428 - Bus Depot - Bridge or Church

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Summercourt - St Austell - St Blazey - Lostwithiel - Looe

Summercourt, opposite Bus Depot 07:0308:10
Brighton Cross Roundabout A3058 (E-bound) 07:0708:14
Brighton Cross, opp Parkins 07:0808:15
Menna Cottage (SE-bound) 07:0908:16
St Stephen Creakavose (E-bound) 07:1308:20
St Stephen Dabryn Way (SE-bound) 07:1308:20
St Stephen Gwindra Road (SE-bound) 07:1408:21
St Stephen Long Lane (E-bound) 07:1508:22
High Street Peters Hill (E-bound) 07:1808:25
Lanjeth The Old School (E-bound) 07:1908:26
Lanjeth, opp Burngullow Turn 07:2008:27
Trewoon, opp Tremewan 07:2208:29
Trewoon Stores (SE-bound) 07:2308:30
Trewoon, opp St Mewan Turn 07:2308:30
Trewoon Trevarno Close (E-bound) 07:2408:31
St Austell, opp Edgcumbe Green 07:2408:31
St Austell Trevone Crescent (S-bound) 07:2508:32
St Austell Four Turnings (NE-bound) 07:2608:33
St Austell White River Cinema (SE-bound) 07:2808:35
St Austell South Street (NE-bound) 07:2908:36
St Austell Kings Avenue (N-bound) 07:2908:37
St Austell Bus Station (Stand D) 07:3007:3108:39
St Austell Alexandra Road (E-bound) 07:32
Mount Charles, opp Alexandra Terrace 07:34
Mount Charles Victoria Road (E-bound) 07:35
Holmbush Inn (E-bound) 07:39
Holmbush Gwallon Keas (NE-bound) 07:39
Holmbush Tregrehan Turn (E-bound) 07:41
St Blazey Gate St Austell Road (NE-bound) 07:42
St Blazey Gate Mid Cornwall Galleries (E-bound) 07:43
St Blazey Gate, opp Four Lords 07:44
St Blazey, opp Doubletrees School 07:45
St Blazey Gate, opp Landreath Steps 07:46
St Blazey, opp Polgrean Place 07:47
St Blazey Post Office (N-bound) 07:47
St Blazey Bridge Street (NE-bound) 07:48
Tywardreath Highway Grove Parc (NE-bound) 07:50
Penpillick Farm (opp) 07:51
Lanlivery Fowey Cross (N-bound) 07:54
Lanlivery Pelyn Cross (NE-bound) 07:55
Lostwithiel The Royal Talbot (NE-bound) 07:58
Lostwithiel Cott Road (NE-bound) 08:00

Looe - Lostwithiel - St Blazey - St Austell - Summercourt

Lostwithiel Cott Road (NE-bound) 18:40
Lostwithiel, opp The Royal Talbot 18:42
Lanlivery Pelyn Cross (SW-bound) 18:45
Lanlivery Fowey Cross (S-bound) 18:46
Penpillick Farm (S-bound) 18:48
Tywardreath Highway, opp Grove Parc 18:50
St Blazey Bridge Street (SW-bound) 18:51
St Blazey, opp Post Office 18:52
St Blazey Polgrean Place (S-bound) 18:53
St Blazey Gate Landreath Steps (SW-bound) 18:53
St Blazey Doubletrees School (SW-bound) 18:55
St Blazey Gate Four Lords (W-bound) 18:56
St Blazey Gate, opp Mid Cornwall Galleries 18:56
St Blazey Gate Rear Cornish Market World (SW-bound) 18:57
Holmbush, opp Tregrehan Turn 18:57
Mount Charles Victoria Road (W-bound) 19:01
Mount Charles Alexandra Terrace (W-bound) 19:01
St Austell Alexandra Road (W-bound) 19:02
St Austell Kings Avenue (N-bound) 19:02
St Austell Bus Station (Stand A) 17:3519:03
St Austell South Street (SW-bound) 17:3719:05
St Austell, opp White River Cinema 17:3819:06
St Austell Four Turnings (SW-bound) 17:3819:06
St Austell, opp Trevone Crescent 17:3819:06
St Austell Edgcumbe Green (W-bound) 17:3819:06
Trewoon Trevarno Close (W-bound) 17:3919:07
Trewoon St Mewan Turn (NW-bound) 17:4119:09
Trewoon Stores (NW-bound) 17:4219:10
Trewoon Tremewan (W-bound) 17:4219:10
Lanjeth Burngullow Turn (W-bound) 17:4419:12
Lanjeth The Old School (W-bound) 17:4519:13
High Street, opp Peters Hill 17:4619:14
St Stephen Long Lane (W-bound) 17:4819:16
St Stephen Gwindra Road (NW-bound) 17:4919:17
St Stephen Dabryn Way (NW-bound) 17:4919:17
St Stephen, opp Creakavose 17:5019:18
Menna Cottage (opp) 17:5219:20
Brighton Cross Parkins (W-bound) 17:5419:22
Brighton Cross Roundabout A3058 (W-bound) 17:5419:22
Summercourt Bus Depot (NW-bound) 17:5719:27
Summercourt, opp London Inn 17:5819:29

Timetable data from Travel Cornwall/Bus Open Data Service, 30 March 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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