43 - Stockton Heath, Methodist Church - Upton Rocks, Hillcrest

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Monday to Friday, Cronton & Riverside days

Stockton Heath, Methodist Church - Upton Rocks, Hillcrest

Upton Rocks, Hillcrest - Stockton Heath, Methodist Church

Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:40
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 16:40
Farnworth Buckingham Avenue 16:41
Farnworth Pit Lane 16:42
Farnworth Widnes Station 16:43
Victoria Park Birchfield Road 16:44
Victoria Park Horse & Jockey 16:45
Widnes, adj Vicarage Road 16:48
Widnes Kingsway Hotel 16:48
Widnes Ashley Way 16:48
Waterloo Centre 16:49
W Bank Irwell Street/the Bridge 16:50
Castle Rise Sea Lane 16:58
Castle Rise Halfway House 16:58
Castle Rise Iron Bridge 16:59
Halton Brook Saxon Road 17:00
Halton Brook Duncan Avenue 17:01
Halton Brook Latham Avenue 17:02
Grange Jubilee House 17:05
Grange Cherry Tree 17:05
Grange Laburnam Grove 17:05
Grange Cypress Grove 17:06
Grange Halton Lodge 17:08
Palace Fields Halton Lea North 17:10
Palace Fields Halton Lea South 17:13
Halton Village The Brow 17:15
Halton Village Rolands Walk 17:15
Halton Village Castlefields Ctr. 17:17
Halton Village The Park 17:18
Norton Priory 17:20
Windmill Hill Southwood Avenue 17:21
Windmill Hill Newburgh Close 17:22
Windmill Hill Adlington 17:23
Windmill Hill East 17:23
Norton Sandymoor Lane 17:25
Norton Pitts Heath 17:26
Norton Dorchester 17:27
Norton Steventon 17:27
Norton Wharford Lane 17:27
Norton Selby Close 17:28
Keckwick Calmington Lane 17:28
Halton Moss Keckwick Lane 17:29
Moore Runcorn Road 17:29
Moore Six Acre Lane 17:30
Moore Red Lion 17:31
Moore Canalside 17:31
Moore Lane 17:32
Acton Grange, nr Porch-house Farm 17:33
Higher Walton, o/s The Vicarage 17:35
Walton, opp Stag Inn 17:37
Walton, adj Stag Inn 17:38
Stockton Heath, opp Methodist Church 17:40

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