44 - Shotgate - Basildon - Laindon

A bus service operated by NIBSbuses


Monday to Friday

Shotgate, o/s Nelsons Coach Station 07:08
Shotgate, adj Uxbridge Close 07:08
Shotgate, adj Woodberry Way 07:09
Shotgate, opp Fulmar Way 07:09
Shotgate, o/s Post Office 07:11
Shotgate, opp Alicia Avenue 07:11
Wickford, opp Highcliffe Road 07:12
Wickford, adj Wick Lane 07:13
Wickford, adj South Beech Avenue 07:13
Wickford, opp The Swans 07:16
Wickford Halls Corner (S-bound) 07:20
Wickford, opp Laburnum Avenue 07:20
Wickford, adj Park Drive 07:21
Wickford, opp Bromfords Drive 07:22
Wickford Tye Corner (SW-bound) 07:23
Wickford, opp Bromfords Farm 07:24
Basildon, o/s Sainsbury Store 07:27
Basildon, opp Paycocke Road 07:27
Basildon, opp Cranes Farm Road 07:28
Basildon, opp Grimston Road 07:30
Basildon, adj Barrington Gardens 07:30
Basildon, opp The Jolly Friar 07:31
Basildon, opp Matching Green 07:32
Basildon, adj Maplestead 07:32
Basildon, adj Quilters Straight 07:33
Basildon, adj The Hatherley 07:34
Basildon, opp The Upway 07:34
Basildon, adj Methersgate 07:35
Basildon Honeypot Lane (W-bound) 07:36
Basildon, adj Audley Way 07:36
Basildon, adj Long Riding 07:37
Basildon, opp Asda Eastgate 07:38
Basildon Bus Station (Stand P) 07:40
Basildon Laindon Link (SW-bound) 07:41
Basildon, adj Staneway 07:42
Langdon Hills, adj Victoria Avenue 07:46
Langdon Hills, opp Shelsley Drive 07:47
Langdon Hills, adj The Triangle 07:48
Langdon Hills, adj Samuel Road 07:48
Laindon, opp Police Station 07:50
Laindon, adj Wrexham Road 07:51
Laindon, opp Tillingham Green 07:51
Laindon, opp Rowanhall 07:52
Laindon, opp Fraser Close 07:53
Laindon, opp Menzies Avenue 07:54
Laindon, opp Hoover Drive 07:54
Laindon High Road (adj) 07:57
Laindon, adj Basildon Drive 07:58
Laindon, opp Leinster Road 07:58
Basildon, adj Pound Lane 07:59
Basildon St Nicholas Lane (E-bound) 08:00
Basildon Upper Mayne (N-bound) 08:01
Laindon, opp Sweet Briar Drive 08:04
Laindon, opp Osier Drive 08:06
Laindon, adj Dunton Road 08:06
Laindon Old Fortune (N-bound) 08:06
Great Burstead, adj St Agnes Road 08:07
Great Burstead, opp Noak Hill Close 08:08
Great Burstead, opp Church Street 08:09
Great Burstead, o/s Blackmore Farm 08:09
Billericay, adj Laindon Common 08:10
Billericay, o/s School 08:12
Billericay, adj Weir Wynd 08:13
Billericay Sun Corner (N-bound) 08:16
Billericay, opp The Chequers 08:18
Billericay, o/s St John's School 08:22
Billericay, opp Headley Road 08:23
Billericay, o/s Bush Hall Stores 08:23
Billericay Mayflower (W-bound) 08:25
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Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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