417 - Chobham - Farnborough

A service operated by Stagecoach South


Monday to Friday, College Days only days

Chobham - Farnborough

Chobham Delta Road (N-bound) 07:28
Chobham Windsor Court Road (W-bound) 07:30
Chobham Bowling Green Road (W-bound) 07:30
Chobham, adj Fowlers Mead 07:31
Chobham, adj Post Office 07:32
Chobham Benhams Corner (SW-bound) 07:34
Knaphill, opp The Royal Oak 07:40
Knaphill Shops (SW-bound) 07:42
Knaphill, adj Sussex Court 07:42
Knaphill, adj The Garibaldi 07:43
Bisley, opp Foxleigh Grange 07:44
Bisley Queens Road (NW-bound) 07:45
Bisley, adj Arethusa Way 07:46
Bisley, adj Hen and Chickens 07:47
Bisley, opp School Close 07:48
Bisley, opp Oldhouse Lane 07:49
W End, opp Fellow Green 07:51
W End, adj The Inn 07:52
W End, opp Gordon's School 07:54
Lightwater, opp Blackstroud Lane West 07:56
Lightwater, opp War Memorial 07:59
Lightwater, opp Lovells Close 07:59
Lightwater Macdonald Road (SW-bound) 08:02
Lightwater, opp Corbett Drive 08:03
Heatherside, opp Green Hill Road 08:06
Heatherside, opp Hillsborough Park 08:08
Heatherside, adj Amber Hill 08:08
Heatherside, adj Kilmore Drive 08:09
Heatherside, opp Springfield Road 08:10
Frimley Prior Road (SW-bound) 08:12
Frimley, adj Golf Drive 08:12
Frimley, adj Longmeadow 08:14
Frimley, opp Brackendale Close 08:14
Frimley, adj The Grove 08:16
Frimley, opp Sheridan Road 08:19
Frimley, opp Johnson's Wax 08:20
Frimley Green, adj Worsley Road 08:21
Frimley Green, opp Frimley C of E School 08:22
Frimley Green, o/s The Old Wheatsheaf 08:23
Frimley Green, opp The Green 08:25
Frimley Green Sturt Road (S-bound) 08:25
Mytchett, opp The Miners Arms 08:27
Mytchett, o/s Convenience Store 08:28
Mytchett Crossroads (NW-bound) 08:30
Mytchett, opp Coleford Close 08:30
Mytchett Hamesmoor Road (NW-bound) 08:32
Hawley Lane Prince Charles Crescent (NW-bound) 08:39
Hawley Lane Oaken Copse Crescent (W-bound) 08:40
Hawley Lane Sand Hill (S-bound) 08:41
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop C) 08:43s
Farnborough Empress Avenue (SW-bound) 08:44
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop M) 08:48
Farnborough Oak Road (Stop E) 08:49
Farnborough Park College of Technology (S-bound) 08:50

Farnborough - Chobham

S Farnborough, opp College of Technology 16:25
Farnborough Park Rushmoor Council Offices (N-bound) 16:26
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop L) 16:29
Farnborough Napoleon Avenue (NE-bound) 16:31
Farnborough Green Prospect Avenue (Stop E) 16:31
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop C) 16:35
Farnborough Green Bradfords Garage (N-bound) 16:36
Mytchett Hamesmoor Road (SE-bound) 16:41
Mytchett, adj Coleford Close 16:42
Mytchett Crossroads (N-bound) 16:47
Mytchett, opp Convenience Store 16:48
Mytchett, o/s The Miners Arms 16:49
Frimley Green Sturt Road (N-bound) 16:50
Frimley Green, adj The Green 16:52
Frimley Green, opp The Old Wheatsheaf 16:52
Frimley Green, o/s Frimley C of E School 16:53
Frimley Green, opp Worsley Road 16:53
Frimley, adj Johnson's Wax 16:54
Frimley, adj Sheridan Road 16:55
Frimley Church Road (SW-bound) 16:55
Frimley, opp The Grove 16:58
Frimley, adj Brackendale Close 16:58
Frimley, opp Longmeadow 17:00
Frimley, opp Golf Drive 17:00
Frimley Prior Road (NE-bound) 17:00
Heatherside, adj Springfield Road 17:02
Heatherside, opp Kilmore Drive 17:03
Heatherside, opp Amber Hill 17:04
Heatherside, adj Hillsborough Park 17:04
Heatherside, adj Green Hill Road 17:05
Lightwater, adj Corbett Drive 17:08
Lightwater Macdonald Road (NE-bound) 17:09
Lightwater, adj Lovells Close 17:11
Lightwater, nr War Memorial 17:12
Lightwater, adj Blackstroud Lane West 17:13
W End, adj Gordon's School 17:14
W End, opp The Inn 17:15
W End, adj Fellow Green 17:16
Bisley, adj Oldhouse Lane 17:17
Bisley, adj School Close 17:18
Bisley, opp Hen and Chickens 17:19
Bisley, opp Arethusa Way 17:19
Bisley, opp Queens Road 17:20
Bisley, adj Foxleigh Grange 17:21
Knaphill, opp The Garibaldi 17:22
Knaphill, opp Sussex Court 17:23
Knaphill Shops (NE-bound) 17:24
Knaphill, adj The Royal Oak 17:25
Chobham Benhams Corner (NE-bound) 17:32
Chobham Delta Road (N-bound) 17:34
Chobham Windsor Court Road (W-bound) 17:35
Chobham Bowling Green Road (W-bound) 17:35
Chobham, adj Fowlers Mead 17:36
Chobham, adj Post Office 17:37
Chobham Benhams Corner (SW-bound) 17:38

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 29 November 2021

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