44 - Wavertree, Clock Tower - Milton Road, Halton College

A service operated by Warrington’s Own Buses


Wavertree, Clock Tower - Milton Road, Halton College

Wavertree, adj Mill Lane 07:53
Childwall, adj Abbeystead Road 07:54
Childwall, adj Queens Drive 07:55
Childwall, adj Queens Drive 07:55
Childwall Mount Road (opp) 07:56
Childwall, nr Score Lane 07:57
Childwall, adj Bentham Drive 07:57
Belle Vale, opp Hartsbourne Avenue 07:58
Belle Vale, adj Sandbrook Road 07:59
Belle Vale, adj Sarum Road 08:00
Belle Vale, opp Mildenhall Road 08:01
Belle Vale, opp Chislehurst Avenue 08:01
Belle Vale Interchange (Stop B) 08:03
Belle Vale, opp Runton Road 08:03
Netherley, nr Garden Lodge Grove 08:05
Netherley, adj Middlemiss Hey 08:06
Netherley, opp Glebe Hey 08:06
Woodlands, nr Peckmill Green 08:07
Woodlands, nr Winster Drive 08:08
N End, o/s No. 1 08:08
Halewood, adj Gerrards Lane 08:09
Halewood, adj Redwing Way 08:09
Halewood, nr Foxglove Avenue 08:10
Halewood, adj Harrier Drive 08:10
Halewood, opp Trispen Close 08:11
Halewood, nr Totnes Avenue 08:11
Halewood, opp Helston Avenue 08:13
Halewood Station (Stop A) 08:15
Halewood Station (Stop D) 08:16
Halewood, adj Wood Road 08:16
Halewood, adj Baileys Lane 08:18
Halewood, nr Leathers Lane 08:19
Halewood, adj Church Road 08:20
Tarbock Green, nr Greensbridge Lane 08:25
Tarbock Green, nr Water Lane 08:26
Tarbock Green, adj Caldy Cottage 08:27
Tarbock Green, nr Cross Hillocks Lane 08:29
Hough Green Road 08:31
Hough Green Afton 08:31
Upton St. Basils 08:32
Upton Community Centre 08:34
Upton Haddon Drive 08:34
Upton Four Topped Oak 08:35
Upton Rocks Queensbury Way 08:36
Upton Rocks Queensbury Way 08:37
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 08:40
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 08:40
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 08:41
Farnworth Buckingham Avenue 08:42
Farnworth Pit Lane 08:43
Farnworth Widnes Station 08:45
Victoria Park Birchfield Road 08:46
Victoria Park Horse & Jockey 08:48
Widnes Halton College 08:55

Milton Road, Halton College - Wavertree, Clock Tower

Widnes Kingsway 16:15
Widnes Horse & Jockey 16:16
Widnes Wade Deacon 16:17
Widnes Birchfield Road 16:17
Upton Rocks Widnes Station 16:18
Upton Rocks Pit Lane 16:19
Upton Rocks Buckingham Avenue 16:20
Upton Rocks The Globe 16:21
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:22
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 16:23
Upton Rocks Queensbury Way 16:25
Upton Four Topped Oak 16:26
Upton Haddon Drive 16:27
Upton Community Centre 16:28
Hough Green St. Basils 16:28
Hough Green Afton 16:29
Hough Green Road 16:30
Tarbock Green, nr Cross Hillocks Lane 16:31
Tarbock Green, adj Caldy Cottage 16:32
Tarbock Green, nr Greensbridge Lane 16:35
Halewood, opp Church Road 16:40
Halewood, opp Leathers Lane 16:40
Halewood, adj Hornbeam Road 16:41
Halewood Station (Stop C) 16:42
Halewood Station (Stop B) 16:43
Halewood, opp Rutland Avenue 16:43
Halewood, adj Church Road 16:44
Halewood, adj Helston Avenue 16:45
Halewood, opp Torcross Way 16:47
Halewood, opp Harrier Drive 16:47
Halewood, opp Foxleigh 16:47
Halewood, adj Woodbridge Avenue 16:48
Halewood, nr Okell Drive 16:48
Woodlands, adj Beesands Close 16:50
Woodlands, adj Brakedale Close 16:50
Netherley, adj Glebe Hey 16:51
Netherley, opp Middlemiss Hey 16:51
Netherley, nr Garden Lodge Grove 16:53
Belle Vale, adj Runton Road 16:54
Belle Vale Interchange (Stop A) 16:55
Belle Vale, adj Chislehurst Avenue 16:55
Belle Vale, adj Mildenhall Road 16:56
Belle Vale, adj Craighurst Road 16:57
Belle Vale, opp Sandbrook Road 16:57
Belle Vale, adj Hartsbourne Avenue 16:58
Childwall, adj Score Lane 17:00
Childwall Mount Road (adj) 17:00
Childwall Priory Road (adj) 17:01
Childwall, adj Queens Drive 17:01
Childwall, adj Beuclair Drive 17:02
Wavertree, adj Canvey Close 17:03
Wavertree, adj Lance Lane 17:04

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