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425 - Ilford - Manor Park - Stratford - Mile End - Victoria Park - Homerton Hospital - Clapton, Nightingale Road

A bus service operated by Stagecoach London


Timetable changes from Saturday 5 September 2020

Lower Clapton Nightingale Road (E5) (Stop N) 00:10
Lower Clapton Lea Bridge Roundabout (Stop B) 00:10
Lower Clapton Clapton Pond (Stop E) 00:11
Millfields Road Lower Clapton (Stop G) 00:11
Lower Clapton Clapton Girls' Tech College (Stop M) 00:12
Hackney Jack Dunning Estate (Stop X) 00:12
Hackney The City Academy (Stop P) 00:13
Homerton Ponsford Street (Stop A) 00:13
S Hackney Valentine Road (Stop M) 00:14
S Hackney Terrace Road (Stop T) 00:14
S Hackney Church Crescent (Stop X) 00:15
S Hackney Penshurst Road (Stop W) 00:16
S Hackney Victoria Park Road (Stop V) 00:16
Globe Town Victoria Park (Stop W) 00:17
Globe Town Roman Road (Stop X) 00:18
Globe Town St Barnabas Church (E3) (Stop Y) 00:18
Globe Town Arbery Road (Stop Z) 00:19
Mile End Lichfield Road (->S) 00:20
Mile End Station Bow Road (Stop H) 00:21
Mile End (Stop D) 00:22
Mile End Coborn Road (Stop L) 00:23
Bow Road Station (Stop Y) 00:24
Bow Church Station (Stop A) 00:25
Bow Church (Stop M) 00:26
Stratford Marshgate Lane (Stop W) 00:28
Stratford Warton Road (Stop M) 00:29
Stratford H StCarpenters Road (Stop N) 00:31
Stratford Bus Station (Stop B) 00:33
Stratford Centre (Stop G) 00:34
Stratford Litchfield Avenue (Stop MJ) 00:35
Stratford Water Lane / University Of East London (Stop MK) 00:36
Forest Gate Atherton Leisure Centre (->E) 00:37
Forest Gate Margery Park Road (Stop N) 00:38
Forest Gate Woodgrange Road (Stop F) 00:39
Forest Gate Green Street (Stop P) 00:41
Katherine Road Forest Gate (->E) 00:41
Manor Park Shrewsbury Road Romford (->E) 00:42
Manor Park Woodgrange Park Station (Stop H) 00:43
High Street North Manor Park (Stop E) 00:44
Manor Park First Avenue (E12) (Stop K) 00:44
Manor Park Rabbits Road (Stop L) 00:45
Little Ilford Seventh Avenue (Stop M) 00:46
Little Ilford Lane (Stop N) 00:47
Little Ilford North Circular Road Ilford (Stop P) 00:47
Ilford Hill (Stop F) 00:48
Ilford Chapel Road (Stop P) 00:49
Ilford Redbridge Central Library (Stop R) 00:50
Ilford Hainault Street (Stop S) 00:51

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Stagecoach London