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42 - Abronhill - Morgan Stanley

A bus service operated by Canavan Travel



Abronhill, before Oak Road 05:20
Abronhill, opp Hawthorn Road 05:20
Abronhill, before Almond Road 05:21
Abronhill, before Blackthorn Road 05:21
Abronhill, opp Chestnut Avenue 05:22
Abronhill, after Pine Place 05:23
Abronhill, opp Rowan Road 05:24
Abronhill, opp Cedar Road 05:25
Abronhill, opp Medlar Road 05:26
Abronhill, opp Laburnum Road 05:26
Kildrum, after Kenmore Road 05:28
Kildrum, before MacLehose Road 05:29
Kildrum, opp Meadow View 05:30
Kildrum, opp Braehead Road 05:30
Cumbernauld, at Asda 05:33
Cumbernauld Town Centre stances (stance 5) 05:35
Cumbernauld, at Roundabout at Town Centre 05:35
Greenfaulds High School (at) 05:38
Condorrat, before Avonhead Road 05:40
Condorrat, opp Archray Road 05:40
Condorrat, opp Etive Drive 05:40
Condorrat, by Myvot Road 05:41
Condorrat, at Kirkview 05:41
Condorrat, before North Road 05:41
Blackwood, after Hunt Hill roundabout 17:35
Westfield, opp St Maurices Sec School 05:42
Westfield, opp Atholl Drive 05:42
Westfield, before Mollins Road 05:45
Westfield, opp Drum Mains Park 05:48
Westfield, after Little Drum Road 17:37
Westfield, opp Little Drum Road 05:50
Westfield, after Drum Mains Park 17:38
Westfield, after Mollins Road 17:40
Westfield, before Broadwood Roundabout 17:41
Westfield, at St Maurices Sec School 17:42
Condorrat, at Airdrie Road 17:43
Condorrat, opp Kirkview 17:43
Condorrat, by Etive Crescent 17:44
Condorrat, opp Drumpellier Avenue 17:44
Condorrat, after Archray Road 17:44
Condorrat Interchange (before) 17:45
Greenfaulds High School (opp) 17:46
Cumbernauld, before Roundabout at Town Centre 17:48
Cumbernauld Town Centre Stances (stance 3) 17:50
Cumbernauld, opp Asda 17:51
Kildrum, at Braehead Road Underpass 17:53
Kildrum, after Meadow View 17:55
Kildrum, opp Glencairn Road 17:55
Kildrum, opp Kenmore Road 17:56
Abronhill, before Alder Road 17:58
Abronhill, before Cedar Road 17:58
Abronhill, before Hazel Road 17:59
Abronhill, before Rowan Road 18:00
Abronhill, opp Pine Place 18:01
Abronhill, opp Hornbeam Road 18:02
Abronhill, after Blackthorn Road 18:03
Abronhill, opp Elm Drive 18:03
Abronhill, by Gean Court 18:04
Abronhill, opp Oak Road 18:05


Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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