437 - Holmfirth - Wakefield

A service operated by Yorkshire Tiger


Wakefield Bus Station stand 17 07:44
Wakefield Westgate (stop W2) 07:45
Wakefield Westgate (Stop W8) 07:46
Wakefield, at Cathedral Retail Pk 07:48
Wakefield Denby Dale Road Avondale St 07:49
Thornes, adj Denby Dale Road Clarence Park 07:51
Thornes Lane 07:52
Thornes, adj Denby Dale Road Holmfield Ln 07:52
Thornes Denby Dale Road Office Park 07:52
Thornes, adj Denby Dale Rd Calder Island Way 07:53
Thornes Denby Dale Road Calder Bridge (S-bound) 07:53
Thornes, adj Denby Dale Road Pugneys Country Park 07:54
Durkar Denby Dale Road Wadhouse Ln 07:56
Durkar, adj Denby Dale Road Denby Dale Rd East 07:56
Durkar Denby Dale Road Roundabout 07:57
Calder Grove, after Cedar Court Hotel 07:59
Calder Grove Post Office (W-bound) 07:59
Great Cliff, at British Oak PH 08:00
Great Cliff, adj Denby Dale Road Branch Rd 08:01
W Bretton, adj Denby Dale Road Bullcliff Grange 08:04
W Bretton, at Denby Dale Rd Huddersfield Road 08:05
W Bretton Denby Dale Road Bower Hill (SW-bound) 08:07
Clayton West Wakefield Rd Litherop Lane 08:09
Clayton West, adj Wakefield Rd Manor Road 08:12
Clayton West Long Lane Wakefield Rd 08:12
Clayton West, opp Kirklees Light Railway Station 08:13
Clayton West Shoulder Of Mutton 08:14
Clayton West, opp Chapel Hill Victoria St 08:14
Clayton West, after Chapel Hill Duke Wood Road 08:16
Clayton West, adj Barnsley Road Springfield Ave 08:16
Scissett Wakefield Road Church 08:19
Scissett Wakefield Rd Bagden Lane 08:19
Skelmanthorpe, adj Commercial Rd Windmill Crescent 08:22
Skelmanthorpe, adj Commercial Road Barrowstead 08:23
Skelmanthorpe, opp Commercial Road Queen St 08:23
Skelmanthorpe, adj Commercial Road New St 08:24
Skelmanthorpe The Grove Inn 08:25
Skelmanthorpe Huddersfield Road Reservoir view 08:26
Shelley College (stop 4) 08:28
Skelmanthorpe Huddersfield Road Reservoir View 08:28
Skelmanthorpe, after Cumberworth Rd Huddersfield Rd 08:29
Skelmanthorpe, adj Cumberworth Rd Dene Road 08:30
Lower Cumberworth Ponker Lane Woodhouse Ln 08:31
Lower Cumberworth Shelley Woodhouse Lane Foresters 08:32
Lower Cumberworth Wither Wood 08:32
Lower Cumberworth Cumberworth Lane Bromley Park 08:33
Denby Dale, opp War Memorial 08:34
Denby Dale Wakefield Rd Wesley Terrace 08:35
Denby Dale, opp Railway Station 08:35
Denby Dale, opp Rockwood House 08:36
Upper Cumberworth Barnsley Road Eunice Ln (stop) 08:37
Upper Cumberworth, adj The Star Inn 08:38
Upper Cumberworth Barnsley Road Rowgate 08:38
Upper Cumberworth, opp Barnsley Road Jane Well 08:38
Shepley, after Sovereign Inn Penistone Road 08:40
Shepley, adj Lane Head Rd Cliffe Rd 08:41
Shepley, opp Marsh Lane Library 08:42
Shepley Marsh Lane Cliffe Rd 08:42
Shepley, at Marsh Lane Marsh Court 08:42
Shepley Marsh Lane Long Close Ln 08:43
Shepley Marsh Lane Row Gate 08:44
Shepley Penistone Rd Marsh Lane 08:44
New Mill Penistone Rd Gate Foot Lane 08:45
New Mill Penistone Rd Hollin House Lane (stop) 08:47
New Mill Penistone Rd Church Street 08:48
New Mill, adj Holmfirth Road Greenhill Bank Rd 08:49
New Mill, at Holmfirth Rd Moorcroft Park Dr 08:49
Wooldale, adj Holmfirth Rd Kirkroyds Lane 08:50
Wooldale, adj New Mill Rd Bromley Avenue 08:51
Wooldale New Mill Rd Robert Lane 08:51
Wooldale New Mill Rd Rosegarth Avenue 08:52
Wooldale, adj New Mill Rd Bank Lane 08:53
Holmfirth Station Road Town End Rd 08:55
Holmfirth, opp Station Rd Bridge Lane 08:56
Holmfirth Bus Station stans B (Stand B) 08:57

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