421 - Barnsley Interchange - Penistone

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Monday to Friday, School Days Only days only

Barnsley Interchange - Penistone

Barnsley Interchange/A5 (A5) 07:00
Barnsley, nr Eldon Street/Market Hill 07:01
Barnsley, at Shambles Street/Peel Parade 07:02
Barnsley, adj Dodworth Road/Lancaster Street 07:04
Barnsley, adj Dodworth Road/Dean Street 07:04
Pogmoor, adj Dodworth Road/Shaw Lane 07:06
Pogmoor, adj Dodworth Road/St. Hilda Avenue 07:07
Dodworth Road/Pogmoor Road (nr) 07:07
Pogmoor, adj Dodworth Road/Hunters Avenue 07:09
Dodworth, adj Barnsley Road/South Road 07:11
Dodworth, adj Barnsley Road/Park Hill Grove 07:12
Dodworth, adj Mitchelson Avenue/Barnsley Road 07:13
Dodworth, opp Mitchelson Avenue/Hawthorne Crescent 07:14
Dodworth, nr Station Road/Mitchelson Avenue 07:14
Silkstone, adj Barnsley Road/Vicarage Farm Court 07:19
Silkstone, opp High Street/Martin Croft 07:20
Silkstone, opp High Street/Barnsley Road 07:20
Silkstone, adj Cone Lane/High Street 07:21
Silkstone Common, adj Cone Lane/Beacon Hill 07:23
Silkstone Common, opp Knabbs Lane/Moorend Lane 07:24
Silkstone Common, adj Knabbs Lane/Woodland View 07:24
Oxspring, at Coates Lane/Copster Lane 07:28
Oxspring, opp Bower Hill/Manor Lane 07:29
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/Bower Hill 07:30
Oxspring, nr Sheffield Road/Roughbirchworth Lane 07:30
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/Willow Lane 07:30
Oxspring, adj Sheffield Road/East Road 07:31
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Longley Ings 07:32
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Don Street 07:33
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Green Road 07:34
Spring Vale, adj Green Road/Castle Street 07:36
Penistone, opp Green Road/Ward Street 07:37
Penistone, adj Green Road/The Green 07:38
Penistone, opp High Street/Unwin Street 07:40
Penistone, at Market Place/St Mary's Street 07:42
Penistone, opp Huddersfield Road/Barnsley Road 07:45
Penistone Grammar School Bus Park/Huddersfield R (at) 07:48
This journey is for school children only and not general public.

Penistone - Barnsley Interchange

Penistone Grammar School Bus Park/Huddersfield R (at) 15:05
Penistone, adj Bridge Street/Wentworth Road 15:09
Penistone, at Market Place/St Mary's Street 15:12
Penistone, at Green Road/The Green 15:14
Penistone, adj Green Road/Ward Street 15:15
Spring Vale, opp Green Road/Castle Lane 15:16
Spring Vale, adj Green Road/Green Acres 15:17
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Green Road 15:18
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Knowles Street 15:18
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Longley Ings 15:19
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/East Road 15:20
Oxspring, adj Sheffield Road/Willow Lane 15:20
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/Roughbirchworth Lane 15:21
Oxspring, nr Sheffield Road/Bower Hill 15:22
Oxspring, adj Bower Hill/Manor Lane 15:22
Oxspring, opp Coates Lane/Copster Lane 15:23
Silkstone Common, opp Knabbs Lane/Woodland View 15:27
Silkstone Common, adj Knabbs Lane/Cone Lane 15:28
Silkstone Common, opp Cone Lane/Beacon Hill 15:28
Silkstone, adj High Street/Barnsley Road 15:30
Silkstone, adj High Street/Martin Croft 15:32
Silkstone, opp Barnsley Road/Vicarage Farm Court 15:32
Dodworth, opp Barnsley Road/Fall Bank Crescent 15:36
Dodworth, adj Mitchelson Avenue/Hawthorne Crescent 15:37
Dodworth, adj Barnsley Road/Higham Lane 15:37
Dodworth, opp Barnsley Road/Park Hill Grove 15:38
Dodworth, opp Barnsley Road/South Road 15:39
Pogmoor, adj Dodworth Road/Crown Hill Road 15:42
Dodworth Road/Pogmoor Road (adj) 15:43
Pogmoor, adj Dodworth Road/May Terrace 15:44
Pogmoor, opp Dodworth Road/Shaw Lane 15:45
Barnsley, opp Dodworth Road/Alma Street 15:46
Barnsley, adj Shambles Street/Sackville Street 15:48
Barnsley, adj Shambles Street/St Marys Gate 15:48
Barnsley, adj Regent Street/County Way 15:50
Barnsley Interchange/A5 (A5) 15:52
This journey is for school children only and not general public.

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 18 November 2020

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