
Brock, opp Barton Grange Garden Centre 08:04
Bilsborrow, by Sycamore Road 08:05
Bilsborrow, by Roebuck 08:06
North Planks, opp Primrose Cottage 08:06
North Planks, by Cottages 08:07
Barton, opp White Horse 08:08
Barton, by Jepps Lane 08:09
Barton Grange Hotel (by) 08:09
Barton, opp Grange Farm 08:10
Barton, opp Station Lane 08:10
Barton, by Amimal Centre 08:11
Broughton, opp Kingsway Court 08:12
Broughton, by Village Centre 08:13
Broughton, by Marriott Hotel 08:15
Broughton, o/s St John the Baptist Church 08:16
Fulwood, by Parklands 08:21
Fulwood, opp Brookside Road 08:23
Sharoe Green, by Booths 08:25
Sharoe Green, o/s St Clares Church 08:27
Fulwood, by St Vincents Road 08:28
Fulwood, by Preston College Grounds 08:30
Joourney operates on Preston College days only.

Timetable data from Stagecoach Cumbria, 25 June 2022

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