40B - Hollins Green, Glazebrook Ln - Lymm High Sch, Oughtrington Ln

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Hollins Green, Glazebrook Ln - Lymm High Sch, Oughtrington Ln

Martinscroft, opp Riversdale 07:03
Martinscroft M6 Bridge (NE-bound) 07:04
Rixton Brook Lane (cnr) 07:04
Rixton Holly Bush Lane (cnr) 07:05
Rixton, o/s Woodside Farm 07:06
Rixton Old Farm (o/s) 07:07
Rixton Moat Lane (cnr) 07:07
Rixton New Hall (opp) 07:08
Rixton, opp Warburton Bridge Road 07:09
Hollins Green, opp Glazebrook Lane 07:12
Hollins Green, opp Black Swan 07:14
Hollins Green, o/s Eagle & Child 07:14
Rixton Warburton Bridge Road (cnr) 07:16
Rixton New Hall (o/s) 07:17
Rixton, opp Moat Lane 07:18
Rixton Old Farm (opp) 07:18
Rixton, opp Woodside Farm 07:19
Rixton, opp Holly Bush Lane 07:20
Rixton, opp Brook Lane 07:21
Martinscroft M6 Bridge (SW-bound) 07:22
Martinscroft Weir Lane (cnr) 07:24
Martinscroft, opp Gig Lane 07:25
Woolston Monmouth Close (cnr) 07:25
Woolston, opp Rope & Anchor 07:26
Woolston, opp Holes Lane 07:29
Paddington, opp Dog & Partridge 07:29
Bruche, opp Greenway 07:31
Bruche, o/s Alford Hall 07:32
Bruche, nr Bennett Avenue 07:33
Bruche, nr Princess Avenue 07:33
Bruche, nr The Allotments 07:35
Westy Bridgewater Avenue (cnr) 07:38
Latchford, opp Powell Street 07:40
Grappenhall, o/s Latchford Locks 07:46
Thelwall, opp Richmond Avenue 07:47
Thelwall, opp Buntingford Road 07:47
Thelwall, opp Stanton Road 07:49
Thelwall Alderley Road (cnr) 07:49
Thelwall, opp Pickering Arms 07:51
Thelwall Bell Lane (NE-bound) 07:51
Thelwall Laskey Lane (cnr) 07:52
Thelwall Bridge (SE-bound) 07:53
Booth’s Hill M6 Bridge (E-bound) 07:53
Statham, opp Massey Brook Lane 07:55
Statham Barsbank Lane (cnr) 07:55
Lymm, o/s Welfare Centre 07:56
Church Green, adj Lymm Church 07:57
Church Green, opp Lymm Church 07:57
Church Green Grammar School Road (cnr) 07:59
Church Green Woodlands Avenue (cnr) 08:00
Lymm High School (o/s) 08:05

Lymm High Sch, Oughtrington Ln - Hollins Green, Glazebrook Ln

Lymm High School (o/s) 15:15
Church Green, opp Woodlands Avenue 15:17
Church Green, opp Grammar School Road 15:18
Church Green Manor Road (cnr) 15:18
Church Green, nr Lakeside Surgery 15:19
Lymm, opp Welfare Centre 15:20
Statham, opp Barsbank Lane 15:21
Statham Massey Brook Lane (cnr) 15:21
Booth’s Hill M6 Bridge (W-bound) 15:23
Thelwall Bridge (NW-bound) 15:24
Thelwall, adj Laskey Lane 15:25
Thelwall Bell Lane (SW-bound) 15:25
Thelwall, nr Pickering Arms 15:27
Thelwall Stanton Road (cnr) 15:28
Thelwall Buntingford Road (cnr) 15:29
Thelwall Richmond Avenue (cnr) 15:29
Grappenhall, opp Latchford Locks 15:31
Grappenhall Ollerton Close (cnr) 15:31
Grappenhall, opp Dog & Dart 15:32
Grappenhall, nr Albert Road 15:33
Grappenhall, adj Pilling Gardens 15:34
Latchford, o/s Kwik Save 15:34
Latchford, nr Kingsway South 15:34
Westy, opp Bridgewater Avenue 15:36
Bruche, opp Princess Avenue 15:37
Bruche, opp Bennett Avenue 15:38
Bruche Bridge (adj) 15:38
Bruche Greenway (cnr) 15:39
Paddington, o/s Dog & Partridge 15:40
Woolston, nr Holes Lane 15:41
Woolston, opp Greymist Avenue 15:41
Woolston, opp Cliftonville Road 15:41
Woolston, o/s Rope & Anchor 15:42
Woolston, opp Monmouth Close 15:42
Martinscroft Gig Lane (cnr) 15:43
Martinscroft, opp Riversdale 15:44
Martinscroft M6 Bridge (NE-bound) 15:45
Rixton Brook Lane (cnr) 15:45
Rixton Holly Bush Lane (cnr) 15:46
Rixton, o/s Woodside Farm 15:47
Rixton Old Farm (o/s) 15:47
Rixton Moat Lane (cnr) 15:48
Rixton New Hall (opp) 15:49
Rixton, opp Warburton Bridge Road 15:49
Hollins Green, opp Ye Olde Red Lion 15:51
Hollins Green, nr Black Swan 15:52
Hollins Green Glazebrook Lane (cnr) 15:53

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