44 - Skegness - Grimsby

A bus service operated by Hunts Coaches


Tuesdays until Tuesday 6 December 2022


Skegness, adj Lincolnshire Imp Cafe 09:00
Skegness, adj Lumley Avenue 09:02
Skegness, adj Tower Cinema 09:04
Skegness, opp Embassy Centre 09:05
Skegness, opp Scarborough Esplanade 09:05
Skegness, adj County Hotel 09:05
Skegness, opp Seal Sanctuary 09:06
Skegness, adj The Seaview PH 09:06
Skegness, opp St Andrews Drive 09:06
Skegness, opp Muirfield Drive 09:07
Skegness, adj Elmhirst Avenue 09:08
Skegness, opp North Shore Road 09:08
Winthorpe, adj West Way 09:08
Winthorpe, adj Church Lane 09:09
Winthorpe Avenue (opp) 09:10
Winthorpe, opp Seathorne Crescent 09:10
Winthorpe, adj Stows Caravan Site 09:10
Ingoldmells, opp Butlins Main Gate 09:11
Ingoldmells, opp Butlins 09:11
Ingoldmells, adj Cherry Tree PH 09:12
Ingoldmells, opp Coronation Road 09:12
Ingoldmells, adj Fantasy Island 09:13
Ingoldmells, opp The Villager PH 09:14
Ingoldmells, opp Police Station 09:15
Ingoldmells, adj St Paul's Church 09:15
Ingoldmells, adj Church Lane 09:15
Chapel St Leonards Rectory Lane (NW-bound) 09:16
Chapel St Leonards, adj Trunch Lane 09:16
Chapel St Leonards, adj Kings Caravan Park 09:17
Chapel St Leonards, adj Holiday Camp 09:17
Chapel St Leonards, o/s Golden Palm Resort 09:18
Chapel St Leonards, opp Eastview Close 09:18
Chapel St Leonards Bus Station 09:20
Chapel St Leonards, adj Buckingham Drv 09:21
Chapel St Leonards, opp Phoenix Care Centre 09:22
Chapel Point, opp Acacia Avenue 09:25
Chapel St Leonards St Leonards Drive (SW-bound) 09:27
Chapel St Leonards, opp Elizabeth Drive 09:28
Hogsthorpe, opp Community Centre 09:35
Hogsthorpe, adj Saracens Head PH 09:35
Hogsthorpe, opp Bracken Lane 09:37
Mumby, opp Pine Hill House 09:43
Mumby, adj Washdyke Lane 09:45
Mumby, opp Thrumber Marsh Lane 09:45
Thurlby Motors (opp) 09:47
Bilsby, adj Needhams Meadow 09:49
Bilsby, adj Spar Shop 09:50
Alford, adj Spendluffe Avenue 09:53
Alford, o/s Library 09:55
Alford, opp Recreation Ground 09:55
Alford, opp South Street 09:55
Alford, opp 1 Hamilton Road 09:55
Alford, o/s Queen Elizabeth School 09:56
Ulceby Cross, opp Garage 10:00
Swaby, opp Church Lane 10:03
Walmsgate, opp Letter Box 10:05
Burwell, opp Stags Head PH 10:07
Utterby, opp Ings Lane 10:18
Utterby, adj Church Lane 10:18
Utterby, opp Chapel Lane 10:19
Utterby, opp The Poplars 10:19
North Thoresby, opp Granby Inn 10:28
Grainsby Lane Crossroads (N-bound) 10:29
Holton le Clay Waithe Crossroads (Northbound) 10:31
New Waltham, opp Hawthorne Avenue 10:36
New Waltham Louth Road (opp 411) 10:36
Grimsby, adj Abbey Walk 10:45


Grimsby, adj Abbey Walk 13:00
New Waltham Louth Road (o/s 411) 13:05
New Waltham, adj Hawthorne Avenue 13:05
Holton le Clay Waithe Crossroads (Southbound) 13:08
Grainsby Lane Crossroads (S-bound) 13:09
North Thoresby, o/s Granby Inn 13:10
Utterby, adj The Poplars 13:19
Utterby, adj Chapel Lane 13:21
Utterby, opp Church Lane 13:21
Utterby, adj Ings Lane 13:21
Burwell, adj Stags Head PH 13:35
Walmsgate, adj Letter Box 13:37
Swaby, adj Church Lane 13:40
Ulceby Cross, adj Garage 13:45
Alford, opp Queen Elizabeth School 13:50
Alford, o/s Methodist Church 13:50
Alford, o/s Library 13:50
Alford, opp Recreation Ground 13:51
Alford, opp South Street 13:51
Alford, opp 1 Hamilton Road 13:52
Alford, o/s Methodist Church 13:52
Alford, opp Spendluffe Avenue 13:53
Bilsby, opp Spar Shop 13:55
Bilsby, opp Needhams Meadow 13:55
Thurlby Motors (adj) 13:57
Mumby, adj Thrumber Marsh Lane 13:59
Mumby, opp Washdyke Lane 14:00
Mumby, adj Pine Hill House 14:00
Hogsthorpe, adj Bracken Lane 14:04
Hogsthorpe, adj Telephone Box 14:05
Hogsthorpe, o/s Community Centre 14:05
Chapel St Leonards, adj Elizabeth Drive 14:08
Chapel St Leonards St Leonards Drive (NE-bound) 14:08
Chapel St Leonards, adj Methodist Church 14:08
Chapel Point, adj Acacia Avenue 14:10
Chapel St Leonards, o/s Phoenix Care Centre 14:11
Chapel St Leonards, opp Buckingham Drv 14:12
Chapel St Leonards Bus Station 14:15
Chapel St Leonards, adj Eastview Close 14:16
Chapel St Leonards, opp Golden Palm Resort 14:17
Chapel St Leonards, opp Holiday Camp 14:18
Chapel St Leonards, opp Kings Caravan Park 14:19
Chapel St Leonards Trunch Lane (S-bound) 14:20
Chapel St Leonards Rectory Lane (SE-bound) 14:20
Ingoldmells, opp Church Lane 14:22
Ingoldmells, opp St Paul's Church 14:23
Ingoldmells, adj Glebe Park 14:23
Ingoldmells, adj Police Station 14:25
Ingoldmells, adj The Villager PH 14:26
Ingoldmells, opp Fantasy Island 14:26
Ingoldmells, adj Coronation Road 14:27
Ingoldmells, opp Cherry Tree PH 14:28
Ingoldmells, adj Butlins 14:29
Ingoldmells, adj Butlins Main Gate 14:29
Ingoldmells, opp Wall's Lane 14:30
Winthorpe, opp Stows Caravan Site 14:30
Winthorpe, adj Seathorne Crescent 14:31
Winthorpe Avenue (adj) 14:32
Winthorpe, opp Seathorne Primary School 14:32
Winthorpe, opp Church Lane 14:33
Winthorpe, opp West Way 14:34
Skegness, opp Elmhirst Avenue 14:34
Skegness, adj Muirfield Drive 14:35
Skegness, adj Hoylake Drive 14:36
Skegness, adj St Andrews Drive 14:36
Skegness, opp The Seaview PH 14:37
Skegness, adj Seal Sanctuary 14:38
Skegness, opp County Hotel 14:38
Skegness, adj Scarborough Esplanade 14:39
Skegness, adj Embassy Centre 14:40
Skegness, adj Beresford Avenue 14:41
Skegness, opp Lumley Avenue 14:42
Skegness, adj Lincolnshire Imp Cafe 14:45

Timetable data from Hunts Coaches/Bus Open Data Service, 20 October 2022. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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